Chapter 37.

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Niall ran a hand through his hair, rolling over in the bed. Liam was awake next to him, bidding him good morning. "Today's the day." Liam sighed, squeezing Nialls hand tightly.

"Mhmm. Are you nervous?"

"I would be lying if I said I wasn't." Liam admitted and Niall smiled weakly. "Me, too." He admitted, kissing Liam's cheek softly.

Today was the day that Liam and Niall both found out Nialls due date for the twins. Liz claimed that she could've figured it out way before, earlier on in the pregnancy but due to so many complications with the whole "male pregnancy" situation, they were unable to define a specific date. It was also today that Liz and Jo were going to explain to them what happened while Niall gave birth. It was obviously and one hundred percent not going to a natural birth, or a pool birth. Those options were off-limits and quite frankly, Niall wasn't keen on a home birth anyway.

They both knew Nialls operation was a caesarean but they didn't know how risky it was. They didn't know how many people were going to be involved in it, or how long it took, or if the babies were going to survive it. It also meant telling their families about it and that's what worried them most.

Niall shuffled round on the bed and nuzzled his face against Liam's shoulder, entwining their hands together on the bed. "It's gonna be okay. You know that, right?" Liam assured him and Niall only hummed in reply. He loved hearing these soothing words from Liam. They may not be true, but they were comforting. It put Nialls mind at ease and that's all he wanted to hear.

"I really don't want to get out of bed." Niall mumbled and Liam laughed. "You've been tossing and turning all night. Are you okay?" Liam questioned curiously.

"Yeah, babies are just a bit active that's all." Niall admitted and Liam's palm pressed against Nialls abdomen, feeling the familiar kicks and punches against his hand. "Looks like they're having a party in there." Liam joked and Niall laughed.

"Yeah well, I'm not the one that's partying with them." Niall snapped suddenly and pushed himself off the bed. Liam frowned at him. "Need to pee." He grumbled and Liam laughed, watching Niall saunter off into the bathroom, patting Nialls bum as he left.

It was December, which meant it was winter. The snow was falling at the sky was grey, the snow falling in large lumps of snowflakes as Liam watched then through the curtains. Kids were playing outside, laughing and throwing snowballs at each other. Liam couldn't help but smile, thinking that would be their kids soon, but maybe in a different neighbourhood.

At breakfast, Liam and Niall both sat at the kitchen counter, on the bar stools and eating in a comfortable silence. Niall had ate a few forkfuls of his omelette when he suddenly lifted himself off the chair and dashed to the bathroom, a hand clamped to his mouth and his face a pale shade of green.

Liam took a double take before he ran after Niall, just in time to see him retching into the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. Liam winced and bent down, rubbing the small of Nialls back soothingly.

"I'm fine," Niall said shakily, standing up with trembling hands as he clung on to Liam. "Just morning sickness," he sighed, rinsing his mouth under the tap. "Are you sure?" Liam frowned.

"Positive. Jo and Liz explained that morning sickness could occur any time, and it's not surprising I got it really, with the amount of drugs I've been getting lately." Niall shrugged and Liam sighed with relief, kissing Nialls forehead.

"As long as it's not anything serious." Liam replied, taking Nialls hand and guiding him back into the kitchen. "I don't actually want to eat anymore, I've suddenly lost my appetite." Niall mumbled, turning his nose up at the egg on the plate.

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