Chapter 9.

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One month later

Liam stopped at their bedroom door, pausing to hear Nialls voice. He was talking on the phone, most likely to his parents. They had obviously heard the rumours of him being pregnant, and worried about him.

"No, mum, I promise you I'm not pregnant. It's just the stupid media trying to get a story out of it. I swear, if I was pregnant, I'd know. Guys can't get pregnant anyway." Liam could hear the sadness in his voice as he spoke, as he was forced to lie to his parents. Because he knew how they'd take it. They'd he critical, judgmental. Well, he knew Bob would be. He wasn't sure about Maura.

Once he heard Niall saying goodbye to his mother, he stepped into their bedroom. Niall looked up, startled and with tears streaming down his face. Liam rushed over to him, pulling his husband into a comforting hug, feeling his body shake uncontrollably. Niall pulled his face away from Liam's chest, gazing at the first ultrasound picture he held his hand.

The only thing he had left of his baby. A picture. That wasn't enough. Niall whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut. "Liam, it hurts. Why won't the pain go away? Please, makes it stop." Niall sobbed and silent tears ran down his cheeks as Niall cried. Niall clinged onto Liam's t-shirt, begging him for his comfort.

Niall lay the picture on the floor, reaching up to kiss Liam desperately. Their lips met, Liam giving Niall a chaste kiss on the lips. "Liam..." Niall slurred, attacking his lips nervously. Liam was breathing deeply, wondering where this was going. His question was answered when Niall removed the sweater he currently wore.

"Niall, what are you doing?" Liam automatically spluttered, gently pushing Niall back a little. "Liam, I promise this is just all I want right now. Just you. Inside me. I'll even let you use a condom." Niall added hopefully and Liam couldn't help laughing softly, pressing his lips to Nialls.

They both made their way to the bed, removing their clothes in a quick paste as he did so. Niall placed his fingers on Liam's buff chest and pushed him down on the bed so that his head was between the pillows. Niall ran his finger tips down Liam's chest, loving the goose bump effect it had on Liam's skin. Liam was still brown their Australian honeymoon and Niall envied him because he was back to being his pale old self. Niall sighed, bending down to kiss Liam's cheek lovingly while Liam reached over the lube and packet of condoms.

Liam then reached past Niall and slowly took down his jeans, digging his fingers in the waistband of his jeans while Niall straddled him. He tossed them to the floor and then it was Nialls turn to abandon his sweats. Liam sat up on the bed, lifting his bum up so Niall could remove him and Niall couldn't ignore the large bulge in his pants. Liam rested himself back down on his pillows, watching his lover leave a trail of love bites all over him.

Despite the fact that they had both made love multiple times, it was still weird for them both. Weird because they had a teacher/student relationship. It was okay for them now though and yet, they were both still freakishly nervous because of the past. Their first time having sex together was probably the best time. Not only did it mean that their relationship was official, that they could finally be together without any hassle, but Liam got to take Nialls virginity away and Niall gladly let him. There was no other man Niall would want to do that for him. Only Liam. That was love, right?

Niall was about to dip his head again when Liam stopped him, cupping his face and wiping the escaped tears away. Niall smiled, gazing down at him. "I love you so much, Liam." Niall spoke softly and Liam smiled. "I'll always be here for you, Ni." Liam whispered and Niall grinned, reaching down inside his pants and gently palming his crotch. Liam gasped, lifting his bum up a little for more friction and Niall giggled helplessly.

Niall was scared. This was the first time doing it after the loss of their baby. How did he expect him to feel? And he was nervous. It was still Liam, for crying out loud. Niall slowly pumped at his crotch, watching Liam gasp and pant and moan his name. He didn't know how hard he really was until he removed his boxers. Nialls eyes bulged and he eyes up Liam with a smug smile on his face.

"Shut up." Liam murmured and Niall chuckled, dipping his head on to the tip of his crotch. Liam swore loudly, overwhelmed by Nialls tongue swirling around the tip until he completely devoured him. Liam's fingers tangled in Nialls hair, feeling the soft strands against his skin. Beads of sweat was forming on Liam's forehead and Niall hadn't seen anything more beautiful. Liam writhing around on the bed in desperation, his eyes dark and giving Niall that same hooded look he always did while in bed.

It was Liam's turn to flip Niall over, pumping his cock a few times and making Niall whimper. He swiftly rubbed some lube onto his own crotch before slipping on the condom. "Just tell me to stop if I'm going to fast, okay?" Liam raised his eyebrows, waiting for Nialls nod of appreciation. Niall only grunted in reply. Liam slowly and carefully inserted his dick inside Niall, Niall moaning in ecstasy.

Liam bent down, pressing light and feathery kisses against Nialls lips and chest. Liam hummed a little, his lips pressed into a hard line as he stared down at a helpless, writhing Niall. Liam began to pick up a pace, watching how Nialls breathing became quicker and harder, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

Liam kept that steady rhythm, smashing his lips against Nialls as he rested his hands against the headboard of the bed. Niall was first to come, without warning but Liam didn't mind. Liam wasn't long coming after anyway and he pulled out shortly afterwards. Liam continued to stare down at Niall in awe, his fingertips tracing over his pale torso, his arms. He left open-mouth kisses across his stomach, Niall tangling his long fingers in the soft strands of Liam's hair.

Liam hovered over Niall again, his hands on either side of his head, his muscles flexing. Nialls eyes were tired and dazed, looking very dream-like after coming down from his high. They were completely exhausted, but they didn't care. The bed sheets tangled amongst their bodies, only covering Liam's bum and their bottom half.

"Yours just so beautiful." Liam gushed, cupping Nialls face, making him blush. "God, I'm missed you." Niall sighed happily, pulling Liam in for a comforting hug. Liam paused, smiling a little at Niall. "Babe, I never left."


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