Chapter 36.

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It had been a week since Niall was discharged from hospital. A week since the little "incident" of Harry's confession and Niall hadn't seem since which made him feel more guilty than ever. Niall had scared Harry away and he pretty sure Liam had as well.

The guilty conscious had completely taken over Niall and he was worn out by all this guilt. Liam, however, had only grown hatred toward the certainly curly-haired lad which was understandable to anybody who saw their situation.

Niall thought that he could've handled the situation way better than he did. He could've been more mature about it, at least. Instead, he went into a panicked frenzy, thinking the worst of it. But how was he supposed to react to his best friend falling in love with him? Their friendship was ruined and that's what worried Niall the most and he wanted to stop that.

Liam appeared from the kitchen and handed Niall a steaming hot mug of tea as he sat down with his own next to Niall on the sofa. Niall murmured a thank you and took the mug in his hands, clasping his hands around the mug for the sheer heat as he balanced it on his belly.

Liam sighed, resting his mug on the coffee table and snuggled up next to Niall, gently stroking his hair. Niall smiled softly at the gesture, feeling a little peaceful. "What are you thinking?" Liam mumbled, watching Nialls eyes grow distant by the second.

"I'm thinking...I need to see Harry." He finally admitted. Anger boiled up inside Liam, but he remained composed. Niall had warned Liam of his anger and how he had to control it. Liam's anger had been quite a problem over the last few weeks and it was getting to the point it was actually scary for Niall. Liam was always protective of Niall, even when they first starting dating but Niall had to remind Liam of his health and well-being, claiming that the slightest accident or mistake could send Niall to the hospital in a heart beat.

It was sort of a wake up of call for Liam. It made him realise how real and dangerous this whole situation was for Niall and the babies. Niall had been in the hospital numerous of times these past few months, what were the chances of that happened again? Liam dreaded the thought.

The warning Niall had gave him made him feel suddenly scared. What if he couldn't control his anger? His jealousy? What if he unintentionally hurt Niall? He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did.

It wasn't just Liam's anger that was the problem though. Niall's health was at such a risk right now, especially being so far into the pregnancy. Liz and Jo had explained that because the babies were getting stronger every day, they had less room to move around in- hence the incident with the Braxon Hicks. Nialls body wasn't designed to deal with pregnancy, what with all the different organs and tissues. This meant that Niall wasn't getting all the nutrients him and the babies needed, giving Niall a less chance of survival and a more chance of blood loss, lung disease, haemorrhaging or some other life-threatening illness that could kill Niall. These illnesses were all related to the hormonal injections Niall was getting daily also.

There was also the matter of the baby having a very weak heart. Jo had managed to pick up a second heart beat not that long ago however, it was faint and irregular. It wasn't as strong as the males heart beat. This meant that their baby girl would be born very, very sick. Possibly premature. There was a possibility that their baby girl could suffer from Pulmonary atresia and Ventricular septal defect. This is when the heart can't pump enough blood around the body because there's a hole in it. It causes the valves in the heart to work differently, making the lungs work harder and faster than they normally should.

The heart-breaking news left both Niall and Liam in utter and complete shock. They were devastated but knew they would love their daughter no matter what.

There was also the minor symptoms of pregnancy, which were less effective. Niall had been complaining over the past few days due to leg cramps and back pains which Liam had been there by his side to massage as much as he could, Liam being the best husband ever. He had always been craving for morning breakfasts such as omelettes and French toast and Liam often found his husband cooking up a stir fry over the stove at midnight. It was the strangest thing.

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