Chapter 18.

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Niall at twelve weeks pregnant.

Niall giggled helplessly, watching Liam playfully dance his fingers across his belly. He kissed Nialls cheek repeatedly, then down on his lips. He finally snuggled into Nialls sighed, taking his hand in his, when the doorbell rang.

Niall groaned and Liam went up to get it. "Hi, Harry." Liam spoke hesitantly, folding his arms across his chest as his face fell and he lent against the door. "If you've come to insult us more, now's not the time-"

"I came here to apologise. To Niall." Harry interrupted with a frown. "And it took you seven weeks to realise that?" Liam scoffed and Harry sighed. "I've been thinking. I was too afraid that Niall wouldn't accept my apology." Harry admitted and it was Liam's turn to sigh. "See for yourself." Liam decided, gesturing for Harry to go inside. Harry thanked him and brushed past Liam, heading into the living room.

Niall looked up when he saw Harry and he glanced at Liam behind him, as if he had betrayed him. "Liam-"

"He said he wanted to apologise." Liam interrupted and Niall frowned, lips parted in awe. "Took you long enough." Niall spoke harshly and Liam smirked. "Exactly what I said." Liam agreed, sitting down at Nialls feet and rubbing his legs soothingly as he was complaining earlier that they were sore.

"I didn't think you'd accept my apology, to be perfectly honest." Harry shrugged half-heartily. Niall stared at Harry for what seemed like a long period of time, considering. "I accept." Niall finalised with a deep sigh and Liam's mouth dropped open and Niall glanced warily at him.

"I'm sorry! Okay? I need Harry as much as I need you! Well, maybe not as much but still." Niall shrugged carelessly and Harry crossed his arms over his chest playfully. "I was thinking we could go out today." Harry suggested hopefully, grinning down at them with his arms now tucked behind his back.

"Last time Niall was out, he collapsed in a heap surrounded by drunken idiots." Liam reminded him with a warning look. "Not that kind of out. I was thinking we could all go out and play some footie?" Harry offered and Liam clicked his tongue, scoffing a little. "I think you've forgotten, Harry, that I'm twelve weeks pregnant and can't even so much as kick a ball right now." Niall groaned, pushing himself up on the sofa.

Liam watched hesitantly, eyes on Niall at all times. "You could watch?" Harry suggested half-heartily and Niall snorted. "There's no fun in that." Niall grumbled and Harry sighed, defeated.

"Look, I'm not siding with anyone here, but...maybe Harry's right. The fresh air will do you good." Liam chose his words carefully, licking his lips. Niall huffed, staring at Liam with sad, lost eyes.

His face then turned a pale shade of green and without warning, he vomited over the side of the couch and into the bin by his side. Niall coughed and dry heaved while Liam shuffled to his side, rubbing his back soothingly and Harry stood there helplessly, unsure of what to do.

Nialls fingers dug into the blanket on the sofa, his body immediately becoming heated. "This is exactly why I can't go out." Niall croaked, feeling exhausted. "We'll think about it, yeah?" Liam decided and Niall groaned in reply. Harry opened his mouth to protest but Liam shook his head, as a warning and Harry sighed a little.

"I better go...that's all I came here for...see ya." Harry spoke quietly and left after giving Nialls shoulder a tight squeeze of comfort. Niall sighed once Harry had left, resting himself back on the sofa. "Are you okay?" Liam asked, flashing Niall a known look. Niall thought it was a stupid question but nodded silently all the same, leaving Liam feeling slightly relieved.

"Harry's just trying to be a good friend, Niall-"

"Can we not talk about him, please? I'm tired." Niall interrupted impatiently and Liam gulped. "Sure." Liam replied simply and stood up, letting Niall sleep. "I didn't say you had to leave." Niall frowned, feeling a little hurt. Liam stopped and turned back round, resting himself next to Niall on the couch and falling asleep shortly afterwards.

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