Chapter 13.

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Niall awoke from his slumber, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he sat up. He didn't know how long he had slept, but he felt good after it. There wasn't any movement within the house, not that he knew of.

He tossed the blanket aside and headed upstairs, in search for Liam. Sure enough, Niall found him in their bedroom. He was unpacking the clothes he had thrown into a suitcase only an hour ago. Liam looked up and smiled softly at him, before returning to what he was doing.

"Thank you, for doing this for me, Liam." Niall said quietly, sitting at the edge of their bed. "Anything to make you happy." Liam replied without looking at him, his tone simple and firm. Niall sighed, digging his fingers into the sheets. He felt guilty. Guilty that Liam had to go through this. When most of the stuff was unpacked, he folded up a few extra pairs of jeans and sweaters and put them in the bag before zipping the bag shut.

"What are you doing?" Niall frowned and Liam dumped the bag by the wardrobe. "Just being prepared. Just if anything bad happens and you're rushed to hospital...just in case." Liam shrugged, running a hand through his untidy hair.

"I better make dinner." Liam announced, brushing past Niall and heading downstairs.


A few days later, Niall was tucked in bed, alongside Liam. Niall was trying to get comfortable, but it was quite impossible, especially when he had a boner, which was quit me embarrassing. "Ni, you're shaking the bed." Liam moaned, as he held a book in his hands.

"I can't take this anymore." Niall groaned, and edged closer to Liam, pouting at him. "Nope." Liam said simply, popping out the 'p'. "Oh, come on. Please?! It's just sex!" Niall begged and Liam sighed.

"You're pregnant. I'm not having sex with a pregnant man." Liam stated and Niall scowled. "Fine, I'll just go to Harry then..." Niall said suggestively and Liam clicked his tongue. "Harry wouldn't either. Nobody would." And Liam regretted his words as soon as they were out. Nialls face fell and tears started to roll down his cheeks, uncontrollably.

"Ni, I didn't mean that. You know I didn't." Liam corrected his mistake, and Niall sniffed. He turned found on the bed, huffing a little until he felt lis arms enveloping around him, his lips kissing his bare shoulders. Niall was enjoying this until his body tensed as he felt Liam's crotch press against his bum. "Liam, you're naked." Niall said loudly and Liam let out a husky chuckle. "That's never bothered you before, babe."

"It does when you're pregnant and you have a boner that you can't get rid of." Niall spat, almost impatiently. Liam sighed heavily and rolled over to "his side" of the bed.

Niall whined impatiently and crawled over again, this time sitting on Liam's laps. Liam chuckled, tracing his hands up Nialls legs before they settled in between his thighs and hips. Liam was about to open his mouth to protest when Niall attacked Liam with chaste kisses, not letting him catch a break. Liam moaned, letting Niall find his tongue in his mouth but kept his eyes open.

Niall finally gave up, huffing a little, his breath mingling with Liam's. "How can you not be affected by this? Don't you have ANY boner?" Niall complained and Liam burst out laughing, making Niall even more annoyed.

"I think you're forgetting that I spent a year of having multiple boners and resisting sex with you. You constantly begged me to make love to you, remember? You wouldn't give up. I can't have sex with you now the same reason I couldn't have sex with you then. I'm protecting you, Niall. The babies, this time, as well. I don't want them- or you- to get hurt." Liam explained and Niall sighed, pouting and his heart melting.

"But Dr Baxter said sex is still safe."

"You asked her?" Liam asked, surprised and Niall blushed a little. "Yeah, when I got my first x-rays and that and you were in the waiting room with Andy. I asked her then." Niall said sheepishly and Liam scoffed. "Typical."

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