Chapter 35.

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"Anything yet?" Niall asked as he walked over to Liam who sat at the desk in their bedroom, searching for houses for sale. "Not yet." Liam sighed, resting his chin on his hand.

"Never mind that, we can try again tomorrow." Niall replied, rubbing Liam's shoulder affectionately. Niall had felt extremely guilty since he shouted at him at the restaurant and he was hoping it was due to the hormones and not a guilty consequence but even so, he encouraged Liam as much as possible.

Liam obeyed Niall and slipped into bed, Niall sliding into bed a little later than usual due to his growing belly. Niall reached over to Liam's side, kissing him lovingly on the lips.

Liam kissed him back, hovering over Niall so that Niall was on his back again. Liam pulled away breathlessly, holding Nialls hand on the pillow beside them. "Ni...we can't." Liam panted but Niall only smirked.

"I checked with Jo and Liz, don't worry sex is safe during pregnancy."

"Yeah, early pregnancy. You've nearly started your third semester, I can't risk that," Liam shook his head and Niall glared at him. "Liam." He warned and Liam rolled his eyes, kissing him feverishly.

With their hands entwined still, Liam started to kiss down Nialls shoulder and chest, down his belly until he reached his thighs...


After coming down from his high, Liam let out a loud moan and slumped himself next to Niall. "Well, there's something I'd never thought I'd do." Liam teased, smirking.

"What?" Niall frowned.

"Have sex with a pregnant man." Liam stated jokingly as he tossed the used condom in the trash and Niall rolled his eyes, shoving the pillow against Liam's chest and Liam laughed. "I love you." He sighed, reaching over to kiss Niall again.

"Round two already?" Niall smirked and and it was Liam's turn to roll his eyes. "Don't push it." Liam warned, placing his forefinger against Nialls lips. Niall automatically reached up and inserted the tip of his finger, sucking on it lightly.

"Enjoying that, are you?" Liam teased, pulling his finger away from Nialls mouth. "I'm horny okay leave me alone." Niall huffed, slumping over to his side and bringing the covers up over his naked body, feeling a little insecure.

Liam chuckled, lying down next to Niall and wrapping his arm around his waist, pulling him close from behind. "Who said you could spoon me?" Niall murmured.

"I did." Liam whispered back. They both fell asleep for the night shortly afterwards.

When Niall woke up the next morning, they were both sprawled on the bed, Liam with one hand protectively over Nialls bump. Niall gazed down at it and a small smile was plastered on his face.

Niall carefully lifted up Liam's hand and set it aside, getting up off out the bed and getting changed quietly as not to disturb Liam. He really needed his sleep.

He headed downstairs and made himself a cup of tea and one for Liam. When the kettle was boiling, the doorbell rang and he went to fetch it.

"Hi, Harry."

Niall smiled at the curly haired lad standing in front of him and Harry smiled back. "You free tonight?" Harry questioned and Niall nodded, frowning.

"Uh, I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner later? Y'know, just me and you? I mean, it's been a while since we had a proper catch up, hasn't it?" Harry shrugged and Nialls expression softened.

"I suppose a nice dinner won't do any harm." Niall sighed, pretending to be defeated and Harry laughed, looking relieved. "Liam's out with some friends tonight so company would be nice." Niall admitted and Harry grinned.

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