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Chapter 3.

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Niall lay down on the beach towel, topless and in his trunks as he watched his husband surf the Australian waves. Niall fell at ease, calm and collected.

He couldn't be happier. His fingers dug into the soft, warm sand by his side as he smiled lovingly at Liam walking toward him out of the water, chest damp and carrying his surf board by the side. God, he was so beautiful and Niall wondered how he deserved someone like Liam. With the whole teacher/student thing, Niall assumed he was going to go to hell for it but right now, he was in God damn heaven.

"Hey, babe." Liam said happily and bent down to kiss Niall on the lips, cupping his free hand against Nialls cheek as he fell down next to him.

"You could have joined me." Liam suggested warily, stroking his husbands cheek as he lay next to him on the spare beach towel. "No, it's all right. I like watching you anyway." Niall admitted sheepishly and Liam laughed but then paused.

"Are you all right?" He asked uncertainly as Niall had looked fairly miserable and tired for the past few days, not really saying much. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just tired is all." Niall admitted, kissing Liam on the cheek for good measure. Liam smiled a little but decided not to go on the waves anymore and stay to look after Niall instead.

After another couple of hours on the beach, Niall and Liam headed back to their hotel to have a fresh shower and clean up to go out for a lovely meal. When they were fresh and clean, Niall and Liam headed out of the hotel, walking hand-in-hand along the Sydney harbour.

As Liam munched away at his lobster when they were in the hotel, Niall had ordered a plate of paella and was munching it slowly. Wiping his mouth on a napkin, Liam eyed Niall up carefully. "You gonna eat all that?" Liam suggested, indicating to the full plate of paella. Niall nodded eagerly, muttering a small "'Course I am." And making Liam laugh.

But it turned out, Niall had only left half of his plate and handed the rest to Liam which was fairly odd for Liam because it was normally Niall having seconds.

When they got back to their hotel for the second time that day, Niall went to sleep quite quickly that night with not so much of kiss on the lips for Liam and a small good-night.

One month later.

Eight weeks had passed and Liam and Niall were as great as ever, feeling fresh and new coming back from their honeymoon one week after they came; after the jet-lag wore off of course. Since Niall had quite his job, he stayed home to look after the house while Liam went and taught at the local high school. Much like a housewife, if you will.

He still hadn't managed to find a new job that suited his needs, although he kept looking. It came to the point that Niall was actually considering singing in bars and karaoke because everything he looked for, it involved going to a studio to record a music album and Niall really didn't want to go down that road again, as much as he enjoyed it.

Everything was fine between Liam and Niall, that was until that morning when Niall woke up at God knows how early in the morning and found himself puking horribly into the toilet. Liam had stirred in their bed and had heard Niall from the bathroom and decided to check if he was okay. "N-Niall?" He called groggily, stumbling out of his bed and rubbing his eyes sleepily as he went to investigate.

"I'm fine." Niall muttered back, only to be followed by Niall coughing up some more puke. Liam wasn't convinced, just by looking at Niall hunched over the toilet and shaking tremendously. "Niall..." Liam trailed off, strolling over to his husband and rubbing his back soothingly but Niall shook him up.

"It's just a stomach bug, that's all." Niall assured him weakly yet still, Liam wasn't convinced. "Liam, please. I'm gonna be here a while, can you just go back to sleep?" Niall murmured, sounding a little impatient. Liam heaved a deep sigh, giving in and finally letting go of Niall after kissing him on the cheek and crawling back into his bed. It was followed by Niall being sick again and Liam groaned, having the urge to go check and see if he was okay but he knew Niall would be mad so instead, he placed a pillow over his head to block out the horrible noises of Niall retching.

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