Chapter 16.

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Niall at five weeks pregnant

Niall lay on the examination table, topless and waiting for Dr Baxter. Liam sat by his side, head bowed. The grey and black images on the ultrasound machine fuzzed before them, showing their babies.

"Well, the good news is that you've gained a few pounds since the last time I saw you." Dr Baxter smiled and Niall beamed, Liam gulping a little. "I'm sensing a 'but'" Liam emphasised and Dr Baxter's smile faded a little. "Nialls blood pressure is a little on the low side." Dr Baxter announced and Nialls smile faded also.

Liam's eyes drifted to Niall before going back to Dr Baxter. "How so?" Liam croaked. "It's a mild problem, there's not much to worry about but I will still need to keep a close eye on it. I'm gonna have to give you medication that will hopefully reduce it." Dr Baxter explained and Niall nodded slowly.

"What can cause low blood pressure cause?" Liam asked worriedly, biting hard down on his thumbnail. "You really wanna know?" Dr Baxter checked, raising her eyebrows. Liam nodded quickly. "Low blood pressure can cause strokes, heart attacks etcetera etcetera. But it's not as if it's the only thing that can cause it. Lots of other things can cause them." Dr Baxter added, panicked as Liam's face had turned a pale shade of green.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." Liam joked weakly. Niall shot him a glare but tried to remain calm and composed for him. "But on the bright side, your babies are happy and healthy and growing at a steady pace." She smiled and Niall beamed. "That's good news, isn't it Liam?" Niall pressed but Liam said nothing, staying silent.

Dr Baxter cleared her throat awkwardly and walked round the table, drying Nialls belly clear from the gel before pressing the tip of her fingers against Nialls abdomen. "What are you doing?" Niall frowned, watching his doctors hands. "Just checking for any swelling of your organs." She smiled kindly, pressing hard and firm on Nialls belly, making Niall wince a little. "Sorry. You might be a bit sore due to the babies growth but that's normal." She sighed, taking her rubber gloves off.

"Okay, here is your medication. I suggest you take then every morning and night for the next two weeks. After that, your bloody pressure should hopefully be back to normal." Dr Baxter explained and Niall nodded as he slipped on his t-shirt.

It was a comfortable silence on the way home. There wasn't much bad news, much to Liam's relief. There wasn't anything big that involved Niall going into surgery or early labour that would effect the babies so that was a plus. And he knew Niall would have to go on medication at some point due to the drugs effecting his health so it wasn't as if it was something he didn't already know. And Dr Baxter had only implied that it would only be for the next two weeks or so. Nothing permanent. Liam was still trying to look at the bright side of things, that's all.

When they arrived home, Liam made sure to make Niall a cup of tea and that he had his feet up with a blanket on the couch to keep him warm. He knew he was being protective of Niall by doing so but it meant that Niall would fall asleep soon after, and that was a good thing. He was getting the rest that he needed.

Liam had just handed Niall a small cuppa when the doorbell went and Liam went to get it. "Harry." Liam was surprised to find the tall, lanky, curly-haired figure standing at their doorstep in the night. A duffel-coat was protecting him from the cold, spring night and he looked well-groomed as ever. Like a proper Uni student.

"Is he home?"

"There's no reason why he shouldn't be-" Harry never let Liam finish his sentence and barged right past him, accidentally banging him in the shoulder. Liam hurried after him, panicking that he was going to do or say something he'll regret.

"Don't go through with this, Niall." Harry breathed and Liam ran a hand through his hair frustratingly. He wanted to throw something at him. "Go through with what?" Niall frowned, flashing Harry an innocent look. "Don't play dumb with me. This! The whole pregnancy thing. It's not good for you, mate." Harry sighed and Liam scowled at him. "Last time I checked, you were all for it, Harry. In fact, you persuaded me to go back to Niall because it was what he wanted." Liam pointed out and Harry ran a hand down his face.

"I know, doesn't look good guys. Any of it. I've heard what people have said, isn't a good outcome. For both of you. For the kids."

"Okay, so just because of what people have said about it, you've changed your mind, have you?" Niall scoffed, perching himself up on the sofa to face Harry. Harry huffed, moving aside and sitting down on the coffee table, clasping his hands around Nialls small ones.

"Niall, listen to me. It's not just about what everyone else thinks. I know this. I've studied it, and researched it. Quite frankly, it's impossible. Especially with two kids on the way. I would've thought that you'd learnt your lesson the first time round. That it wasn't meant to be. That's why I suggested the surrogacy, so you wouldn't have to go through what you did." Harry explained, looking hopefully up at Niall.

"Do you send him here?" Niall asked impatiently, looking up at Liam. "No, he came on his own accord." Liam shrugged, perching himself on the arm rest of the sofa. Hurt filled Nialls face as he looked back at Harry. "You're not going to listen to me, are you?"

"He never listened to me, so why should he listen to you?" Liam suggested impatiently and Harry's head snapped up. "Because I was there for him when you weren't." Harry retorted back and Liam winced at his words.

"Harry, Liam understands what I want." Niall spoke softly and Liam's face flushed a little. Harry bit his lip, heaving a deep sigh and stood up. "You're leaving?" Niall pouted, sounding disappointed. "I know how this ends. I'm not sticking around to watch." Harry spoke harshly, pulling the collar up of his jacket and heading out without saying goodbye.

Anger boiled inside Liam as he watched the tears stream silently down Nialls cheeks and he attempted to feebly wipe them away. With his muscles flexed, Liam charged after Harry and Niall was left in a stunned silence, staring in awe after his husband.

"Harry, what the hell was that?!" Liam yelled, shoving Harry hard against the car doors. Harry grunted, looking at Liam in fright. "Liam, I can't. He's just gonna die, I can't...I can't just stand by and watch him die." Harry pleaded, almost desperately.

"You were okay with that three years ago." Liam retorted angrily and Harry winced at his words, remembered. "That was different. We were stupid and reckless and-"

"Yeah, and you still are. Nothing's changed, nothing's different. If you weren't so stupid like you are now, you'd be in there supporting him because right now, Harry, he needs all the God damn support he can get." Liam snapped, pulling away from Harry. To say that Harry was speechless was an understatement. Liam let out a choked sob, staring at Harry but Harry stared motionlessly back instead. "Just...just come back when you're ready to apologies." Liam sniffed, walking away from Harry and heading helplessly back inside to help Niall.


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