Chapter 14.

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A week later

Niall woke up, panting and sweaty. The sweat was actually dripping from his forehead, it was that bad. He gasped, sitting bolt upright. He looked down, realising that Liam was fast asleep until Liam peeled his sleepy brown eyes open, gazing up at him. "You all right?" He asked quietly, his voice deep from sleep.

"Never better." Niall sighed, lying back down again so that Liam could wrap an arm around him, pulling him close. Niall felt, in a long time, peaceful. Until Liam spoke. "Oh, by the way. Harry phoned last night just after you fell asleep. We're meeting the lads out a Funky Buddha tomorrow night." Liam announced and Nialls insides turned at the thought. "Liam." Niall groaned, shuffling out of bed.

"What?" Liam asked innocently. "It may have failed to escape your notice, but I'm pregnant! I can't even drink!" Niall shrieked hysterically and Liam sighed, following after his husband. "If it makes you feel any better, I won't drink either okay? Besides, I'll be driving anyway." He shrugged and Niall paused, gazing up at Liam. "Liam." Niall whimpered, this time with more sorrow.

He pressed the side of his face against Liam's chest while Liam hugged him, pulling him close again. Liam succeeded in stifling a laugh, the way Niall now reacted over the slightest things. His hormonal levels were some times far to high. Far to high to make Liam worry. "Why are you crying?" Liam automatically frowned, gazing down at Niall as Niall attempted to wipe his eyes with the back of his hand. "I don't even know." Niall whimpered and Liam chuckled a little. "You're just too nice." Niall said and Liam smiled. "I'll always be nice to you, babe." Liam whispered and Niall smiled weakly.

"Just going for a shower, okay? I'll meet you downstairs." Liam decided and Niall nodded, heading downstairs. He found himself rummaging through the fridge five minutes later, digging for God knows what. Finally, he came out with strawberries and Nutella. He dug into the bread tin and made himself some stuff and while he waited, he dipped some strawberries into the Nutella. Licking off the last of the chocolate off his fingers, he spread the Nutella on to his toast, the kitchen now smelling of awfully burnt toast but Niall didn't mind. He was too hungry.

When Liam came down, fresh from the shower in a pair of sweats and a clean white t-shirt, he stopped dead to stare at Niall - who was now licking the Nutella off the knife. Niall stopped, mid-lick when he saw Liam, flashing his husband an innocent look. Liam's eyes drifted to the half eaten strawberries before turning back to Niall's chocolate-covered mouth. "Hungry, are we?" Liam teased, covering up the left over strawberries and placing them back in the fridge. "Not me, no. I don't even know what I'm eating. I just know I want chocolate." Niall shrugged, scraping a finger into the Nutella tub before popping it into his mouth. Liam could automatically feel his dick tightening a little at the sight before chose to ignore it. He was turned on by his husbands "cravings". That was not good.

"And lots of it, I see." Liam sighed, covering the Nutella with it's lid before placing it back in its cupboard. Niall pouted sadly before shrugging again and munching away at his toast. "I think our kids are gonna be fat, Liam." Niall said thoughtfully and Liam's eyes widened at his words. "Niall!" he exclaimed and Niall looked up. "What? They want chocolate! In the morning too! Now that's just greedy, isn't it?" Niall said innocently and Liam clicked his tongue. "Doesn't necessarily mean they're gonna be fat." Liam argued, reaching out and taking the chocolate bar out of Niall's hands before he could eat it. Niall glared frustratingly at Liam.

"What can I eat then?!" he shouted at Liam, folding his arms across his chest. "Something sensible to start off with." Liam smirked, raising his eyebrows and Niall groaned, bending down to the cupboard and reaching for his usual morning cereal.


That evening, Niall dressed up smartly for Funky Buddha. They weren't really doing much; it was just a lads night out with his husband. He was later told by Liam that Harry was "forced" to arrange the night out by Louis because Louis had somehow split up with his girlfriend and he wanted a quick getaway from Doncaster. Either that, or it was Louis' way of proving to Eleanor that he was "over her" or whatever. Niall had no interest at all in going but he was putting on a brave face for Liam anyway. Besides, it looked like this would be one of the last night outs they'd have over the next few weeks - giving their situation and all. Since Niall was only three weeks pregnant, he was able to still fit in all his clothing although he was pretty sure he'd have to start borrowing Liam's soon seeing as he was a bigger size or two than him. Niall liked Liam's clothes anyway, they were always so much cosier than his own.

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