Chapter 53.

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Shortly after their fourth birthday, the twins had started primary school. Now that they were now five, Niall and Liam decided to host them a massive birthday party which involved a bouncy castle in the form of a- well, a castle. It had four towering turrets and play windows and a chute and stairs you could climb up, as well as a bouncy area in the middle. How the couple could afford it, they'll never know.

Louis and Zayn were to attend the party, bringing along their wives, Eleanor and Leela. Zayn and Leela got engaged shortly after the twins were born and got married a year later. Louis and Eleanor were no doubt to end up married as they were childhood sweet hearts.

Surprisingly enough, Katy had developed some sort of an innocent crush toward Louis. Despite the fact that Louis had only been to see the twins on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas etc, Katy had become more attached to Louis when she turned three. Of course, Louis thought it was completely adorable, thought nothing of it and played along with her, wanting Katy to be happy.

He didn't know what it was but even though he knew Katy hated football, every summer when he visited, she'd dress up in her own Rovers football outfit Louis bought for her and played football with her and Kian in the playing fields just outside their house.

Face-painting was involved in the party. It was outside in the back garden, away from the swimming pool and the bouncy castle and Zayn and Harry were in charge of face paints. Zayn had no problem with the artistic part as he had even offered to draw some examples for the children, but Harry on the other hand, was practicing with difficulty. So when Katy slumped herself down opposite Harry at the kiddie table, Harry all but smiled at her.

"What can I do for you, mistress Katy?" Harry smiled, dipping his paintbrush in fresh water. Zayn was busy drawing Spider-Man on Kian next to them. "I want that one!" She beamed, pointing at the lilac butterfly. Harry stared at it, clearing his throat nervously while Zayn chuckled next to him.

"Okay, but first, how about you draw one on me?" Harry asked and Katy giggled. "You want a butterfly on your face, 'Arry?" She giggled and Harry smirked. "No, how about a big love heart? You can draw that, can't you?" He asked softly and Katy laughed, taking the paintbrush out his hand and dabbing it into the red paint before drawing a squiggly, colored in love heart on Harry's cheek.

When she was done, Harry checked the small hand-held mirror. "Wow, that's great!" Harry lied, sounding enthusiastic as Katy beamed at her handy-work. Most of the heart took up his face, while the other half was slightly small. It didn't matter though. Katy was happy with it.

"You're gonna be an artist just like uncle Zayn, here." Harry beamed, patting zayn's back. Zayn was caught by surprise and managed to spill the mucky water all down Harry's t-shirt. Harry stopped himself from swearing loudly, glaring at Zayn menacingly. "Aww, no. Now you can't draw Katy's face!" Zayn pouted and Harry rolled his eyes, standing. "I'll be back in a minute." Harry mumbled, whipping off his t-shirt as he did so, revealing his sun-kissed skin and tats, as he headed inside in search for a fresh t-shirt.

Katy was left feeling sad and alone, as she watch Harry leave. "Hey, why is my favorite princess looking so sad?" Louis perched himself on Harry's chair, turning it round so he could lean himself on the back of it. He stroked Katy's cheek and she looked at him.

"Uncle 'Arry said that he'd paint my face but Zayn spilt water down him and he left." She sniffed, looking longingly at the back door, waiting for Harry to come back. "Babe, why don't I draw you a butterfly?" Zayn offered as he was finished with Kian, who was admiring his art on his face.

She sniffled a little, nodding and headed over to the empty seat across from Zayn, wiping her hair out of her eyes. Louis smiled at her, watching Zayn draw the paintbrush against Katy's soft skin. Niall wasn't that far away, watching them keep his daughter occupied. Liam was in the bouncy castle with Kian, trying to keep up with him on the stairs and that's when he heard the front door bell ring.

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