Chapter 47.

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Katy coughed and spluttered and that's when Niall decided to take her out of her cot, holding her against his chest. She gurgled, reaching out and grabbing onto Nialls tshirt.

Liam had just came back from the cafeteria. "Bought you something to eat." Liam announced, setting down a packet of sandwiches and a drink on the table next to Niall. "I don't wanna eat right now." Niall smiled thankfully at Liam then turned back to Katy. Liam frowned.

"Ni, you haven't ate since you got back home."

"I don't need to eat." Niall protested, smiling down at Katy. Liam sighed, opening the sandwiches for Niall. He wasn't going to argue anymore. "Eat," Liam demanded, holding the sandwich out to him. Niall looked up hesitantly but then looked back down, ignoring him. Liam huffed and slammed Nialls lunch on the table next to him, startling both Katy and Niall as Liam departed.

"Shhh, it's okay. Daddy's just being mean." Niall soothed, rocking Katy back and forth. But then Niall paused, staring at the sandwiches and his stomach started to rumble at the sight. He sighed deeply and reluctantly set Katy back in her cot and took the sandwiches and began to eat.

Liam was stood at the vending machine when Harry caught up with him. "Hey is Niall around?" Harry asked curiously and Liam smiled. "Yeah he's in with Katy." He replied and Harry thanked him, heading the other direction. When the door to Katy's room creaked open, Niall looked up to find Harry in the doorway and he sighed in relief.

"Hey, how is she?" Harry asked immediately, peering at Katy. Niall couldn't help laughing. "I'm fine, thank you." He mumbled, his mouth full of food. Harry smirked. "She's just the same." He sighs and Harry gave him a sympathetic look.

There was a sudden knock on the door and Jo and Liz appeared, followed by Liam. "Do you guys have a minute?" Liz spoke quietly as Liam sat down. Niall nodded, his eyes falling on Katy's file that Liz held in her arms.

"I'm afraid...Katy's heart isn't getting any stronger." Liz began and Nialls smile faded as he glanced nervously at Liam. "She's going to have to into major heart surgery."

" big is this operation?" Liam suggested warily.

"It's huge, Liam. So huge that I wouldn't have suggested it in the first place, if I had the choice. But...basically what happens is we would fit some sort of drill through Katy's heart in the shape of a diamond that will hopefully close over the hole. By doing this, it would hopefully make the valves of her heart work properly and her lungs wouldn't have to work as hard. But it's the outcome of this operation that's worrying me. With Katy being so small and ill, we don't even know if she'll make it through the operation. She's too small but we're doing everything we can. If I were you guys, I'd discuss it with your family."

"Wow," Niall breathed, his heart in his mouth as Jo and Liz left them in peace. "I think we should talk to our parents about this," Niall sighed, getting up and grabbing the baby bag as Liam guided him out the room, his hand on the small of his back.

"You coming?" Niall turned back to Harry who was gazing quietly at Katy, not saying a word. "I think I'm gonna stay with Katy a little while longer," he decided and Niall gave a small smile before departing with Liam.

"I'm gonna call mum, see what she thinks." Niall sighed, getting the phone from the kitchen. Kian was still at granny Karens for the weekend. Liam had stayed quiet until now.

"Y'know think we should just go for it." Liam confessed suddenly and Niall paused, turning round. "What?" Niall was stunned, to say at the very least. "I'm just saying, I think we should go for the operation. You never know-"

"Think about this logically. There's a chance that she won't survive this, Liam-"

"But she's survived everything up until now! Who's to say she won't-"

"There's nothing too say! Not right now, anyway, we haven't decided anything. All I'm asking is that we speak to our parents for advice." Niall spoke desperately, holding the phone in his hands patiently.

"Niall, she's a fighter just like you are. We don't need to talk to our parents, this is between us." Liam breathed and Niall shook his head in disbelief. "You're unbelievable." He snapped and grabbed his car keys. "Where are you going?" Liam called, frowning after him.

"My parents!" Niall yelled back and slammed the door shut.


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