Chapter 17.

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When Liam walked in the living room, Niall was sobbing. Niall looked up miserably and his face dropped further when Liam saw him. "Hey." Liam soothed, curling up next to Niall, wrapping his arms around him and kissing his fluffy hair lightly.

"What's the matter, eh? Don't worry about Harry. He's just in shock. He'll come round, you'll see-"

"No, it's not that. Harry's entitled to his own opinion, but...I just feel like I'm losing everybody. You, Harry, Greg...everybody. Nothing's the same anymore and I mean, let's face it, Liam, you're all thinking the same thing. I'm not going to make it." Niall sniffed, grabbing some tissues before settling himself back against Liam's warmth again.

Liam stiffened and Niall noticed, his watery eyes immediately shooting up. "Niall, please don't say that ever again." Liam said desperately and Niall gulped. "But, Liam-"

"Just don't, okay?" Liam said, a little impatiently and Niall shuffled around on the sofa, looking up. "No matter what happens, Liam, I'll always love you, okay?" Niall whispered, clasping his palms around Liam's face and giving him a hopeful look. "Yeah. That's the problem. That's why I can't let you go." Liam admitted and Niall sighed, pressing his lips softly to Liam's, giving him a chaste kiss before pulling away again.

"Nobody said you had to let me go." Niall smiled but Liam wasn't up for it. Instead, he pulled Niall close, burying his face in his shoulder and their legs a tangled mess at the bottom. "Everything's going to be okay, I promise." Liam replied and Niall smiled again, taking in his words before his fluttered closed and he fell asleep against Liam's chest.

Niall was asleep for a few hours before the doorbell rang again. Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he broke free from Liam's tight grip- he was still fast asleep next to him. He guessed all this news to him was overwhelming. Niall sighed quietly and slouched toward the door, opening it.

His old security guard, Preston, stood in the doorway. Niall gulped, standing self-cautiously in front of him. "How are you, Niall?" Preston asked, smiling kindly. "I'm good, you?" Niall replied automatically but Preston's face fell. "You don't look good." Preston admitted and Niall sighed impatiently. "What do you want?" He interrogated and Preston paused before answering.

"Look, I know things didn't exactly end well between the management and you, but...we miss you, Ni. Really. The bosses sent me here especially to talk to you. They want you back." Preston beamed and Niall couldn't help smirking. "If they want me back so badly, why couldn't they say that to me themselves?" Niall challenged and Preston blanched a little.

"Well, you know how busy they are...surely you, of people, would know that." Preston offered hopefully and Niall rolled his eyes. "Yeah. I do. And that's why I left." Niall reminded him. "Will you please just consider it? It might help getting yourself back on your feet." Preston suggested and Niall was a little offended by the choice of words but brushed it off him.

"I'm sorry, Preston, I can't. The answer's still no. Family is more important to me right now. Liam's more important." Niall added with a heart-warming, dazed-like smile. Almost like a school girl crushing on the popular jock. Preston bit his lip, unsure of what to do, or say. "The boss said don't come back Niall says yes." Preston admitted weakly and Niall scoffed again, shaking his head.

"It's no. That's my final answer. You can crawl back to your boss, okay?" Niall finally snapped and closed the door before he could say anything else.

Niall at nine weeks weeks pregnant

Niall was now beginning to show, and fast. Especially with two kids on the go. Liam'd catch him every few mornings glancing in the mirror and examining his belly. It worried Liam. It worried Liam how ghastly pale he was, and how skinny he was. Except from his stomach, of course. It also meant that the daily injections were finally taking it's toll, if not not before.

Niall was currently lying, slumped on their sofa with a tartan blanket wrapped around his frail body. A hot cup of tea sat on the coffee table on top of a coaster and Liam was studying him from behind.

Liam watched as Niall shuffled uncomfortably on the sofa and then he finally gave up and tossed the blanket aside. Liam rushed over to Nialls side in seconds as Niall bent over, into the sick bin. Except he wasn't sick. He was dry-heaving, gagging a little. "Niall, it's okay to be sick. Let it out." Liam soothed, rubbing Nialls back comfortingly.

"I can't. The more sick I am, the more chance of losing them...I can't do that. I can't let you down again." Niall gulped, glancing warily up at Liam. Liam felt guilty at his words. "Babe, you could never let me down. Okay? Never." Liam spoke so firefly that Niall looked up again, his cheeks flushed.

"I don't know what I'd do without you." Niall sniffed, whimpering a little as he snuggled up next to Liam, bringing his knees up and linking his arms through Liam's at the side. "I don't know what I'd do without you either." Liam sighed, kissing his hair softly.

"Are you done being sick?" Liam asked suddenly, squeezing Nialls hand. "Yeah, false alarm. I've just taken an injection, don't worry. Looks like this acupressure bracelet is really working then," Niall laughed nervously, shaking his wrist in front of Liam. Liam wasn't fooled, but he let it drop anyway. For Nialls sake.

Niall rested himself back down on the sofa and Liam joined him, wrapping the blanket around them both. "Li, you can go to bed if you want. Honestly. I don't mind." Niall assured him, running his hands through Liam's tousled hair, just the way he liked it. "The beds empty without you now, it doesn't feel right. Since you moved here." Niall frowned at Liam's word. Okay, he hadn't moved to the sofa. Well, not permanently anyway. Niall was just too afraid that whatever he had was contagious and he was worried Liam would get it, but Liam wasn't having any of it by the looks of it.

He still hadn't told Liam about Preston and quite frankly, he wasn't going to. Preston offered him his old job back, and Niall declined. There wasn't much to tell.

"I can't wait to be a proper family with you, Niall, when all this is over." Liam spoke softly, his hands cupping protectively around Nialls growing stomach. Niall sniffed loudly, his eyes filled with salty tears and Liam looked up. "Ni-"

"It's okay, it's happy tears. These damn hormones." Niall giggled weakly and Liam smiled a little, his hands still pressed gently to his belly. He kissed the fabric on the centre of his belly softly before cuddling back into Niall on the sofa.

"I love you."

"Love you more" Niall said playfully and Liam chuckled, flicking a strand of blonde hair out his eyes. "Not possible." Liam murmured but Niall was already fast asleep in Liam's arms.


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