Chapter 7.

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Liam woke up the next morning, abandoning Niall in his slumber and went downstairs to make breakfast. He decided to only make his own seeing as Niall would probably sleep on until noon. Plus, he had work today.


It was his only distraction, away from all this. Once making a roll and bacon for Niall (Niall was completely passed out on the bed and snoring, not even good could wake him up this time) he headed upstairs to check on him. As predicated, he had taken up most of the bed. Tangled in amongst the bed sheets and his arms and legs sprawled across the bed. He was snoring softly, lips parted and drool on his chin. It was an adorable sight.

Sighing, Liam made his way to the bed and carefully and quietly lay the quilt over Niall to keep him warm. He silently turned off Nialls alarm on his phone and left him a little message to say what he had done. After that, he grabbed his bag and jacket and headed out to his car.

He arrived at school early this morning, so he thought he had a little time to himself, sitting at his desk in his classroom. As soon as he sat down, he ran his hands through his hair, gripping the short strands frustratingly.

It had been a month now.

One month since they lost their unborn child. And nothing else had happened. Literally, nothing. Liam had watched Niall closely. Watching how he declined Skype calls from his friends and family and closed everything off. Niall mostly stayed locked up in their room all day and only came down for dinner, or to take a nap. Liam didn't want to bother Niall but he was curious as to what he was up to. Every time Liam went in their bedroom, Niall would shut down the tabs on the laptop and delete its history and then pretend to read a book. Which was odd because Niall never read. He was keeping something from him, and Liam was determined to find out.

Very few words had been spoken to the couple since their loss and Liam felt like it was only him who was trying to rekindle their relationship. Or what was left was of it.

Of course, he was wrong to think that he had time to himself before his classes of today started. Mr Fisher, another English teacher, came to greet him. "All right mate! Have a good honeymoon and that?" He beamed. Liam couldn't help smiling. It was no surprise that everyone knew about his relationship with Niall and that he was gay. Niall was famous after all. If anything, it made it easier for him that he didn't have to hide it.

"Yeah, it was all right. Seems like a lifetime away though." Liam admitted sheepishly and Mr Fisher smiled, patting Liam on the back. Mr Fisher reminded Liam a lot of Zayn. His olive skin, raven hair and bright down eyes. He wouldn't be surprised if they were long lost brothers. "That always happens, mate. Glad you enjoyed it though. Tell Niall I was asking for him, he's a good lad." He beamed and Liam nodded, watching him walk off.

Once his class had come in, he stood up and got out their books for them. "How was your honeymoon, sir?" A boy, Daniel asked. Liam couldn't help smiling. Of course they'd ask for Niall. They worshipped Niall because of his singing career and it made them like Liam even more. Liam was convinced that his class had asked him more questions about him and Niall than the class itself. Which was quite flattering, really.

"It was...nice." Liam shrugged after handing the last book to a girl and heading back to his desk. "You're so hot!" A girl shrieked and Liam turned round, baffled as the class erupted into hysterical laughter. "Excuse me?" Liam blushed and the girl shied away, blushing as much as Liam was.

"W-we saw the videos of you surfing in Australia. It was hot." Mia, the girl, admitted. Daniel was spluttering with laughter, holding onto his stomach. "Mia, I can't tell how inappropriate that was, but I'm flattered and I'll take it as a compliment." Liam admitted and Mia blushed further, glancing at Daniel. "See! I told you he'd take it." Mia shot defensively at him and Daniel rubbed his shoulder which Mia had just hit.

"Mia, please don't hit Daniel and could you please settle down so I can continue with the class? Thank you." Liam smiled politely and turned his back to the class. "Sir, is it true? About Niall being pregnant?" Mia blurted out and Liam's heart was in his mouth in seconds. He froze, his body tensing. How was he supposed to explain that to them? How was he supposed to admit for the first time that it won't happen? Ever again?

"Yeah, he was." Liam admitted quietly and Mia gasped, followed by low murmuring. "Wait. When you say was, you mean..."

"I mean, he was pregnant but not anymore." Liam said through gritted teeth and class had fallen silent, stunned. "Nice going, dumb ass." Daniel insulted Mia after a couple of seconds of a painful silence. "How was I supposed to know that he was preg-" Mia had stopped dead, her eyes on the doorway in which Niall stood. Liam spun round, sensing his presence and his heart clenched at the sight of him.

