Chapter 45- Part 1.

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Niam are back!

Our favourite, hottest ship is back on track. Celebrity couple, Niam, (Niall and Liam Horan-Payne) were spotted at Hyde Park in London last night, cuddling and all sorts. The pair seemed happy as they enjoyed the rare British sun after a long winter. Over the past few weeks, it looked like Niall had been kept under "house arrest" due to his last scare that ended him up in hospital but things seem to be running smoothly for them now. Niall also joined Alan on his chat show last Friday with surprisingly enough, Liam. They both seemed bright and cheerful and Alan left Niall blushing, complimenting him on the "pregnancy glow" he and around him at nearly eight months pregnant. They joked and even Liam shared a cheeky kiss with his husband at the end, their first public kiss ever and I'm sure they set a thousand fans hearts aching at their cuteness. Their "hottest couple of the year" award was definitely well earned and well deserved.

Liam sighed, folding up the paper and setting it back down on the worktop in the kitchen. Although it was happy thing being said about them in the paper, he wasn't sure if Niall would be pleased with it or not.

He grabbed the paper and headed into the living room. Niall was giggling helplessly, a set of earphones attached his stomach as he let the babies listen to music. Liam frowned. "Niall, what are you doing?" He asked him amusingly. Niall looked up and smirk. "You gotta feel this babe, this insane." Niall remarked and Liam sighed, abandoning his paper and sitting down next to Niall. He placed both hands on either side of Nialls belly, waiting. He waited a couple more seconds before the babies started kicking against his palm but in a steady rhythm, as if they were actually enjoying the music.

Liam burst out laughing and Niall joined in, his hands pressed against his lower abdomen. "What are they listening to?" Liam asked curiously and Niall blanched, falling silent. "Niall...?" Liam asked slowly. He pulled his hands away and checked Nialls iPhone. Barney is a dinosaur. "Really?!" Liam exclaimed and Niall blushed. "Well, it's hardly as if I'm gonna let them listen to Shake Dat Ass by Eminem is it?" Niall spat defensively and Liam laughed. "No, I guess you're right." Liam sighed, gently massaging Nialls belly.

Liam rested himself against the sofa next to Niall. "Why did you stop?" Niall pouted when Liam pulled away. Liam chuckled. "That felt good," Niall admitted and Liam sighed, going back to rubbing his belly. Niall reached over and kissed Liam, pressing his lips firmly against his husbands. Liam smiled as Niall cupped his face, leaving chaste kisses against his mouth.

They pulled away momentarily, gazing into each other's eyes. They were broken out of their little trance when the doorbell rang. Niall sighed as Liam went to fetch it and Harry strolled in, looking sad. "What's up?" Niall frowned, concerned for his best friend.

"Sabrina and I just had a huge fight and I was wondering if I could stay at yours for a couple of days? Y'know just until everything dies down." Harry shrugged. He really shouldn't have barged in like that. Niall and Liam had a lot going on and they didn't need a problem added to their list but desperate times called for desperate measures. He hated fights and didn't want to be around one.

"What were you fighting about?"

"I'm mad at her for blurting things out about the adoption papers." Harry admitted angrily and Nialls face fell. "Harry, its fine. I'm not mad at her so-"

"It's not fine. Can you let me be mad at my girlfriend, please?" Harry snapped furiously and Niall was taken aback. "I guess you can take the twins room, I'll put an air bed out for you." Niall sighed, getting up but Liam stopped him. "You stay here, I got it." Liam protested and Niall sat back down, watching Liam go up the stairs.

"So Sabrina's your girlfriend then?" Niall asked, sounding interested. "We're just taking things slowly." Harry answered simply, sitting down next to Niall. "That seems reasonable." Niall nodded and Harry smiled lazily.

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