Chapter 45- Part 2.

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Harry sat down on the sofa at his parents' house with a cup of tea in his hands. He was currently homeless, due to the fact the house in Cornwall was now being decorating as a holiday home. He still hadn't patched things up with Sabrina yet although he was getting there, slowly but surely. Anne was the only person who he could confide to right now. He smiled up at her as she sat down next to him and unexpectedly plastered a bag of frozen peas against the side of his face. Harry jumped at the sudden coldness. "Ow! Mum, there's really no need for that. I'm fine," Harry protested, taking the peas away but Anne only sighed, placing it back on again.

"You really should have got this checked out, Harry." Anne sighed, dabbing at Harry's face but Harry pulled away again, causing Anne to frown. "I'm fine, mum. Liam got the worst of it." He mumbled and Anne pursed her lip, setting the bag of ice on the coffee table. As if on cue, Harry's phone buzzed in his pocket. It was a text from Liam.

Liam: Mate, come to the hospital now. It's time!!!!

Harry's heart had quickened up a pace. Anne was reading Harry's panicked expression. "I need to go to the hospital," he explained quickly setting his tea down and standing up. "Harry, you just got here-"

"It's not that. Niall's going into the theatre today," he said breathlessly, throwing on a coat. Realisation dawned on Anne's face when she realised what her son meant and she went to grab her keys and phone, calling for Maura and Karen as she did so - she assumed they already know about it, but it was just in case. "I'll drive you there," she insisted and Harry followed his mum into the car.

When they arrived at Niall's ward, they were caught up with Louis and Zayn and a petite girl - who happened to be Zayn's girlfriend. "Hey! We got your text, Haz." Louis panted breathlessly, clinging onto Zayn. Harry cocked an eyebrow. Ironically, Louis was dressed in is infamous Doncaster football outfit yet beads of sweat as forming on his forehead. "You look like you've just run a marathon." Harry joked teasingly and Louis rolled his eyes. "We just climbed...four flights of stairs." He panted, holding up four lazy fingers. Harry rolled his eyes and walked down the corridor, where they were greeted by Liam.

He was pacing the length of Niall's room, his arms folded across his chest as he stroked his stubble, looking anxious. His eyes shot up when he heard their footsteps. "Hey! I wasn't expecting all of you." Liam admitted, his eyes falling on the small girl by Zayn's side. "This is Leela, Leela, Liam." Zayn introduced and Leela smiled fondly at him, shyly shaking his hand. "Niall'd like you." He grinned and Leela giggled, standing back next to Zayn's side again as if she were a small child standing shyly behind her mothers' leg. "Any news?" Anne asked curiously. Liam shook his head, biting his bottom lip. "They're just running a few tests, last minute ultrasounds and all." Liam shrugged, looking longingly back at Niall's door, desperate.

"I'm sure he's fine," Anne assured him, when Maura, Bobby, Greg and Denise came running up to them with Karen right at front. Liam was first to find his mum's arms, burying his head in his shoulder, whimpering softly "Hey, don't cry. Niall's gonna be okay, all right? You and Niall both know that." Karen sighed, hugging her son tightly. There was a sudden yell from the other side of Niall's door and Liam's head snapped up and he went to investigate. He barged through the doors of Niall's room. There were about four or five nurses and doctors surrounding Niall. Jo and Liz stood nearby in a hushed conversation. Niall's belly was exposed, the rest of his body covered with some sort of blue material. His belly was covered in some sort of brown liquid and Liam had to wrinkle his nose at the horrible smell that came from it. Next to Niall's bed, was a tray of scary looking objects such as a scalp and a number of knifes and scissors.

Niall was panting and looking like he was in pain. "Sir, I need to ask you to step out for a moment-"

"No, I came to see Niall. I'm staying whether you like it or not." Liam spoke fiercely to Dr Thomson. She glanced anxiously at Jo and Liz who both waved their hands dismissively at her. They knew both Liam and Niall long enough now to see how stubborn they both were and wouldn't take no for an answer.

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