Chapter 6.

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The next day, Liam found Niall withering and whimpering in pain as he entered his hospital room. He was by his side in seconds, pulling a chair to the bed. "Niall." Liam cleared his throat as Niall was in so much pain he hadn't even heard Liam come in.

Niall groaned, sniffing a little as he struggled to pull himself onto his back on the hospital bed. "I'm fine, it's the side effects of these medications Dr Baxter gave me to get rid of the..y'know..." Niall trailed off, his face pale and gaunt. Liam gulped, looking down. His stomach flopped uneasily at the thought of it. Their baby was gone. And there was no way of bringing it back.

Liam wiped the tears with the back of his sleeve, not wanting Niall to see but failing epically. "Liam, do you- do you mind cuddling me? I'm a little cold." Niall croaked and Liam nodded almost instantly, taking his shoes off firstly and climbing into bed with Niall, wrapping a spare blanket around the them and pulling Niall close to him. Niall immediately buried his face into his chest, gripping his fingernails into his sweater as he cried.

Liam watched as Nialls shoulders shook with each sob, his own tears rolling silently down his cheeks. Niall just needed Liam. His warmth, his comfort. That was all he needed at the moment, he couldn't give a toss about anything else in the world.

Niall was moved to a private delivery ward, which was just horrid for Niall and Liam because it made it more real than ever. Seeing all these big machines and devices make it all scarier for Niall. Although, it was a bit like a hotel room to make tit more homely but it didn't make Niall feel better one bit. It felt he was a scientific experiment for these doctors, because he was different and his insecurity got the best of him.

It made him think, for a long time, that he was never going through this again. He regretted wanting a baby from the start, this way, and he hates the grief. He hated the pain and constant heartbreak that him and Liam were going through. Niall never wanted a baby again, at least not this way. Maybe in the future, a few years time, he might consider it. But he couldn't do that to Liam, his soulmate. He considered it as a warning; the loss of their unborn child. That maybe this wasn't meant to happen. And if he lost the first one, then he was sure to loose the second one. Niall just had that fear and he couldn't help it, it was only natural.

The medications Niall was given were to simply to induce the labour and Niall had never felt pain like it. It looked like the pills had finally kicked in and the contractions were hitting Niall one by one. The sounds and ragged breathing coming from Nialls mouth made Liam want to comfort Niall as much as he could, but he couldn't. Instead he just lay there, emotionless and blank. Niall was constantly tossing and turning by Liam's side and Liam only held him as much as possible.

Liam was afraid. Afraid that this would change their relationship and he hoped that it wouldn't. He hoped that Niall wouldn't be distant, he wouldn't shut him off like he usually did when they had arguments over stupid things. But he knew, their lives had changed from the moment they found out Niall was pregnant in the first place.

Once Niall was discharged, a few days after the miscarriage, they finally left the hospital. As soon as they were out in the car park, they were immediately swarmed by paparazzi. Which was something Niall really didn't want, especially at this time. Of course, Niall recently being famous for his singing, he had completely forgotten about his fans and past life in fame. What would they think, how would they judge him? Of course they already knew. They always did.

Niall and Liam were hammered by questions, one after the other by every single pap.

"Niall, is it true you're pregnant?"

"How did it happen?"

"Is Liam the father?"

"When's the wedding?"

He had forgotten he'd kept the wedding private from the fans and paps, they had no clue that they were married. Niall let his tears roll down his cheeks, not afraid to let them see his pain. Liam tried his best to protect Niall from them as they pushed their way through to the car but they ended up being taken away by Preston, Nialls old security guard.

Preston instantly knew something was wrong when he saw Nialls miserable face, but didn't bother to ask questions. He got them to Liam's car in time and Preston drove them off, Niall and Liam in the back as Liam had given him his car keys.

Liam stole a side-way glance to Niall at the other side of the car and watched Niall gaze out the tinted black window, wiping away an escaped tear. He didn't say anything, but instead, turned away and gazed blankly ahead.

An hour after they arrived home, Niall was dressed in sweats and an over-sized t-shirt, standing over the stove as he made him and Liam his infamous Irish stew. Just for a distraction. After a short nap, Liam sauntered downstairs and found Niall cutting up some vegetables at the kitchen counter.

"Leave it, I can do that." Liam insisted, brushing against Niall, who flinched at his touch. "No, it's okay." Niall protested, grabbing the knife again. "No, honestly, I can help-" Niall slammed the knife down and burst into a fit of tears, looking completely helpless and startling Liam.

"I'm sorry." Liam croaked, attempting to pull Niall into a hug but Niall pushed him away. "Just leave me alone." Niall sniffed and walked away, up the stairs and closing the door silently behind him.


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