Chapter 43.

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Niall stirred a little, his eyes fluttering open. It was a grey and dull Boxing Day. He shuffled on the bed to find Liam sleeping peacefully next to him. His lips were soft and pink, his skin smooth and God, those eyelashes. Liam was perfect. He was flawless and Niall had him all to himself.

Niall couldn't help himself. He reached his hand out, his fingertips tracing lightly over his husbands face. His cheeks, his forehead, down his neck...

"That feels good," Liam murmured sleepily, his eyes still closed. Niall smiled helplessly. Nialls fingers continued all the way down Liam's chest and slipped his hand through Liam's t-shirt and up his torso, tracing over his abs. Liam gave a throaty moan that vibrated through his chest and Niall continued to smile. He then traced his fingers back down and reached in between the waistband of his sweats, reaching for his crotch. But Liam was too quick, grabbing abruptly at Nialls wrist and pulling his hand away.

Niall pouted and Liam's eyes opened. "I'm still saying no to sex." He reminded him and Niall huffed. "Doesn't mean I still can't kiss you though." Niall pouted irritably but the annoyance soon died when he felt Liam's mouth against his own. He couldn't help chuckling against his lips, knowing that Liam was probably thinking the same thing. Liam was hovering over him, two hands set on either side of his head against the pillow.

Liam's kiss was forceful and firm but Niall didn't mind. It was real. It was maybe a bit desperate but Niall didn't mind that either. It was chaste kisses, maybe even a full-on snog that left them both panting and breathless. It was times like these that kept the sparks alight that kept Nialls stomach doing butterflies - the good way. Liam lay back down on the bed but still continued to kiss Niall endlessly. He then moved his head so that it was buried in Nialls neck, kissing and sucking softly.

Niall smiled, gasping a little as Liam continued his constant teasing and foreplay. However, the moment was ruined when one of the babies punched twice against Nialls stomach and Niall moaned. Liam pulled away, having felt the babies against his own hand. "Babies need feeding." Niall mumbled and Liam sighed, getting up.

"I'll make breakfast." He said and headed downstairs. "I'll be down in a sec." Niall called back as it took him a couple more minutes than usual to get out the bed, what with his huge stomach.

When Niall sat down at the kitchen table, Liam set a plate of French toast and scrambled egg in front of him as he kissed his temple softly and he then went back to washing the dirty dishes left over from last night. "So what do you wanna do today?" Liam slipped in casually as Niall ate. "Boxing Days are lazy days. I just want to stay in bed all day and cuddle with you." Niall pointed out hopefully and Liam couldn't help but laugh. "That could be arranged." Liam winked at him when the doorbell rang.

Liam groaned and dumped the dishes before heading out of the kitchen. "That'll be Harry thanking us for putting the mistletoe on the roof." Niall joked and Liam chuckled, heading for the door. “Is it Harry?” Niall asked humorously. There was a short pause. “No,” Liam replied hesitantly. Niall frowned and stopped eating his breakfast, wobbling out of the kitchen to investigate. Preston stood on the doorstep, looking hopeful. “You better have a good reason to be here.” Niall warned, sounding impatient.

“Alan Carr wants you on his chat show.” Preston explained simply and Niall blinked, stunned. “Why me?” Niall was baffled. “Actually, it’s both of you.” Preston corrected him and the couple gave Preston questionable looks. He let out an exasperated sigh.

“Look, you guys have been voted hottest celebrity couple of the year, hat obviously means something to him. Besides, you’re friends with Alan, Niall, aren’t you? You got along fine last time you were on that show. All he wants to do is get to know you and Liam a bit more. And I promise, we’ll pay you for it.” Preston added when Niall opened his mouth to protest.

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