Chapter 54.

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It was the Sunday after the big birthday party and Louis was staying over until the end of the day. Katy was perched on Louis' knee while he read a story to her on her bed and Katy pointed out the bright and colorful pictures to him, holding his arms.

"Can you take me and Kian to school tomorrow?" Katy asked hopefully, glancing at the book. "No baby, I've got to go home today. I've got to work just like your daddy and papa." Louis sighed, but he couldn't help smiling a little. Katy's face fell as she rested her back against Louis' chest, not saying anything.

Katy broke herself free from Louis and started bouncing on Kian's bed. "Be careful love, don't fall and hurt yourself." Louis warned, knowing fine well that he'd get the blame of it from Niall and Liam. Katy started squealing delightfully as she threw Kian's pillows up in the air, trashing his bed. Louis' eyes widened and Kian stood in the doorway once Katy had stopped bouncing. She had even tipped the mattress over. Kian let out a huge wail.

"What happened to my bed?" He cried and Katy looked at him. "There was an Earthquake and it ruined your bed only." Katy said cheekily. Kian burst into tears and ran down screaming to Niall and Liam. "Katy, no!" Louis shouted.

He grabbed at Katy's arm to stop her from bouncing on the mattress. Katy choked a little by the sudden force, being forced to look into Louis' eyes. She sniffled a little, budging at the tight grip but Louis held her still. "That's not how you treat your brother. Understand?!" Louis shouted, his eyes furious. Katy cried, her eyes glancing at her now bruised wrists. Louis didn't realize how delicate she was.

"Boo, you're hurting me." Katy sniffed, trying to pull free from his grasp. Niall and Liam came running upstairs seconds later to see what all the fuss is about. Louis automatically let go at Katy's words, not realizing that he had such a tight grip on her. Anger boiled in Niall at the sight. "What happened?" Niall asked quietly and Katy started crying, running over to Niall's legs and hugging them tightly.

Niall lifted her up and she buried her head in his shoulder, grabbing onto his t-shirt. Niall glanced at her arms, noticing how they were already swollen and bruised. His eyes fell on Louis who was staring blankly ahead, frozen on the spot.

"Hey, Katy. Daddy's magic kisses will make it all better. Okay?" Niall said, kissing Katy's wrists. Katy turned her head, nodding a little as she sniffed. "Why don't you go say sorry to Kian?" Niall asks softly. Katy nodded slowly as Niall set her down and she ran off, looking for her brother.

When she saw him, he was playing with the Lego in the play area, making a tower. Katy ran over to Kian and wrapped her arms around him, squeezing him tightly. "Katy, I can't breathe!" He giggled, hugging her back.

"I sorry, Kian." She sniffed and Kian looked at the bruises on her wrists. "Did daddy hurt you for being naughty? Daddy never hurts us." Kian frowned, sounding worried. "No, Boo did." She sniffed, referring to Louis. She couldn't pronounce his name properly, so that was what she called him. Not that Louis minded.

Kian looked around at the scattered Lego and offered Katy a bit to play with. She smiled and started to help Kian.

Upstairs, Niall sat down with Louis. "Why did you do it?" Niall asks curiously and Louis gulped, looking down at his lap. "I didn't do it on purpose." Louis retorted and Niall sighed. "I know."

"I just...I forgot how young she was. I don't know. I got mad. Y'know what? I better go." Louis rushed, standing up and brushing past Liam and Niall. They both exchanged glances and followed him downstairs. Katy was too busy playing Lego with Kian to notice he was there.

"Will you be back later?" Liam asked. Louis glanced back at them. "Only if Katy wants me." Louis shrugged, knowing that won't ever happen. "She'll be all right." Niall assured him. Louis only flashed them a weak smile and waved them goodbye, heading over to Harry's where he was staying for the weekend.

When Louis was at Harry's house and he was greeted into it, he spotted Sabrina in one of Harry's long shirts, standing in the kitchen as she made them both tea. She didn't say anything to Louis as she handed them over and then headed back upstairs.

"Harry, I hope you know what you're doing with her." Louis warns, as his best friend had told him everything. "Don't worry, I know." Harry shook his head but Louis wasn't convinced. He knew what Harry was like. Harry wore his heart on his sleeve. He hated seeing someone he cared about upset and would do anything to make it up to them. He hoped Sabrina wouldn't take him for granted, like most girls do.

He let it drop anyway and decided to tell Harry about Katy, letting it out all. "She'll be fine, Lou. In a couple of hours, she'll forget it even happened. She loves you too much." Harry assured him. Louis bit his lip, his hands nervously clasped around his tea.

Harry decided to cheer him up. "Look, I got some great pictures of her and Kian yesterday." Harry announced, showing Louis the pictures of Kian and Katy playing water polo with their parents. "That's a great one of all of them." Louis said suddenly, pointing to one where Niall, Liam and Kian were in swimming trunks and standing hand in hand while Katy was in a swim suit, her hair tied in bunches as she sat on Liam's shoulders, grinning at the camera.

"Yeah, Niall's asked me to send him that one." Harry nods, feeling particularly proud of his photography skills. "Can you send me the ones of Kian and Katy as well? I've only really got ones when they were born." He admits and Harry nodded, sending them to Louis' phone.

"Kian is the double of Niall." Harry said and Louis nodded in agreement, flicking through the pictures. "Katy's like a miniature Liam." Louis smirked and they both laughed.

Louis did end up going back to the Horan-Payne family household, after Harry had persuaded him to do so. He hesitantly chapped on the door and was greeted seconds later by Liam. "I just came to say goodbye." He explained and Liam nodded, stepping aside. His suitcase was sitting outside, which Liam had brought in for him.

Liam told him that they were in the kitchen eating dinner, so that's where they headed. Katy was sitting up at the top end of the table, swinging her legs back and forth has she finished her last sausage roll. Kian was already on his donut for dessert, his hands and face messy with icing sugar.

"All done!" Katy beamed, handing Niall her empty plate. She turned back round and her eyes fell Louis. She pushed her chair back and even with her hands and mouth covered in tomato ketchup, she ran into Louis' open arms.

"Katy, wash your hands and mouth first." Niall ordered, his eyes on Louis. Louis walked over to the sink and sat Katy down on the kitchen counter, washing her face and hands with a cloth. He then took Katy in his arms again and sat her down in the living room.

"How's your arms?" Louis asked softly and Katy sighed, resting her head against Louis' shoulders. "Fine." She answers quietly, holding out her bruised arm for good measure. "Can I kiss it better? I have magic kisses too." Louis smiles but he was surprised when Katy shook her head. "No, only daddy has magic kisses." She answered firmly and Louis smirked. That's him being told then. When Katy was asleep, Louis decided that was time to leave. Otherwise he'd never get out a this rate. He promised Niall and Liam he'd be back for Christmas and headed home.


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