Chapter 29.

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Maura closed the door, smiling fondly at Niall although she looked a little concerned. Niall had only said hi and resumed to staring into space. "Thank God you're here." Liam breathed, standing up and wrapping his arms around Maura's tiny frame.

Niall's eyes lifted and he shot a wary glance to his mother and husband. "Is dad here?" Niall asked curiously and Maura sighed. "He's at the café. He's a little reluctant to be here at the moment, he's taking it hard." Maura explained and Liam looked back at Niall.

"I don't blame him." Niall muttered and Liam scowled at him. "Niall." Liam warned but Niall ignored him. "I better go down and see him." Liam decided and Niall's eyes widened. Maura's mouth hung open a little and she paused, staring after Liam and she followed after him.

"Liam," Maura called and Liam spun round, walking toward Maura. "I'm sorry if he gives you a hard time, okay? He's been having a little trouble dealing with all this, with Niall being pregnant and all." Maura told Liam and Liam smiled in reply.

"I think that's understandable." Liam replied and Maura nodded quickly. "I'll leave you two too it then." Liam sighed and Maura thanked him, going back into Niall's room. Jo had came in seconds later, inserting a fluid in Niall's IV drip.

"Where's Harry?" Niall asked Jo, suddenly realising his best friend wasn't there, even though he was the one that caught him.

"He had go to home, said he had a Uni project to sort out. According to Liz." Jo shrugged, referring to Dr Baxter.

"Oh." Niall replied, feeling a little. Jo smiled softly and left without another word, leaving him and Maura alone.

Niall was back to staring into space when Maura sat down again. She folded her jacket over her arms, looking at Niall self-cautiously. "I got here as early as I could." Maura said in attempt to brighten up the mood. Niall glanced at the clock which now read 2 o'clock in the morning.

"You should talk to Liam about this," Maura suggested warily, crossing one leg over an over. At the mention of Liam, it seemed to bring Niall out of his little trance. "About what?" Niall's eyebrows knotted together.

"About this, about everything. Look, you've both been through a lot those past few months and Liam's bound to be worried. He's your husband for crying out loud, he wants to support you," Maura practically begged and Niall drawled out a long groan, shifting uncomfortably on the bed.

"Nothing has happened between us, mum. We're fine," Niall assured her weakly and Maura frowned. "So why did he look like he was more than happy to get out of here when I came?" She challenged and Niall cringed at her words. He thought for a bit, feeling a little lifeless and useless.

"Because our baby girl is going to die, mum." Niall croaked in a mare whisper and Maura's hand clamped over her mouth in shock. "Baby girl?" She repeated in awe and that's when Niall broke down into a fit of tears, his body trembling with fear.

"Oh, dear." Maura gasped, reaching over to comfort her son. She sat at the edge of his bed, cradling him in her arms and Niall did nothing but bawl his eyes out into her sweater. He clung on to her as tightly as he could, never wanting to let her go and he felt like a little kid again. Which was ironic considering he was carrying two of them but he didn't care.

"What do you mean, Niall?" Maura asked quietly and Niall sniffed a couple of times before remaining composed again.

"Our baby has an irregular heartbeat, we couldn't hear it on the machine. It means that she's going to be put into special care once she's born, she'll have a rare heart condition." Niall explained and Maura could feel her heart breaking at his words. "Oh, Niall." She sighed, feeling just as helpless as Niall did.

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