Chapter 50.

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It was the first week of Sabrina's scan. Thankfully, Harry was able to sort things out with her after Niall had talked some sense into him. There was no need to make any rash decisions yet but when the time came he was sure he'd be able to take some time of work and focus on his family.

The thought of having a family scared him. Of course it would. But then he thought of Niall and Liam and the twins and around fifty percent of that worrying was gone.

Harry rushed to Sabrina's side, in the doctors room. She was currently laying on her back, her slightly raised belly exposed. Harry came to a stop and an image of Niall flashed trough his mind. It was a horrible memory, if when Niall had fallen down the stairs and a couple of hours of later he found him attached to wires and all sorts and Liz and Jo were working on his stomach. It made him feel sick thinking about it. It was funny, because the more he thought about Niall and what he'd went through, the more protective he became of Sabrina and the baby. Which was only natural.

Harry took her hand and kissed her knuckles softly before smiling down at her. She blushed, averting her eyes from him. After the gel was smeared on her belly, the tiny black and grey image appeared on the screen, showing the fetus. "That there, is your seven week old baby," the nurse announced and Sabrina gasped, gazing up at it in wonder.

After the scan was over, the nurse handed Sabrina a picture. "You keep it." Sabrina offered softly, slipping the picture in his lap. Harry didn't trust the sound of his voice so with no words to say, he kissed her on her lips.


It was early in the morning. So early that the twins still hadn't woken up yet and the alarm hadn't woken them up. With a hand on his chest, Niall sighed and rolled over so that he was facing Liam. A smile grew on Liam's face as he was already awake, his chest bare.

Liam leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to Niall's lips and that's when Kian started to cry from the twins nursery. Liam groaned, slumping his head back on the pillow when Niall got up to fetch Kian, reappearing a few moments later with Kian in one arm and holding a bottle of milk in his free hand.

Niall sighed deeply and sat down, Kian lying between his legs and arms as he reached up to grab his bottle. "Hey, look at that! Only five weeks old and already holding his bottle himself." Niall beamed, smiling happily down at Kian. Liam chuckled, stroking his sons cheek gently with his knuckles. "Just like Theo." Liam smiled and Niall smirked.

"He's definitely a Horan." Niall beamed and Liam rolled his eyes, pecking him softly on the cheek when Katy started to cry. Kian was looking up at Liam with big, brown eyes when Liam stood up and fetched for Katy, also about to feed her.

They both held the twins in bed, giving them their bottle and after that they both showered and got changed. "Liam?" Niall called as he hoisted Kian on his hip, following his husband into the kitchen. "Yeah?"

"What do you want for your birthday?" Niall asked for a smile and Liam turned round, wrinkling his nose. "Babe, I'll only be 25. It's not a big deal." He shrugged and Niall frowned, walking over to him. "It is to me." He retorted and Liam sighed, his shoulders drooping.

"Honestly, Niall. I don't mind. Besides, I have the best gift anyone could have." Liam smiled sheepishly and Niall raised an eyebrow. "What's that?"

"A family." Liam said shyly and his cheeks turned pink. Niall burst out laughing. "You corny git and I'm not falling for that." Niall reminded him and Liam folded his arms across his chest once he had put the dishes away.

"I didn't expect you too but honestly, I don't want a big fuss. Okay?" Liam looked hopefully at Niall who gave a small nod but he wasn't convinced. He wasn't going to just drop it. He'd ask Karen for help. Liam pecked Niall on the cheek and Niall flashed him a false smile when Liam brushed past him.

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