Chapter 51.

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It was a couple of weeks later that Niall got the call. He was currently tickling Kian silly, waiting for him to giggle again. The sound was music to Niall's ears, it was the most gorgeous giggle he'd heard on the planet. Surprisingly enough, Katy was more of a quiet child and rarely made a sound unless either Liam or Niall really made her laugh. The point was it was rare to hear Katy laugh but Kian laughed all the time.

Niall paused, glancing anxiously at the ringing phone. "Liam, can you get that?" He calls, waiting for Liam to answer. "I'm busy changing Katy at the moment!" Liam calls back from upstairs. Niall groans and carries Kian on his hip, taking the phone with his free hand. "Hello?"

"Niall?" Harry croaks. Oh God. He sounds bad. Really bad. "Harry, what's wrong mate?" He asked automatically, concerned for his friend. "I don't know. I don't even know why I'm calling you." Harry laughs nervously, his voice hoarse and dry.

"Okay, I'll be there in a sec." Niall decides, turning round to find Liam standing at the foot of the stairs, looking tired and worn out. "You know what? Forget I said anything, I'll just go." Harry spoke and Niall's eyes widened.

"Harry, wait-" the phone line went dead and Niall groaned, setting the phone back in its place. "What did he want?" Liam asked, rubbing his tired eyes. "Something's wrong, I need to go and see him." Niall sighs and Liam nodded. "Okay. Look, Katy's already in bed, why don't I take Kian and you go see Harry?" Liam suggests and Niall shot him a kind smile. "You will? Thank you so much Liam, I really appreciate it." Niall gushes, handing Kian over to Liam. "Tell Harry the twins and I said hi." Liam smiled and Niall nods, kissing Liam on the lips before pecking a tired-looking Kian.

The door is open when Niall reaches Harry's house and when he finds him, it's not what he expected. Harry was facing a wall in the kitchen, his forehead rested against it as he pressed his phone to ear, waiting for somebody to pick up. After the ringtone went to voicemail, Harry let out a choked sob and tossed the phone aside so that it clattered to the wooden floor.

Judging by the cardboard boxes and scattered pieces of clothing that littered the living room carpet, Harry was trying to phone Sabrina. Niall gulped dryly. This couldn't be good. He glanced nervously at the empty bottles of vodka that stood on the kitchen counter and when Harry looked up, his eyes were bloodshot and sore looking. Drunk Harry was never a good sign. In fact, he very rarely got drunk. The only time Niall had ever seen Harry drunk was at his and Liam's wedding and that was almost four years ago.

Harry's head snapped up at the sound of the floorboards creaking and he found Niall slowly, cautiously making his way toward him- like he was some kind of dangerous animal behind a barred cage at the zoo.

"You shouldn't be here." Harry warned, his breathing heavy. "You called me. Why?" Niall spoke softly and Harry sniffed, running his hands through his hair. "I don't know." He admitted and Niall frowns.

"Well, you must have a reason. Did you want me for something? Who were you calling? Was it Sabrina? Did you guys -"

"I don't know!" The harsh tone caused Niall to jump. "I don't know why you're here, I don't know why Sabrina left, I don't know why we argued and I don't know why I feel like shit!!" Harry shouts and he storms into the living room, slumping himself down. As he did so, he sat on something that made a squeaking sound. Eyes wide, he brought a stuffed toy from behind his back and his eyes fell on the pink teddy bear, holding it with two hands and that's when he burst into tears. Again.

It finally dawned on Niall what had happened and he heaved a deep sigh before sitting next to Harry on the sofa. "She lost the baby, didn't she?" Niall's tone was soft. Harry didn't say anything but his silence was all the confirmation he needed. Harry's body stiffened and that's when he broke down again. Niall wanted to comfort him, he really did, but every time he tried, Harry pushed him away.

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