Chapter 11.

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"You did this, didn't you?!" Niall snapped suddenly, glaring at Liam with such hatred. Liam was stunned, baffled by his sudden outburst. "I did what?"

"This! You bit a hole into the bloody condom!" Niall shouted and Liam had never felt so falsely accused of anything in all his life. His mouth hung open, completely puzzled. "You watched me put the damn thing on, Niall! It must've just snapped! But you know, Niall, I would never do anything like that to hurt you." Liam assured him, walking toward him.

Niall whimpered, placing two shaky hands onto his lower abdomen. "It can't can't be real." Niall sniffed, sitting himself on the edge of the bed and Liam sighed, sitting down next to him. "We could be wrong, y'know. It might just be what you said. Food poisoning." Liam shrugged but Niall scoffed.

"I get pregnant, then food poisoning and a broken condom a week later? That's not a coincidence, Liam. It's happening. I'm pregnant." Niall finalised, looking miserable. "We can go and see Dr Baxter tomorrow to find out, okay?" Liam suggested but Niall cringed. "I'm scared." Niall admitted bluntly and Liam wrapped his arm around his shoulder, pulling him closer and kissing the top of his hair.

"Whatever happens, I'm right here." Liam promised, squeezing his hand and Niall smiled weakly. Niall didn't know what to think. He didn't know what horrible thoughts were running through his mind at the moment about the possibility that there could be another baby in there. How was it even possible? He thought that it wasn't possible, and that's how they lost their first one.

"Now that I have the chance to actually have a kid, I don't even know what I want." Niall mumbled and Liam's heart hammered against his chest. "Before you make any irrational decisions, can I say something?" Liam asked and Niall nodded. "Just remember how you felt when you lost the first one. How...broken you were. I don't want you to go through that again. Not ever." Liam whispered, kissing Niall softly.

Niall pulled away, feeling as helpless as ever and he stood up. Liam watched him, confused. "I should probably phone...Dr Baxter." Nialls voice was distant and Liam was suddenly concerned. Niall swayed a little and Liam stood up in seconds. "Niall? Are you all right?" Liam pressed and Nialls body collapsed in a quick haste. Liam was luckily right behind so he caught him before he hit the floor.

Niall had completely passed out, lifeless against Liam. Liam was panicking as he shoved a pillow under Nialls head. "Niall. Niall!" Liam shook Nialls shoulders but he didn't even budge. He swore loudly, reaching for Nialls phone that he wanted to get before he passed out.

He ran through his contacts, but he couldn't find Dr Baxter so he phoned Harry for help instead. "Hi! This is Harry. You caught me at the wrong time! Please leave me a message." Liam was impatient. There was nobody he could phone, nobody that he trusted other than Harry, for a number of reasons. Harry was the one there to break up the pieces for Niall when Liam wasn't. Harry was the one that told Niall to go back to Liam. Harry was the one that suggested the surrogacy, that helped Niall through all this pain. Liam knew why Harry had even suggested the surrogacy in the first place. He knew Niall too well. If Niall took one look at Ellis, he would never go through with the surrogacy. He wanted a baby of his own.

He ended up phoning Andy on his own phone. He could've phoned Zayn or Louis, but he couldn't trust them. They gave Niall too much hell to begin with. "Andy, I need you to do me a massive favour, no questions." Liam demanded and there was a pause.


"Could you pick up Niall and I take us to the hospital? It's urgent." Liam panted frantically and Andy gulped. "I'll be there in five." Andy confirmed and hung up. Liam picked Niall up in his arms and took him downstairs carefully. When Andy had arrived, he put Niall in the backseat before sliding in next to him. He clung on to Niall tightly, making sure the air conditioning was on for Nialls sudden rise of temperature. The cool breeze had managed to wake Niall up and his eyes slowly started to flutter open.

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