Chapter 30.

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Liam appeared from the bathroom of Niall's room and sat back down next to him. Maura and Bobby had left for the nearest hotel, having promised that Greg and Denise would visit shortly.

"How are you feeling?" Liam asked, in attempt for conversation. "A little better," Niall a sneered truthfully and Liam beamed. "You look it." Liam admitted and Niall chuckled.

The door swung open for what helped like the one hundredth time and Niall couldn't help groaning. He just wanted to be left alone with Liam. It felt like it had been days since that has happened and quite frankly, it had.

Harry, Louis and Zayn strolled through the door. Each of them were carrying some sort of fancy balloon and cuddly stuffed toys. One of them was a pink elephant and the other two were white stuffed teddy bears. Louis was the one carrying a pink girl balloon and Niall couldn't help staring helplessly at it.

His eyes hurt from crying so much lately and it didn't help so much when that was standing right in front of him. He swallowed, glancing at Liam who was watching him carefully. Liam opened his mouth to speak when his phone rang in his pocket and her went to pick it up.

"Sorry, I better take this," Liam sighed, gesturing to his phone and heading outside the room. Niall's heart sank at Liam's sudden departure but turned to the there boys all the same.

"We're sorry to hear about the baby," Zayn sympathised after a couple of minutes of silence. "How did you know about that?" Niall's eyebrows knotted together with annoyance. "Jo told us, we were asking about you." Zayn replied, regretting to last night and Niall couldn't help scoffing.

"Bloody hell, is nothing in my life private anymore?" He sniffed and Zayn suddenly felt guilty. "I'm sorry, we didn't mean to ask-"

"Oh, don't worry yourself. I know you only care," Niall smiled softly and Zayn smiled back. He reached over to Niall's fragile body, wrapping his arms around his shoulders and Niall couldn't help sighing with relief at his comfort, burying his head in the older lads shoulder.

Niall suddenly shifted, feeling a little uncomfortable and Zayn pulled away, concerned. "Something wrong?" Zayn wondered and Niall grunted. "It's just my pillows, they're a little low. I'm a little stiff. Harry, do you mind getting me pillows?" Niall suggested and Harry was up in seconds, shifting Niall's pillows so that he was comfortable.


"Much, thank you."

"Don't mention it." Harry sat down again, clasping his hands together when Liam walked back in, taking the separate seat on the other side of Niall's bed. "Who was that?" Niall asked immediately.

"Just work. Some teacher wanting the numbers for a school trip tomorrow, that's all." Liam shrugged carelessly. "What school trip?" Niall asked curiously.

"Just for a science project. I was supposed to attend, but I figured you were more important." Liam spoke sheepishly and Niall frowned with concern. "Liam, you shouldn't be taking all these days off-"

"I knew you'd say that, that's why I got a couple of months of maternity leave off to look after you. My boss saw the footage for the press conference and wouldn't let me argue if I wanted to stay and work. He wouldn't take no for an answer. In fact, I can just remember him threatening to fire me if he ever saw my face in school again next week," Liam assured Niall, squeezing his hand tightly and Niall couldn't help chuckling.

"Your boss is too good to you," he replied and Liam smirked. "I know. I must be doing something right." Liam grinned cockily and Niall rolled his eyes. "Don't worry, he knows how serious this whole pregnancy thing is and he knows how much you mean to me," Liam sighed, reaching over to peck Niall on the forehead and sat back down.

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