Chapter 21.

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A few days later Niall was discharged from the hospital. With his blood pressure back to normal and the babies moving actively, Dr Baxter was convinced Niall was finally free to go.

When Niall was home, he walked over to his much loved couch and sat down, feeling more peaceful than ever. "Do you want anything to eat?" Liam asked softly and Niall shook his head. "I'm all right just now, thanks." Niall assured him. Liam nodded and carried Nialls suitcase upstairs to do the next washing.

Niall stayed on the sofa, turning on the TV with one hand on his belly as e felt the familiar fluttering movements of their babies. He couldn't help smiling to himself at the feeling. It was weird, strange. That was their babies. Babies that Niall had conceived himself. The smile slowly faded at the realisation that he probably won't get to see his own kids. Despite everything being hopeful right now, he still had his doubts but he blamed that on the hormones- which was only reasonable since Dr Baxter had put him back on the hormonal drugs again.

He gently cupped his belly, rubbing a soothing thumb over the part where one of the babies were kicking, just at his lower abdomen. He couldn't help the tears rolling down his cheeks either. Yep, it was definitely the hormones.

"Hey, Ni. We should probably start thinking about painting a nursery in the spare- are you all right?" Liam had came down the stairs only to see Niall crying. Liam sighed, walking over to Niall and sitting down next to him.

Niall shuffled close to Liam, resting his head against his shoulder so that Liam could pull him close. "What's wrong with you, eh?" Liam soothed, a hand on the small of Nialls back and rubbing it gently. He didn't feel like telling Liam the truth."It's just the hormones, don't worry." Niall sniffed and Liam chuckled. "Come on, Ni. You wouldn't be crying like that for no reason." Liam said softly and Niall gulped. He may as well.

"Liam, what if I don't get to see them? The kids?" Niall asked innocently and Liam frowned. "Niall...don't say shit like that, okay? You're gonna see them, babe. Without a doubt. And when you do, you're gonna be such an amazing dad to them. That's why I married you, remember?" Liam pointed out and Niall smiled sheepishly.

"I thought you married me because you loved me." Niall said smugly and Liam chuckled, kissing his forehead. "Well, that too." Liam shrugged and Niall beamed, resting his head back on his shoulder again.

Niall at twenty weeks.

Liam walked down stairs, walking past a sleeping Niall on the couch and headed into the kitchen. He was fully dressed for work, had his breakfast and everything. He was just about to head out with the paper when the headline news caught his eye.

"The truth about the famous Horan-Payne coupe." Liam frowned at the words, flicking over to the first page and glancing at Niall quickly before reading on.

The truth is out for the biggest celebrity couple; Niall and Liam Horan-Payne. Much thanks to a well known inside, we now know the juicy goss about the much-loved gay couple. As it turns out, Mr Niall Horan was a straight A's student and Liam Payne was his teacher during high school times. Apparently Niall had went through a tough time through high school and Liam was there for him when no one else was. How sweet.

However, the pair had got caught kissing in the high school ground and Niall had taken the blame so Liam didn't get suspended. Even sweeter. There really hasn't been a couple like this in years. They're huge.

And what's more, there is rumours that the couple now have a baby on the way. Crazy I tell ya. Crazy.

Liam's hands bawled into fists, anger boiling inside him. His eyes drifted to a sleeping Niall again. He couldn't let Niall see this. It'd break his heart. He'd be devastated. That was their secret. No one knew that. And now the whole world did. Who could've possibly tipped them off like that? Nialls world would be crushed.

Liam closed the paper over when the doorbell rang. He sighed deeply and went to open it. He frowned at the person before him. "Can't you take the hint, Preston?" Liam asked impatiently. Preston cleared his throat awkwardly.

"I'm not here about that." Preston shook his head. Niall had told Liam about Preston's constant begging to let him back in with management. "Then what do you want?" Liam challenged, folding his arms across his chest.

"I want to speak to both of you." Preston confessed and Liam looked back, checking on Niall before sighing deeply. "Niall's asleep and believe me, he needs it. You can tell me and I'd pass the message on to him." Liam suggested but Preston shook his head.

"No, it needs to be both of you. Honestly, Liam, I wouldn't be bothering you both it weren't absolutely essential." Preston replied desperately and Liam pursed his lips. "All right, come in." Liam mumbled reluctantly, letting Preston aside.

"Hey, baby. You gotta wake up. Someone's here to see you." Liam spoke in the most softest tone once he reached Niall on the sofa. Preston's eyes widened when he saw the bulge of Nialls belly, not really sure what to think. Nialls face was pale and tired looking. He had dark circles under his eyes and he was skinnier than normal.

Niall mumbled sleepily and his eyes fluttered opened, Liam's hand on his stomach as he rubbed it soothingly. "What do you want?" Niall snapped when he saw Preston standing in front or him.

"I wanna help you guys." Preston confessed and Liam's head snapped up and he frowned. "With what?"

"About this. I assume you've seen this all ready?" Preston asked uncertainly as he handed Niall the newspaper. Liam's heart quickened and his stomach churned as he stared at Nialls face. Hurt filled Nialls face in seconds. Betrayal. Niall was speechless, unable to say anything. "Help us with what?" Niall croaked, handing Preston the paper back.

"I think I know who tipped you off. And I can help you with the whole pregnancy thing." Preston shrugged and Niall frowned, pushing himself upward on the sofa with a struggle.

"Who do you think it was?"

"Your ex boyfriend, Luke."


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