Chapter 25.

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Niall turned the TV down in time to hear Liam coming through the door with some shopping. He turned round to see him, placing an arm on the back of the sofa to hold himself up.

"What's that?" Niall frowned, gesturing to the black object that Liam held with a tight grip on the handle. "It's a baby carrier. A real fine one at that. Got for a good deal back at the supermarket," Liam beamed, looking particularly proud of himself, admiring it with such excitement. Niall couldn't help laughing at him.

"You do realise that we're gonna need two?" Niall reminded Liam smugly and Liam's face fell at the realisation. "Oh. I'll go back and get another one." Liam said quickly, putting down the carrier but Niall stood up, stopping him.

"No, Liam. One's fine for now. We can go shopping later. You did great babe, thank you." Niall promised, rubbing Liam's back and kissing him lightly. Liam smiled, nestling himself against Niall, cuddling next to him.

Liam had managed to go through a hell of a lot of shopping while Niall caught up on his sleep. Niall promised to help Liam with the shopping next time he went.

Niall let go of Liam, sauntering into the kitchen to make them both dinner. "We should really start getting some more baby stuff." Liam suggested with a frown, emptying the plastic bags and placing the food inside the cabinets.

"We can decide that later. I'm only 22 weeks." Niall reminded him and Liam sighed. "I know but I don't want to be one of those couples who leave everything at last minute." Liam admitted and Niall nodded in agreement.

"We still have plenty time. And we have our family and friends to help us, I'm sure they'll be ecstatic to hear the news." Niall said, chuckling at the thought. Liam paused, feeling a bit hesitant.

"Yeah, about that.." Liam began and Niall looked up. "I don't think it's a good idea we tell my parents about the sex of the baby." Liam admitted shamefully and Nialls mouth dropped. "What?! Karen will be devistated when she finds out we knew all along!" Niall snapped, frowning at Liam and Liam winced.

"It's not that I don't want to tell her, it's just mum has wanted grandkids all her life and she'll be extremely overly-motherly twenty four/seven. I wouldn't be surprised if she offered to stay here to help out, we're doing just fine on our own. I love my mother to bits, Niall, I do. But she'll be forever pestering us and getting over excited about child protection, child benefits, baby-proofing the house, schools, parenting, Lamaze classes-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa slow down. We haven't got that far yet." Niall interrupted Liam, placing his hands on Liam's arms. "I know. But that's what my mother is like. And my sisters." Liam shrugged and Nialls eyes knotted together.

"She didn't seem that bad when she came into hospital to visit me." Niall spoke softly and Liam sighed. "Yeah that's because she knew you were under stress. Wait until she's out of the shock a bit, then she'll start." Liam replied and Niall chuckled typically.

"What about your parents?" Liam asked abruptly and Nialls eyebrows knitted together. "What about them?"

"Ni, they don't even know you're pregnant."

"Somehow, after everything that's happened with Luke, I think they do know." Niall sighed, feeling a little miserable at the thought and Liam couldn't help feeling a little guilty for his husband. His parents didn't even care.

"They haven't even called." Niall said, feeling a little irritated. Liam sympathised with Niall as much as possible. "I mean, you'd think that if there was rumours going round on TV that your son was supposedly pregnant with two kids you'd think they'd even have the curtesy to call but no! Not my parents!" Niall exclaimed furiously, chucking the knife he was using into the sink and it landed with a clank.

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