Chapter 52.

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Niall reaches for the phone, dialing the familiar and has soon as Anne picks up, he's first to talk. "Anything?" He asked hopefully and Anne heaves a deep sigh. "He's fine. Keeps to himself most days, does his work. There's not much to tell." Anne admits. She had been taking care of Harry ever since his loss and it was miserable. She'd never seen her son so depressed.

"Can I speak to him?" Niall asks. There was a short pause. "He doesn't want to speak to anybody right now, Niall. I know you mean well, but he seems to think it's the best way, forgetting about you." There was sadness and sympathy in Anne's tone. "Okay, thanks...thanks for everything, Anne." Niall said politely and he could tell she was smiling. "Anything for you, dear." And the phone line was dead.

Liam watches him from behind, watching is husbands shoulders drop. "He'll come round, Ni." Liam said suddenly and Niall spun round, looking up. "It's been two months, Liam. It's not like him." Niall mumbled and Liam sighed, walking over to Niall and wrapped his arms around him, pulling his back to his front.

"Ni, you were like that with me, weren't you? You wouldn't even come near me for months." Liam pointed out and Niall grimaced at the memory. "Yeah, I guess..." He trailed off, lost in thought when he suddenly felt something poke at his feet. He looked down and saw Katy looking up at him expectedly, her hands on Niall's feet as she lay on her stomach. Liam looked down and chuckled as Niall picked her up. The twins were at the stage where they were moving across with their belly, not knowing that they had legs to use.

"Before you know it they'll be crawling." Liam warns and Niall groaned. "Yeah, that's what I'm worried about." He admits and Liam chuckled, pecking him on the cheek before fetching for Kian.

That evening, they sat in Liam's favorite restaurant, just the two of them. Granny Karen had taken the twins for the evening, for Liam's birthday. It was nice to get out and have some peace and quiet from the twins.

When their meals were served, Niall was moping about with his food, picking aimlessly at his salad, which was unusual for Niall. "Niall, he'll be fine." Liam assured him, squeezing his husbands hand tightly in reassurance. Niall only smiled, wanting to forget about the whole thing.

Liam decided to change the subject. "So, have you thought about the job yet?" He blurted out. He had told Niall about his new job offer the principle gave him a couple of months ago, but Niall wasn't having any of it. As much as he wanted to work and help Liam financially, he couldn't bare to leave the twins just yet. It was too soon. He needed more time with them.

"Liam, I've told you. It'll be too hard." He said and Liam frowned. "Niall, the more you stay with the kids, the harder it will be to let them go."

"Well, I can't just drop everything and go." Niall argued back, already getting annoyed. "If it helps, we could get a nanny." Liam offered and Niall frowned. "And a maid." He added and Niall smirked, shaking his head.

"I'll think about it." Niall finalized. The thought seemed to satisfy Liam and he left it at that. During the past three months, Niall had gotten the operation that allowed him not to have kids ever again. It really a simple procedure and the nurses had assured Niall that plenty of woman go through it as they get older. It made Liam relatively happy, as he no longer needed to check the used condoms every time after they had sex - not that they had sex often, their free time was limited at the moment, what with their busy schedule with the twins. But it meant that their was no need for more pregnancy scares or miscarriages. Even if they did want kids, in the future maybe, their was still the option if adoption and even surrogacy and the kid would still biologically be theirs, if they chose the latter. But for now, they have settled down and started their family.


Four years later.

At the age of four, the twins were running riot. They were wild, causing mischief wherever they went. With Katy's heart condition, she was a little slower than Kian but still managed to keep up with him during day to day activities. The family had been to four holidays in the past four years; all of them were in Disneyland. There was a photo album lying around somewhere, filled with Kian dressed in a buzz lightyear outfit or Katy dressed as a Disney princess.

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