Chapter 20.

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Niall wrapped the bath robe around his body as he shuffled back into bed again. He had just thrown the covers over himself when Liam came in, carrying a plastic bag.

They greeted each other and Liam pecked his husband on the lips softly. "How are you?" Liam asked firstly and Niall smiled. "I'm fine. I slept well. Not been sick in a day. No fainting fits." Niall shrugged and Liam beamed. "That's good news." Liam gushed and Niall chuckled.

"Brought you this." Liam announced, spilling the goodies from the bag and onto Nialls tray sat above his bed. There was a packet of fresh fruit; strawberries, pineapple and grapes (something Niall didn't really find appealing but he was definitely craving for them) and pot noodles, chicken flavoured and biscuits.

"Did I ever tell mention how much I love you?" Niall blurted out innocently and Liam laughed. "At our wedding day, yes. And the first time, which was when we were fire dating. And the first time we came home to my parents. And the time after that-"

"Well, I'm telling you again. I love you, okay?" Niall beamed and Liam chuckled, sitting down next to Niall. Niall started to dig into the fruit, eating carefully with a tiny fork. Liam watched him, realising how fragile Niall really looked. Despite him being better, Niall was as pale and gaunt as ever. He was skinner and weaker, not having the usual "Niall Glow" about him. Liam couldn't help feeling sad at the thought.

"Liam?" Niall asked, bringing Liam out of his thoughts. "I really am feeling better, babe. Honestly, you don't need to worry." Niall assured him, squeezing his hand tightly which lay across his stomach.

"Finally, somethings are getting back to normal." Liam teased and Niall laughed. "Since when is everything about us normal?" Niall challenged and Liam smirked. "Good point." Liam laughed and they burst out laughing.

At that moment, Niall began to feel the slight fluttering against his belly. Liam did too. They fell silent, both of them looking at each other, eyes wide. "No way." Niall gushed, pressing his hand more firmly to his side.

"I can't believe it." Liam chuckled, feeling a few kicks against his palms. "They're actually kicking." Niall confirmed, grinning like a loon. "That's insane." Liam teased, tears in his eyes but he was grinning too.

Liam dipped his head and softly kissed the top of Nialls belly, making Nialls heart go all fluttery at the touch. The door suddenly swung open and Dr Baxter walked in. "Hey! The babies are kicking! They're kicking!" Niall squealed with delight and Dr Baxter laughed, Liam joining in. "That's wonderful, congratulations." She said politely and Niall was grinning from ear to ear. It was the most Liam had seen him smile since he first found out he was pregnant.

"Looks like those hormonal levels have been working then." Dr Baxter assured them and Niall sighed with relief. For a while after that, Niall and Liam both fell asleep. Liam with his head rested against Nialls shoulder, one hand protectively over his husbands rounded belly so he wouldn't miss a kick.

Nialls head was rested against Liam's, both of them looking as peaceful and happy as ever. Dr Baxter had just appeared at Nialls door, ready to refill Nialls IV drip when Liam's mum appeared before her.

Karen had found out on the news that Niall was ill and in hospital. She wasn't one to believe rumours from Niall but it wasn't the first time fans had rumoured that Niall was ill and they were right. Karen was curious and so was the rest of Liam's family who tagged along side.

"Oh, hello. Can I help you with anything?" Dr Baxter asked kindly and Karen gulped, unsure of what to say as she wasn't sure that this was Nialls doctor. "I'm looking for Niall? Niall Horan?" Karen asked quietly and Dr Baxter's eyes widened.

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