Chapter 55.

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Before their annual trip to Florida, they take a week off to visit their holiday home in Cornwall. The twins get time off and so do Niall and Liam, so it all works out.

To keep the twins occupied, the couple bought a car with digital TV screens on the back of the front seats with matching head seats. It was a long journey and neither Liam nor Niall fancied a chorus of "are we there yet?" During the three and a half hour trip.

When they arrived, the sun was setting over the house and the couple grabbed two suitcase each, ushering the sleepy twins inside. "I proposed to Niall right there." Liam grins, gesturing to the red sofa in the living room. Niall blushed as Kian groans. "So you say every time we come here, papa." Kian reminds him and Liam chuckles.

Liam ruffles his soft hair as he walks past him and heads into the kitchen, immediately setting the kettle. Katy is standing in the corridor, rubbing her sleepy eyes and yawning widely as she clutches her blanket tightly. Liam catches her yawning and takes her in his arms, going to bathe her before putting her to bed.

As Katy sits in the bathtub, Liam brushes her teeth. "Open up." Liam demands and Katy obeys, too tired to protest. When Liam's done, she rubs her eyes again as Liam carries her out of the bathtub, wrapping an oversized towel around tiny body.

When she's dressed in a one-piece and her hair is dried, Liam carries her to the twins bedroom. She's already half asleep so instead of reading a book like he normally does, he lays her down on her bed and tucks her blanket over her.

When Kian is asleep, Liam goes to see Niall and finds him already in bed too. Niall is tired too, he could tell. But being the stubborn person he is, he tries to fight it. He flashes a lazy grin up at his husband as Liam lays down next to him, removing his clothes and slipping under the covers in only his boxers.

Niall looked up at Liam expectantly. "What?" Liam asks softly and Niall smirks, maneuvering over on the bed so that he was now straddling Liam in the dark. "What do you mean, what? This is the first time we've been alone since...God knows." Niall explained and realization dawned on Liam.

"Babe, do you really think that's a good idea? I mean-"

As if on cue, the door creaked open and a small figure stood in front of them. It was Katy, whimpering softly. "Daddy, I can't sleep." She sniffled. It was dark, so she couldn't really see the figure on top of Liam. Niall blushed red, removing himself off of Liam and sitting up. Liam was smirking quietly, patting Niall's bum in the process.

"What's wrong, babe?" Niall sighs, reaching over to switch Liam's lamp on. "Kian keeps telling me that there's ghosties under my bed and it's giving me nightmares." She sniffed. Liam rolls his eyes. "There's no such thing as ghosts, Katy." Liam reasons and for good measure, Niall adds, "He's probably paying you back for that earthquake stunt you pulled on his bed."

"I still can't sleep, daddy." She whined. Niall and Liam exchanged glances. She was fast asleep a couple of minutes ago. How could that be? "Okay baby, come in here." Niall sighs in defeat, tossing the cover aside and letting Katy crawl in the middle with them both, clutching her blanket. She lay her head on Niall's pillow, glancing up at Liam as Niall lay by her side. Liam couldn't help smiling down at the sight, stroking a strand of hair out of Katy's eyes. Katy smiled lovingly up at Liam before her eyes close and she sleeps peacefully next to Niall.

The next morning, Liam is downstairs making breakfast for the family and Niall and Katy are still sleeping. When Katy wakes up, she runs her fingers down Niall's arm, raising goose bumps on his skin. Niall stirs in his sleep and his eyes flutter open and he glanced down at Katy. "I thought you were Liam." He mumbled and Katy shook her head.

Niall rubs his eyes with his free hand and Katy glances down at his other arm, catching a long, white scar across his arm. "Daddy, what's that?" Katy frowns, her eyes skimming over the mark that looks awfully out of place. "I got that from Luke, years ago." Niall explains. Katy's mouth was parted as she gazed down at it. It wasn't the first time she'd asked. Katy knew all about Niall's scars yet still found the need to ask again.

"And this one?" Katy asks, lifting Niall's t-shirt up and revealing the scar from his cesarean. Niall felt insecure every time somebody looks at his scars, which was only natural. "You know where I got that, Katy." Niall sighs, watching Katy run her finger along the scar.

"We didn't hurt you, did we? Me and Kian." She sniffed, bowing her head. "No baby, I was asleep. I was in my happy place." He assured Katy, gently stroking her arm. When Katy's finger traced over the cold scar, Niall pretended to yelp in pain and when he did, Katy jumped with fright and burst into tears. "Daddy, I hurt you!" She cried and when she looked up to find Niall laughing, she was startled.

"Daddy don't that!" She sniffed, slapping her hand against his bear chest. "I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry." Niall soothed, stroking her hair softly and kissing her forehead. Katy nestled back into Niall's chest.

They decided to head done for breakfast, which smelt lovely. Kian was sitting on the sofa in his football pajamas, his sippy cup in two hands as he took a drink. "Smells delicious." Niall complimented, wrapping his arms around his husbands waist, resting his chin on Liam's shoulder. He watched as Liam placed some chocolate chip amongst the pancakes. "Shh. It's a secret." Liam whispers and Niall giggled, kissing his cheek softly and then went to sit Katy and Kian at the table.

"Papa, what are we doing today?" Katy asked brightly as she dug into her breakfast with a kiddie fork. "We are teaching you both how to ride a bike." Liam grins. Niall is grinning too as he watches the twins face light up. Kian then starts to devour his meal, bits of crumb falling out his mouth. "Kian, eat that slowly, you don't want to be sick." Niall warns, kissing Kian's hair and squeezing his shoulder. Kian slows down, hiccups a little and he takes a drink.

When they were all dressed and fresh from the shower, Liam greets his family in the garage and provides the twins their brand new bikes which they had each gotten for their birthday.

They decide to head toward one of the country parks, near their house and perch the twins on their bikes. They knew how to ride their bikes with wheels at the back, but didn't know how to ride one properly. Once they were cycling properly, Liam showing them what to do, Niall got his phone out and started to take pictures.

They decided the twins should race down a path and it was Kian who won, a few feet ahead of Katy as Liam caught up with them. "And the winner is, Kian Horan-Payne! The next Sir Chris Hoy, everybody!" Liam cheered, hoisting Kian up on his shoulders as he giggled hysterically. Niall laughed and Katy giggled with delight as Niall was chased by her on her bike.

In the afternoon, they freshened up and headed to the pool in their backyard as it was sunny. Niall was cooking them a BBQ as Liam played water polo with the net with the twins. Niall was laughing as he watched Liam lift Katy up by the waist so she could hit the ball Kian had tossed.

When Niall was happy with the BBQ, he lay down on one of the sun-lounger in his trunks, the sun beaming down on him. Through his shades, he could see Liam pulling himself out of the water, shaking his hair like a dog. God. He was beautiful.

Niall smiled up at him when Liam made his way toward Niall and the empty sun-lounger, his body dripping wet. "Liam, watch! You're getting me wet." Niall laughed and Liam deliberately shook himself over Niall's dry body. Kian and Katy were squealing with laughter. "Get him papa, get him!" Katy squealed and Liam chuckled, lifting a helpless Niall up and tossing him in the water. Kian and Katy burst into hysterical laughter as Niall came up for air, glaring playfully at Liam.

"I'm gonna get you next!" Niall threatened, swimming over to Katy and she screamed with delight, paddling away from him in her rubber arm bands. Kian splashed the water, sitting down at the shallow end. Liam stood next to the BBQ, watching Niall with the twins and he couldn't help but grin at the sight.

Niall was happy and that was the way he liked it.


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