Chapter 46.

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Niall was discharged from the hospital a few weeks later once the nurses and doctors were convinced that everything was okay. Katy wasn't though. She had to stay in the hospital which drove Niall and Liam crazy.

Niall even insisted on staying with Katy in the hospital until she got better but the nurses weren't having any of it. Niall hadn't even held her yet. He hadn't told her how much he loved her. He hadn't promised her that everything was going to be okay. He needed to see her because his chest was achingly painful and it felt like a piece of his heart was empty and left Niall feeling depressed.

"Liam, this isn't our street." Niall pointed out to his husband miserably as they drove up Harry's old street. "I know." Liam couldn't help the secretive smile stretching on his lips, leaving Niall confused. It was then he realised what Liam meant.

They were home. Their new home. It looked like it had been completely redecorated and turned into the home that Niall and Liam actually wanted. Nialls heart was beating fast as he stepped out of the car.

Liam was carrying Kian in the only baby carrier that they had, plus the baby bag that he had over his shoulder and Nialls suitcase on the other side. "Let me help." Niall suggested but Liam protested. "You gotta take it easy babe, you're just out of hospital. I got it." Niall couldn't help but laugh as he watched a flustered Liam attempt to carry everything all at once, nearly dropping Kian in be process.

Niall giggled and in the end, he took the baby bag off of Liam's shoulder and slipped it on his own, taking Kian's baby carrier in his arms so Liam could carry his suitcase. Liam quietly thanked him and kissed him on the cheek before he opened the door to their new home.

It was another surprise party. Well, it was more of a belated baby shower. His family greeted him with a big surprise and Harry, Zayn and Louis stood amongst them. Leela stood next to Zayn and Emma and Nathan came running up to Niall, hugging his legs.

"We got you presents!" Emma beamed, running back toward Denise and Greg. Nialls eyes fell on the baby girl pile that was Katy's. There were literally stacks of presents filled with pink cuddly toys and cute and pretty clothes that couldn't even fit Katy because she was too small. It broke Nialls heart and his eyes started to water at the thought. He quickly wiped them dry with the back of his hand.

"I just want to sleep, Liam." Niall mumbled sadly, moving inwardly to Liam's shoulder nervously. Liam's smile disappeared, noticing how sad Niall actually looked. "Okay, let me take care of it." Liam assured him and Niall thanked him, letting him take a sleeping Kian from him and he headed upstairs with a few pairs of eyes following him.

He knew it was rude. He knew it was selfish, but he couldn't do it. It was too overwhelming. Katy wasn't here. He couldn't do anything without Katy, not right this second. He missed her.

Niall whimpered a little as he let the bed quilt cling to his body, waiting for sleep. He needed her. So much it hurt. But he was brought out of his thoughts when the door creaked open.

"I don't want to talk, Harry." Niall warned, feeling annoyed. "I'm not Harry." A Bradford voice said. He turned around and he was surprised to see Zayn standing in the doorway, looking hesitant.

“You okay?” Zayn began but Niall frowned. “Normally when people say they don’t wanna talk that’s a hint, Zayn.” Niall scolded harshly. He felt immediately guilty after it. The poor boy was only trying to help. “Try me,” Zayn shrugged, closing the door and ignoring Niall’s impatient remark. There was a short pause before Zayn spoke again.

"Why did you think I was Harry?" Zayn asked out of sheer curiosity. "Liam would leave me alone, Harry wouldn't." Niall admitted and Zayn chuckled as Niall scooted aside, letting Zayn lay next to him.

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