Chapter 42.

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A few minutes past midday, Karen carried half a bag of washing up to Liam and Nialls room. She didn't even bother chapping the door as she knew Liam was still in a deep slumber.

Sure enough, when she went in most of Liam's face was pressed against the pillow with his arms tucked into his chest. He had shoved most of the quilt aside during the night, leaving his bottom half completely covered. Karen couldn't help smiling at the innocent sight and went over to stroke a bit of hair out of her sons face before gathering the rest of the washing.

Most of the dirty clothes were owned by Niall as Liam had continuously sent over night clothes to Nialls room at the hospital for him the next morning and Liam hadn't even bothered to clean them. How they were going to keep up with the twins clothes, Karen will never know.

She quietly shut the door behind her and headed back down stairs to do the washing. She then made some lunch for herself and Liam, placing the left overs in the fridge for later. When she closed the fridge door, she couldn't help but admire the pictures that were plastered all over it.

They both looked so happy in all of them, particularly the ones that were taken in Australia. Her favourite picture had to be the one of Liam giving Niall a piggy back on the white sandy beach, both of them looking tanned and flustered from the hot sun. She let out a quiet giggle to herself and continued on with the house work.


Maura sat with one leg crossed over the other and a magazine on her lap as Niall snoozed peacefully next to her. She flickered through the pages patiently, listening to the even and steady sounds of the heart beat monitors in the hospital room.

Niall suddenly stirred in his sleep and Maura looked up, waiting for him to awake. Sure enough, Nialls eyes fluttered open and confusion was plastered all over his face. "Liam?" He asked automatically and Maura couldn't help but giggle.

"He's at home love, Karen made him go to sleep last night when he told her that he hadn't slept in two days." Maura explained and Niall pursed his lips, a little miffed at Liam for not sleeping that length of time. It so wasn't like him.

"Anyway, how are you feeling?" Maura tried, smiling at her son. "Same old, same old." He murmured but then he started to get impatient. "I want Liam." He whined, feeling a little selfish and ashamed of himself. "I'm sure he'll come over later this afternoon." Maura promised, squeezing his hand reassuringly.

Jo and Liz came through the door, one of them had ultrasound gel in their hands. "Oh, good you're up. We came earlier to examine you but you were asleep." Jo explained, switching on the machine. Niall complained, whining a little that he was in fact just up but after the warning glare he received from his mother, he fell silent and hiked up his top, lying back on the pillows.

Jo smeared the cool gel on Nialls stomach and started to the move the knob around on Nialls lower abdomen. Maura watched in amusement, slightly overwhelmed. It was the first time Maura was there to see her son receiving an ultrasound and it was surreal.

Nialls thoughts drifted to Liam, wishing he was here right now. Even though Liam was only an hour away from him, he missed him. Dearly. He blamed it on the hormones and he wished that he didn't have to miss him as much.

They continued to listen to the familiar heartbeats of the twins and Liz started to take the usual measurements of his bloated belly. "How have you been feeling recently? Any chest pains from the heart attack?" Liz pressed and Niall sighed.

"No, I've just been really tired. Wanting to go home and all." Niall mumbled and Liz smiled sympathetically. "That'll be the morphine but at least we know to working." She said brightly and Niall nodded.

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