Chapter 32.

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After a couple of hours of watching endless movies with Liam and Harry, Niall finally pushed himself up of the sofa. "Where are you going?" Liam frowned, still holding hands with Niall in attempt not to let him go.

"To sleep. Wanna go while I can, while these babies are asleep." Niall answered with shrug and Liam pouted. "Oh," Liam replied dryly, feeling a little disappointed but he wasn't one to be selfish and letting his husband stay awake when he really needed the sleep.

"See you in the morning," Niall promised, kissing Liam's lips softly before waving goodbye to Harry and heading upstairs. It left Harry and Liam in an awkward silence, both with cold beers in their hands. Harry cleared his throat, about to open his mouth when Niall called from upstairs. "Liam! I need your help." Niall pleaded and Liam frowned.

"What is it babe?" Liam called back.

"Got stuck in the shower again," Niall admitted smugly and Liam groaned, causing Harry to chuckle. "That's the third time this week, I swear." Liam complained, setting his bottle of beer on the coffee table. "I'll be right back." Liam said to Harry who nodded.

Harry waited a couple of seconds, hearing the creaking of the floorboards and the quiet chatter exchanged from Liam and Niall upstairs until Liam came back down again, running a hand through his hair.

"Sorted?" Harry wondered and Liam smiled softly. "He's out like a light," Liam replied, snapping his fingers as a gesture. Harry chuckled, shaking his head.

Harry cleared his throat again while Liam placed the tip of the bottle to his lips as he sat down. "Liam," Harry began and Liam turned his head, giving Harry a questionable look.

"I've been meaning to tell you something," Harry said hesitantly and Liam frowned, setting his bottle of beer back down on the coaster again. "What's that?" Liam asked curiously and Harry let out a shaky breath, bracing himself with his heart hammering against his chest.

"I don't really know where you begin," Harry admitted and Liam nodded knowingly. "You can talk to me about anything. Y'know that, right?" Liam raises his eyebrows and Harry's cheeks flushed.

"It's just, lately...I've...I've had certain feelings for...for Niall." Harry explained sheepishly Liam stared at Harry, unsure of what to say. "Oh?"

"It's nothing, really. Honestly. It's just a little crush and I swear it's gonna go away," Harry tried and he was surprised when he saw the smile that spread on Liam's face. "I was wondering when you were gonna tell me." Liam smirked, sounding amused.

Harry blushed further. "You were?" He sounded surprised. "I've seen the way you look at him, Harry. It wouldn't take a genius to realise you had a thing for him," Liam shrugged, taking a sip of his beer. Harry was stunned, to say at the very least. He was taking this remarkably well.

"I knew you weren't the sort of guy who'd act first, think later. You care too much about Niall to do that," Liam spoke and Harry felt relieved. Relieved that Liam understood him and his situation so well.

"But I did the right thing, right? I did the right of telling you." Harry checked and Liam smiled fondly. "Yeah, of course. Although I actually already kind of had a hunch before, but I didn't wanna say anything."

"How come?"

"I didn't wanna push you. Plus, I wasn't so sure and I could've been easily been wrong about your crush and that would have just made things awkward," Liam explained and Harry felt more relaxed.

"It'll go away Liam, I promise." Harry assured Liam and Liam smiled again. "I know but if you do decide to break Niall's heart, I'll break your neck." Liam said firmly, patting Harry's cheek softly. Harry gulped, taking a little off-guard. He didn't realise how protective Liam was of Niall up until now. He'd hate to be in Luke's shoes right now.

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