Chapter 19.

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Niall lay on the bed, thinking hard. The sun was steaming through the blinds and he was warm, dressed in a plain black sweater and jogger bottoms with the quilt pulled up past his stomach.

Nialls hands were fiddling nervously with the quilt, his bottom lip quivering as his breathing was laboured. Niall felt awful. He didn't know what it was. Maybe it had to do with the whole Liam taking care of him thing. He was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Or maybe Niall was being to harsh on him and he had a guilty conscious. He didn't know. All his feelings and emotions were overlapping with each other and he didn't like it.

Liam hadn't really spoken to him much since last night, after he brushed him off and Niall was worried he had offended him.

That wasn't all that was bothering him. Niall was nearly thirteen weeks along. Only one more week and he'd have passed his first semester. It was happening to fast and Niall was scared. Things were running too smoothly- well, for Dr Baxter at least. Nothing terribly bad had happened yet and Niall was just waiting for the one tiny little thing to ruin their relationship, to ruin Niall.

Niall gasped when the door opened and Liam walked in, dressed in a grey sweater and jeans. "You hadn't come down yet, I was wondering if maybe something had happened-"

"You don't have to check up on me every two bloody seconds." Niall snapped impatiently and he immediately regretted his words. Damn, where did that come from? "You've been here for two hours." Liam stated simply and Niall looked over at the clock. Sure enough, Niall had woke up at eight and it was now ten o'clock in the morning.

Niall huffed, pushing himself up on the bed. "Are you all right-?"

"Liam, I'm scared." Niall stated reluctantly and Liam was caught off guard. Liam sighed and slid into bed with Niall, even though he had been up since eight in case of Nialls morning sickness.

"What's wrong?" Liam questioned, wrapping his arm around Niall. "I've nearly completed my first semester, Li." Niall began and Liam nodded, smiling a little. "That's great, isn't it?" Liam said enthusiastically and Niall scoffed.

"If anything, it's bad. I'm just waiting for the worst of it to happen. It's ran to smoothly for now, according to Dr Baxter. What if something bad happens to me, what if something goes wrong? It's not just the semester I'm worrying about it, it's the actual birth as well. What if something happens to the kids? What I die, Liam?"

Niall was crying now and Liam was immediately by his side, comforting him. Niall sobbed into Liam's t-shirt, clinging on to him tightly. "You won't. Because I won't let that happen to you. You're to strong for that anyway." Liam softly, rubbing gentle circles with his forefinger on Nialls belly.

It was the day of his last scan for this semester and Niall was panicking, which is understandable to Liam. His hormones were bringing out the best of him. He was panicking twice as much as he should be, what with the drugs and that.

Liam thought hard, scared that anything he'd say would set Niall off on one. Niall was already in a mood with him, God knows why. All he was trying to do was help Niall and he pushed him away. Like always.

"Look, why don't we go a walk for now, yeah? Just to calm our nerves." Liam suggested warily and Niall knew he wasn't going to win this argument, so he agreed to go with him.

Niall pulled on a heavy raincoat, mainly to cover his pudgy belly and slipped on a pair of comfortable shoes and followed Liam outside, Loki tagging along with them.

They walked in a comfortable silence, Liam's hand linking with Nialls tiny one. "Liam, I'm sorry." Niall finally spoke after a couple of minutes. "For what?" Liam asked curiously and Niall rolled his eyes.

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