Chapter 39.

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Liam was sat at the table, feeding Theo some baby food. Theo whined a little, obviously not hungry however, he seemed to be pretty hungry at 6.30 in the morning, wakening Liam up with loud cries of attention.

Liam was a little miffed as Niall was sound asleep on the sofa and he didn't want to wake him up. So Liam had eventually carried Theo downstairs and sat him in the high chair and made some breakfast for him.

"Come on Theo, you have to eat." Liam said impatiently, through gritted-teeth when Theo turned his head to the side, looking annoyed. Theo whimpered and whined, staring back at Liam with big, sad eyes. Liam sighed impatiently, slamming the food aside with anger. Theo jumped with fright as Liam ran a hand through his hair.

He couldn't feed his own nephew. What sort of father would he be if he couldn't look after his own kids?

"Have you tried changing him?" A voice suggested behind him. Liam turned round and found that Niall was standing in the doorway, arms folded across chest and laughing with amusement at his husband.

Liam was silent as Niall approached them, Niall lifting Theo out the high chair to check if he smelt. "Yep, he needs changed." Niall sighed and Liam blushed, watching Niall carry Theo upstairs.

When Niall came down, he was dressed and changed as well as Theo. "Don't worry about babies yet Liam, we've still got a few months to go." Niall assured him, kissing his cheek softly but Liam pulled away and Niall gave him a questionable look.

"Yeah, actually...I think I'm gonna go to my parents for a bit, y'know to thank them. Is that okay?" Liam asked uncertainty and Niall frowned, pulling Theo close. "I'll come with you, then." Niall decided hurriedly but Liam stopped him, pressing his hand gently against Nialls stomach.

"Ni, you need to rest and it's snowing outside. I won't be long. I promise, okay?" Liam sighed, kissing Niall softly before departure. Niall turned to Theo, sitting him on his high chair.

"We don't need him, do we?" Niall cooed, picking up Theo again and balancing him on his hip and he turned round to face the empty house and his heart sank. He really wished Liam was here.

He heaved a deep sigh, cradling Theo close as he sat him down on his play mat that sat by the rug. Niall lay down on the rug, resting his head on his arm as he watched Theo play with all his cuddly toys.

Theo squealed with joy as he crawled about on the play mat, moving closer and closer to Niall. As he reached him, Theo pressed his hands on his large bump and Niall couldn't help smiling fondly at him.

"That's your little cousins in there." Niall spoke softly and Theo looked up hopefully as the twins tapped against his hands. "You better be a good big cousin to them, mister." Niall smirked and Theo squealed as he gazed down at Nialls stomach.

"You can't see them yet." Niall laughed and Theo looked up again. He then crawled over to Nialls face, pressing his palms against Nialls cheeks. Niall giggled helplessly, taking Theo's hands in his and swinging him a little bit before laying him on the floor.

Theo gave a cheeky cackle and looked up at Niall. Niall smiled, lifting Theo up and sitting him on the sofa, him lying next to Theo and he turned on the TV to the kids channel when he could slowly feel his eyes drooping.

Niall later woke up to the door opening and he looked up, finding Liam coming through the living room with Greg and Denise following after him. Niall looked at Liam with confusion.

"What's wrong?" Niall croaked, rubbing his sleepy eyes. "They've come to take Theo home, for now." Liam explained and realisation dawned on Niall. "Oh."

Greg's eyes wondered over Niall, looking at how big he was getting in just a few weeks he had seen him. "Liam, can I talk to you for a sec?" He asked uncertainly and Liam nodded, following him into the kitchen.

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