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Pairing: Niam (No side bromances)

Warning: mpreg and occcasioal sexual content and sad scenes.


Niall slumped himself on the plump sofa, admiring his new engagement ring. He swiveled it around in on his left finger, feeling quite content. A soft smile spread on his lips when Liam appeared at the foot of the stairs, dressed in sweats and an over-sized hoodie, a snapback on his head and dressed in black. Liam’s expression mirrored Niall’s; a small smile twitching at the corner of his mouth as he settled himself next to his new fiancé.

“Liam, I have a confession to make.” Niall announced and almost instantly, Liam’s face fell.

“Which is…?” Liam asked uncertainly, not sure whether he’d like to hear it or not. “I want to quite touring.” Niall said firmly and Liam’s eyes widened, shock spreading on his face. “Niall, that’s an irrational decision. We should think about this before you-“

“But I have thought about it, Liam. After this ring, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than with you. I’ve thought through it thoroughly, Liam and I really want to quit. If I start touring again, I won’t get to spend time with you. You know what my managements like. They’re homophobic assholes who only care about their money.” Niall persuaded and Liam winced at his statement. “That’s my cousins you’re talking about.” He reminded him and Niall blushed, feeling a little guilty.

“Look, maybe if I talked to them, they might back down a little?” Liam suggested hopefully and Niall huffed, shaking his head frantically. “You don’t have to, Liam. I’ve made my decision. Besides, after the wedding, I won’t have the time for gigs. What with the honeymoon, and you starting your new job, and going to Ireland to see my family…” Niall trailed off because the list was endless and he knew by the look on Liam’s face that he had given in.

“Is this what you really want?” Liam asked, raising an eyebrow.

“More than I want to get married.” Niall confirmed and Liam chuckled, pressing a quick kiss to the corner of Niall’s mouth.

“There’s only one problem though.” Liam reminded Niall firstly and Niall tilted his head to the side in confusion.

“Whose parents are we gonna tell first; mine, or yours?” Liam smirked and Niall’s heart did a double take. He had completely forgotten about that. And also, their engagement “party” that was supposed to be traditional, even for a same sex married.

“Yours because yours would appreciate the marriage more.” Niall decided and Liam’s face was filled with sympathy, completely understanding what Niall meant. Believe it or not, Niall’s parents still weren’t okay with them being together as a couple, what with the whole teacher/student thing. As much as they knew how good Liam was for Niall, they were still stubborn assholes about the whole situation. Maura still wasn’t happy about the way Liam left Niall when he needed him most, who Niall had had his heart broken the second time round, just after they got caught kissing in school. Niall cringed at the memory, trying to block the image of Liam leaving him in own house out of his brain. It still brought him nightmares, something he wouldn’t care to admit to Liam because he knew Liam would just feel guilty about.

And Bob…well, let’s just say he’s still a homophobic ass as well. As much as he tries to be okay and acceptable around Niall and Liam, Niall can tell how much hatred he has for Liam simply by looking at him at the dinner table and watching how he shoots daggers at Liam when they’re eating a meal. Maura had assured Niall that it’d only take time for Bob to come round, but Niall wasn’t so sure. It had been a year since they came out to his parents, how much longer did he need? He was sure that the engagement would be a big shock to him and he didn’t know how to tell them.

hat’s why Liam’s parents were an easier option. They actually appreciated Niall the way a normal family would. They treated Niall like he was their own son. He guessed it was because he had gone through so much bullying like Liam had done in the past, that they didn’t think there was no reason to treat him any differently. And then…there was the boys. Niall’s friends. Harry, Zayn and Louis. Niall knew Harry and Zayn would be bang on fine with the news but he wasn’t sure about Louis. But then again, if it wasn’t for Louis, then there would be no engagement. Maybe Niall wouldn’t have met Liam and he wouldn’t have been unconditionally in love with his ex-teacher like he is now. And for that, Niall was truly grateful. As strange as it sounds.

ll Niall wanted was to have a future with his best friend and soul mate. Was that too much to ask for?  


Hi guys! This is the sequel to Behind the Scenes! As said at the start, it is a mpreg and I know some people may find it strange but you don't have to read it! It is doubtful, but I hope this story is as popular as Behind The Scenes because I truly loved writing that story, and I cant wait to write this one.  Dedicated to Crazi_Mofo for suggesting the title of "Exclusive Scenes". Thank you so much, you're the winner! You have the full dedication love, and thank you to everyone who participated and took the time, it really meant a lot to me! You all had me smiling like crazy at your suggestions, honestly. But what do you think so far? Can't wait to hear the feedback, if I get anyway! Thanks again for persuading me to write a sequel! :) Much love, Lisa :) xxx

 PS Also, if someone would be a dear and would like to make me a new cover for ES then I'd be forever grateful since the one I made is pretty crappy. I'd make sure full dedication goes to you, of course :) thanks

PPS I'd suggest you read Behind the Scenes first seeing as obviously, that's the first book and there's a lot from the first book in this story. Thank you. Happy reading! Xxx

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