Nialls eyes were set on Mia. He had obviously just heard what they were talking about and he didn't know how to deal with it. Mia blushed, feeling self-cautious and shifting around in her seat uneasily. "Niall..." Liam croaked, his voice raspy and throaty.

"Can I have a word?" He asked in a whisper and Liam hesitated. "Can't it wait? I'm kind of in the middle of-"

"No, this is kind of important." Niall interrupted and Liam sighed, drooping his shoulders. "Guys, please turn to page fifty of your books and copy out the summary while I talk to Niall, okay?" Liam flashed a false smile as he walked toward Niall and shut the dork quietly behind him.

"What do you want?" Liam asked and Niall cleared his throat. "I want you to take a look at this." Niall insisted, handing over a thick, black folder to Liam with loads of files inside. "What's this?" Liam frowned, flicking through the pages. "That is my surrogacy folder." Niall beamed and Liam's stomach churned uneasily, the colour draining from his face.

"Is this what you've been doing behind my back?" Liam asked doubtfully, feeling a little insulted and disappointed that Niall hadn't come to him first. He never thought that was what their relationship was about.

"Harry has been helping me." Niall confessed and Liam was taken aback. "Harry?" He repeated and Niall nodded. "He found about what happened and phoned to check on me. Luckily, he knew someone who didn't want their baby and was putting their baby up for surrogacy and I took in the offer." Niall beamed, looking rather pleased with himself.

"Really? Y-you took in the offer?" Liam stuttered and Nialls face fell. "I thought you would be pleased." Niall sighed and anger boiled in Liam's blood. "Pleased?! Not only did you not come to me first, you went to HARRY! I'm your husband! I'm supposed to help you through this! And I want too! But you won't let me in! Have you even met her?" Liam fumed and Niall gulped.

"That's actually what I came to talk to you about. I haven't met her but her name's Ellis and she's twenty weeks pregnant." Niall explained and Liam scoffed. “Oh yeah, that makes everything all better.” Liam scoffed sarcastically and Niall’s face scrunched up in annoyance.

“Just look at the folder, okay? You’ll find Ellis in there. Please, Liam. I really want this.” Niall pleaded, giving him the best puppy-dog look he could manage, bright blue eyes looking up at Liam. Liam pinched the bridge of his nose, squeezing his eyes shut. He really didn’t want to go through with this. Not one bit. But this was Niall we’re talking about. The love of his life. The man he’d do anything for. And right now, they were both grieving. This was Niall’s pain. He may not show it, but this was how Niall was hurting.

“Do I not even get a say in this?” Liam tried and Niall hesitated a second, but then fell silent and looked down. “Just, please, Liam. This is my only chance of finally getting what I wanted. All you have to do is show up at 7 o’clock to meet Ellis, after dinner.” Niall begged and Liam’s head snapped up. “After dinner?! Today?!” Liam shouted in a mare whisper and Niall nodded, as if it was the most normal thing on the planet.

Liam groaned, running his hands down his heads. “You didn’t even want a baby this badly until we found out you could get pregnant.” Liam whispered harshly but Niall ignored him, handing him the folder and it was an innocent gesture. “Just look at the folder, okay? And I’ll see you at seven.” Niall finalised, brushing past Liam without even a kiss good-bye. Liam heaved a deep sigh and opened the door to his classroom and that was when he realised that his whole class has been listening to their entire conversation. Half of his class had their ears pressed up against the door, while the other half was still sitting at their desks but looking up at the door like bloody mare cats. They all scattered to their desks as Liam walked in and he shook his head in disbelief at them.

“Is everything all right with Niall, sir?” Daniel asked Liam and Liam snorted. “I’m sure there’s no need to ask, you heard the whole conversation.” He stated bleakly and Daniel gulped, looking guilty. “You should do what Niall wants, sir.” Mia beamed pleasantly and this time, it was Daniel who hit her. “Ow! He told us he’d heard!” Mia shot defensively, shooting Daniel a glare. Daniel shrugged, turning back to Liam. Liam only smiled, dumping the folder at the back of his drawer and locking it up and praying to God he’d never have to look at it again. He was just too worked up about how meeting Ellis was going to go…


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