Chapter 28.

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Liam trailed a light finger down Nialls bare back, smiling warmly at the peaceful, sleeping figure that lay next to him. Something silver glistened at the corner of his eye and he moved his head to see the promise ring on Nialls finger at the other end of the bed and his smiled more broadly. Liam felt giddy, nervous when he had given it. But at the same time he was satisfied as he had woken up at 6am- when the jewellery store had opened- to get it. It was a thought that had come to his head as soon as he woke up and he didn't want to waste another minute thinking about it so he bought it.

He continued to trail light patterns around Nialls bare back and soon later, he started to stir but still didn't wake from his slumber. It was always difficult to wake Niall up. He really loved his sleep as much as he loved his food. As much as Liam hated to wake Niall up, he had to. He wanted to spend a full day with him again. "Liam..." Niall mumbled suddenly, shifting his position around on the bed to try and stop Liam from touching him. "Yes?" Liam asked innocently, scooting closer to the younger boy. "It's too early, go back to sleep." he groaned back and Liam chuckled lightly.

"If I went back to sleep I wouldn't be able to do this now, would I?" Liam challenged and leaned in behind Nialls earlobe and sucked lightly, making Niall shiver and tense at his touch. "If you keep doing that, you'll make me fall asleep again." Niall threatened but his attempt was weak. Liam grinned, running his hand down Nialls back. "I see you didn't wear a t-shirt to bed last night?" Liam asked casually, completely changing the subject. Niall smirked. "Yeah, it was too warm. I couldn't be bothered anyway." Niall replied carelessly. Liam smiled, continuing to trail light, feathery patterns around Nialls back.

Niall's mind went blank and the scene changed.

It was at Christmas and it was snowing. Niall and Liam were in their bedroom. He remembered. He remembered the first time they ever had sex. How Liam had held him close and whispered sweet nothings in his ear all night. He had never felt so peaceful, so loved and so wanted. It was special. It was almost like he was in heaven. A smile stretched on his lips as Liam's skin brushed against his own, his lips tracing over the crook of his neck, leaving love bites all over.

"I love you, Niall."

"I love you too, Liam."

Niall awoke with a start, his body trembling. He whimpered softly, too weak to move. He was wakening up in the pitch black, his eyes straining to see properly and the only light he was getting was from the orange glow of the street lights outside and the lights from the window across his hospital room.

He was sore. Very sore. His muscles ached all over and he felt like he had been punched in the ribs and stomach one hundred times over. Which was actually probably correct. He looked at the clock on the wall opposite which said it was a minute past midnight. He was exhausted yet now he was awake, he didn't think he'd be able to go back to sleep. He was attached to a lot of wires and tubes that linked up to scary looking machines and a drip that stood by his bed. The emergency button was sitting next to his leg and he held it in his fingers.

He wanted Liam. He really did. He wanted him by his side, telling him everything was going to be okay. But he knew he was long gone and so was Harry. He knew they'd both be asleep by now, just like he was supposed to be. He tried to sit upright but he was too stiff to move. He realised then that his entire stomach was wrapped round with a large white bandage that went round to his back. He felt like a bloody mummy, with all these bandages and the bandage on his broken arm didn't help either. He sniffed, suddenly realising the mess he was in when the door creaked open.

Niall gasped, his eyes shooting upwards to see the dark figure in the doorway. The light illuminated his face and he realised then it was Luke. And the worst thing of all was that he knew this wasn't a dream. Definitely wasn't a dream. He was real.

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