Chapter 26.

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Liam woke up with a groggy moan, his crotch somehow tightening around his sweats. He was having a dream. A bloody good one. About Niall. Liam's eyes shot open at the thought of his dream and when he looked down, Nialls mouth was around his shaft, his sweats removed. So that's why he was having a wet dream.

"Niall, what are you doing?" Liam asked, amused yet slightly turned on. Niall removed his mouth from Liam, flashing him an innocent look. "What does it look like?" He smirked and went back down again, earning another throaty groan from Liam. "Jesus Christ," Liam panted, sitting up right so he had a clear view of the beautiful mess before him.

Niall removed himself again, a whine of impatience erupting from Liam's mouth. "Since you wouldn't give me sex, I thought I'd give it to you instead." Niall shrugged and Liam smirked breathlessly.

"Come on Niall, what's the matter?" Liam asked Niall as Niall gently massaged their crotch. Niall pouted a little. "What do you mean?"

"We both know that you wouldn't want sex willingly, not now, unless something was really up. C'mon, tell me." Liam encouraged and Niall sighed deeply, pulling himself up and lying next to Liam, who pulled his sweats up and pumped his length a few times before pulling the quilt over them both, Nialls belly slightly bloated under the fabric.

"Don't be mad when I tell you this, okay?" Niall reasoned. "I can never be mad at you, babe."


"You know I keep my promises."

"Well, uh...I dream about you. And, uh...Luke." Niall began hesitantly, gulping a little and Liam listened, not saying anything so Niall continued on.

"I dreamt that I spoke to Luke. Harry was telling him to go away, to leave you and I alone. He wasn't getting message, he said he needed to talk to me. Alone. So I told Harry to leave us. Then he started saying all these things, confusing me-"

"What sort of things?" Liam frowned and Niall blushed a little before answering. "He was saying that I didn't deserve all this. That I didn't deserve to be with you. He said that he'd take me away and make my life happy again. He was saying that he was in love with me and that he always had been from the start. That's why he confused me. And then...and then you were there. We...Luke and I...we kissed. You saw." Niall explained, feeling more guilty by the minute as he watched Liam's face turn sad and miserable.

"Sounds like a perfect dream." He mumbled quietly, gazing down and it was Nialls turn to frown. "What? No, if anything it was a nightmare. That's what Harry said." Niall smirked, in attempt to lighten the mood but Liam's head snapped up.

"You told Harry before me?" Liam asked, feeling a little hurt. Niall gulped again. "You know I would have told you anyway." Niall shrugged and Liam scoffed, shaking his head.

"Are you angry?"

"I'm not angry at the dream, no. It means nothing. I'm more mad that you told Harry about this before you told me." Liam snapped, standing up off the bed and putting on a fresh t-shirt. Niall sat up.

"Why are you so mad about that?" Niall frowned, feeling generally confused. Liam exhaled sharply, feeling a little impatient. "I just feel...I just feel as if you're not honest with me anymore, Niall. You never tell me how you feel anymore. You didn't even tell your own mother how you felt. All you said was "fine". I know you, Niall. You're not fine, okay? Please, I just want you to tell me how you feel." Liam tried and Niall opened his mouth to speak when Liam's phone alarm went off at the bedside table, indicating that Liam had to get up for work.

Liam sighed deeply, glancing at it warily before switching it off. "This conversation isn't over." Liam warned Niall and slipped on a clean sweater before heading downstairs for breakfast.

Once Liam was at work, Niall was restless. He hated it when Liam went to work, he just felt alone and with nothing to do. Plus, he was scared to go out in case he did accidentally bump into Luke which was highly unlikely but still, he was scared.

So he spent the day inside, which helped him to no end at all. He ended up watching day time TV which would evidently rot his brain. Particularly if it was Jeremy Kyle, the stuff that he watched from that program was horrific.

He couldn't sit at peace and he couldn't focus on the program so instead, he found himself on his hands and knees at the kitchen floor, cleaning and scrubbing. He felt like Cinderella but he knew Liam would be happy if he at least attempted to clean the house, or so he thought.

After half an hour, he was still unable to sit at peace. So dumping the marigold gloves and bucket in the sink along with the sponge, he headed upstairs to the spare room.

Over the past few days, him and Liam had been discussing about changing the spare room into a bedroom for the twins. Liam had practically forbade Niall to move any of the furniture, but all Niall wanted to do was help. There was no harm in that, was there?

Of course, Niall wasn't thinking. He wasn't thinking if the consequences that came with carrying heavy furniture while pregnant but Nialls guilt got the best of him. Liam was mad at him and he wanted that to go away. He hated seeing Liam angry.

So he started shuffling the wooden dresser along, straining and struggling until beads of sweat was forming on his forehead. It didn't really help much that the babies were kicking and punching him in any way possible, as much as they could.

Niall groaned, finally coming to a halt when he was half way between the door. He stood up, wiping the beads of swear off his forehead with the back of his sleeve, panting a little. "You kids are gonna be the death f me, you know that?" Niall whispered, bowing his head to his belly and massaging it gently yet still, the babies continued to kick.

"Come guys, at least work with me here? If not for me, for Liam. I don't wanna hurt you." Niall murmured soothingly, rubbing his thumbs back and forth over the fabric. As if in reply, there was two tabs against his belly and the babies fell silent. Niall sighed with relief, thanking them and getting back to work.

Since the spare room was quite near the landing, he came to a halt when he was at the top of the stairs. "Now, for the hard part." Niall mumbled hesitantly, gazing downstairs. He bit his lip, unsure of what to do when suddenly, the dresser started to tip forward.

"Whoa," Niall gasped, trying to get hold of the dresser but it was too late. The drawers of the dresser went flying down the stairs, Niall following after them. He toppled down the steps, one by one until he landed with a thud at the bottom of the stairs, the dresser landing just an inch next to head, catching on his arm. Niall gave out a chocked whimper, to weak to cry out in pain when there was nothing but utter stillness in his belly. Everything went black then, just in time for Harry to drive up to check on Niall.


Hi guys I'm not particularly fond of this chapter- it's badly written and unedited! But I wanted it up really badly. So let me know what you think!


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