Chapter 31.

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"Okay, close your eyes." Liam said, chuckling a little as held Niall's hand. "Liam, what are you doing?" Niall smirked Liam guided him out of the living room. Niall couldn't help laughing as he followed Liam with his eyes closed, his arm stretched out in front of him. "Follow my voice," Liam ordered and Niall obliged, following after him. "Careful, there's a step." Liam warned, holding Niall's hand and shoulder and helping him up the stairs. Niall's heart was racing seeing as last time he was doing something dangerous on the stairs, he ended up in hospital. He hoped Liam knew what he was doing because he didn't want to be in that hospital again until he was giving birth to the twins.

When they were both at the top of the stairs, Liam guided Niall through to the twins' room. It wasn't fully decorated yet but they both pretty much had an idea of what they wanted. A bright and colourful room filled with stuffed toys and a toy box and a dolls house. Half of that was done all ready. Nearly. "Okay, open." Liam grinned as he opened the door to the twins' room. Niall's eyes fluttered open and he gasped.

The windows were wide open and walls were bear, soon to be decorated. Two wooden cribs sat on either side of the window, against the wall. The cribs were covered in white lace with beautiful white toy mobiles hanging from the ceiling. The mattresses were soft and white, each with a different quilt to cover them. One of the quilt was pink with silver stars dotted around it and the other was blue with toy aeroplanes decorated on it. The other half of the room was quite empty, which buckets of paint lying around. "I was thinking we could each paint a giraffe one either side of the beds and use it as a height wall? I mean, we could even ask Zayn to paint, seeing as y'know, he's into the art stuff and all that..." Liam trailed off, lost in thought as he admired the tiny room. Niall grinned, watching him as he scanned over the wooden cribs.

"What?" Liam spoke softly, catching Niall's love-dazed eye. "It's sounds amazing, Liam." Niall replied simply and Liam grinned. Niall strolled over to Liam, kissing him softly but Liam pressed more firmly, cradling Niall in his arms. Niall gasped a little, their mouths moving together softly in sync and Niall's eyes fluttered closed, being enveloped in Liam's strong arms. Niall's hands grabbed at the back of Liam's hair, something he hadn't done in a long time and Liam moaned at his touch, remembering. Niall left a few more chaste kisses on his husbands' lips before gently pulling away, pressing their foreheads against each other.

"I'll never forget this," Liam whispered as Niall clasped his cheek, stroking it softly as Liam held on to his wrists. "Forget what?"

"The way you hold me, like this." Liam replied, gazing into his eyes. Niall's eyebrows knotted together. "You won't need to forget it." Niall promised and Liam grinned, nuzzling his face in the crook of Niall's neck. Niall's smile faded as he stared at the doorway, feeling a little guilty that Liam had doubted him. Liam honestly thought that he was going to lose him, despite his encouraging words these past few months and Niall was determined to prove him wrong, that he was going to make it.

"Let's go shopping." Niall decided suddenly and Liam frowned, pulling away from Niall. "Shopping?" Liam repeated as if he had never heard of such thing before. "Yeah, shopping. Y'know, for some baby stuff. I mean, we might as well, now we have the time." Niall suggested, clinging to Liam. He had been persuasive with little effort but Liam looked convinced so he grabbed his jacket and headed out with Niall.


Harry was washing the plates, humming tunelessly. He and Louis had just finished lunch for the day and they were now tidying up. Jo had phoned around five minutes ago, announcing that Niall was home safe and sound with Liam. Despite the fact that Harry was happy that Niall was healthy again, he was a little disappointed now seeing as he didn't have an excuse to check on Niall all the time. He was literally doing anything for a distraction, to get his mind off Niall, hence washing the plates. Something he'd never do.

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