Chapter 5.

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Liam still hadn't managed to calm down from the news he had received last night. The worst part was that he couldn't tell anybody, especially Nialls parents. God knows how they'd react.

And Niall...he couldn't even look Niall in the eye anymore, giving what happened. It was just weird. Their lives were perfect, everything was going the way Liam wanted it to go, then all of a sudden a baby popped into their lives. How did it go by so fast? Liam wasn't used to it and he didn't think he'd ever be.

Heaving a deep sigh, he braced himself and walked into Nialls room. He wasn't surprised to see Niall puking over the side of the bed, in a small paper tray. "Niall...?"

Niall sat up, wiping his mouth and looking up at Niall. "Don't worry, that's just normal morning sickness. Dr Baxter says it'll be all over soon so I can start using the drugs then." Niall beamed, looking more excited by the minute.

Liam gave a weak smile, sitting down on one of the chairs next to Niall. "That's what she told you?" Liam asked, surprised. A part of him wished that Dr Baxter would just spit it out, to save him doing it, yet a part of him didn't want Niall to be hurt like that. He was torn.

"Yes. Why, what did she tell you?" Niall asked immediately, frowning. Liam heaved a deep breath, his heart hammering against his t-shirt. "Niall...she told me that you have some sort of disease called HP that's a very rare disease during female pregnancy. She said it can last through the whole three semesters.'re not gonna get better if you keep this baby, I'm so sorry." Liam explained quietly, his expression solemn.

Niall froze, his lips parted as he stared ahead, thinking hard. "Liam, turn on that machine." Niall said suddenly, nodding toward the ultrasound machine. Liam frowned, looking puzzled. "Ni-"

"Just do it." Niall demanded and Liam sighed, switching on the machine. Dr Baxter must've told Niall how to work the machine earlier on so they could see their baby any time of the day, which was kind of her. "Now pour some liquid on to the knob." He instructed and Liam sighed, doing as he was told then reached over to Nialls exposed belly, pressing down on it and almost instantly, the black and grey image appeared on the screen. But this time, it was a little clearer. A tiny black dot was slowly forming in the centre of the screen, which was obviously their baby.

"See that there? That's our baby." Niall smiled, pointing to the screen but Liam only stared emotionlessly back at it. "That baby, Liam, is gonna survive this. I know it may be strange to you, I know that maybe, just maybe it might not make it, but I can feel it, Liam. I know it's there. And I know it's going to make it. Why don't you have any faith in us? Don't you want a baby, that's actually ours?" Niall pressed and Liam sighed, wiping the tears in the back of his hand and switching the machine off again.

"Because, Ni, I'm being realistic. I don't want you to get your hopes up to only find we're not getting a baby all along." Liam breathed.

"Then, don't be realistic. Play along, for my sake at least. I'm not stupid, Li, I knew we weren't getting a baby this way, not without a price to pay anyway. It's unnatural for this to happen, it isn't right. I knew as soon as I saw Dr Baxter's face that we weren't getting one. But, please, for my sake, at least play along. Forget this conversation ever happened." Niall pleaded desperately and Liam bit hard on his bottom lip.

"Okay, but if I remember correctly, you didn't want a baby this much before we found out you could get one." Liam pointed out miserably and Niall felt like he had been slapped in the face.

"Liam, we talked about adoption, even surrogacy. I may not have shown that I wanted a baby that bad, but I did. Why don't you have any faith in us?" Niall pouted and Liam's bottom lip quivered.

"I'm sorry, look, forget what I said, okay? Let's start over." Liam suggested and Niall smiled weakly. "Consider it forgotten." Niall assured him, squeezing his hand lightly. Liam squeezed it back and crying a little, he reached over to kiss Niall. The kiss was filled with so much desperation, Liam keen to show how much he loved Niall, that his feelings for him hadn't changed. Niall gasped, kissing him more forcefully than ever. He reached up to cup Liam's face, pulling him impossibly close. It was messy and sloppy, but they didn't mind. What they felt, was exchanged through this kiss, and that's all that mattered. Liam pulled away, but Niall kept his hands on his face.

"You're beautiful, Liam. I know the baby would've taken after you." Niall sobbed and Liam sniffed, unable to say anything as he buried his face in Nialls shoulder. He gripped his hand tightly, both their hands pressed into the bed sheets when the door opened and Dr Baxter. Her eyes widened when she saw the pair, completely stunned.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. I can come back later-"

"No, no, it's fine." Liam pulled away, wiping his salty tears from his face. Dr Baxter smiled and silently walked over to them, switching on the ultrasound machine. She began moving the wand-like device across Nialls belly, moving further down to his abdomen. She froze, gasping a little and their heads snapped up.

"What's wrong?" Niall was first to ask and Dr Baxter. She gulped, feverishly turning round to face them. "Niall, have you had any back or stomach pains over the past few days?" She asked hesitantly and Niall nodded slowly. "A little bit, why?"

Liam's jaw clenched, slightly angry that Niall had forgotten to tell him about them, but he couldn't really so anything about it. "I'll be back in a sec." She sighed, ignoring Nialls question and walking out the room.

"It's bad news, isn't it?" Niall asked doubtfully and Liam frowned. "You don't know that." Liam said fiercely and Niall gulped, looking down at his slightly raised belly. The door opened again and Dr Baxter walked in, followed by another female doctor. She smiled politely at them and she grabbed the device, moving it across Nialls belly just as Dr Baxter had done.

They started talking, discussing quietly amongst themselves so that Liam and Niall couldn't hear them. The woman glanced sadly at Niall, then back to the screen. "Can someone tell us what's going on?" Liam asked impatiently and Niall shot him a look.

The woman turned to face Liam, her smile fading. "I'm sorry, sir. It didn't make it." She said quietly and tears started to form in Nialls eyes. "C-can you tell us, how?" Liam sniffed.

"Because Niall was ill, he was losing 10% body fat each day, instead of gaining weight. The baby was suffocating, it didn't have room to breathe, especially with so little hormonal levels in his system. I'm sorry, I never expected it to go so soon. Not at 10 weeks at the latest. Miscarriages are normally around the twelfth week." She explained and Liam nodded.

"Thank you." He croaked and she smiled, switching the machine off. It was only Niall who hadn't said anything, his breathing ragged and heavy from each sob he was desperate to cry.

"I'll be back later to give Niall some medication that get rid of the baby completely." She spoke and the two doctors rushed out of the room quickly to leave them alone.

Niall broke down, into a fit of tears, his hands shakily reaching up to cover his mouth to muffle his sobs. Liam snuffled, bringing Niall into a tight hug, burying his face in his neck again. And that was when Liam heard the one sentence from Niall he hoped he'd never get to hear.

"I didn't even get to feel it kick,"


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