Chapter 41.

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Karen knocked quickly on Harry's door, determined to get out of the snow. Harry answered seconds later, Sabrina standing a few feet behind him.

Karen smiled kindly, stepping into the threshold with Maura following after her. "How is he?" Harry was first to ask. Karens smile faded. "We haven't seen him yet but Liam's with him right now. He's not called or anything so I'm assuming there's been no update." She shrugged casually and Harry nodded, gesturing for Karen to follow them into the kitchen where four hot cups of tea sat waiting for them at the kitchen table.

"I really appreciate you doing all this for us, Harry. I know things have been hard for you and Niall lately." Karen reasoned as they sat down. Harry looked down, sadly. "I've been keeping my distance from them lately, but...after the heart attack..." Harry trailed off, his voice wavering at the end.

"It's all right, we understand," Karen replied, glancing at Maura. "So what is it you'd like us to do?" Sabrina asked softly and Karen exhaled deeply.

"It's about Liam. He spoke to me a couple of weeks ago about the twins. He told me that if Niall dies, he doesn't want to be left looking after them. He claims it would be too difficult for him, that'd be too much memories of him and Niall. I'm not sure if he's going to change his mind or not when the kids are born but if he doesn't, Maura and I have thinking that maybe you could adopt them?" Karen explained hopefully and Harry was surprised, completely overwhelmed by the sudden information.

He glanced warily at Sabrina who was staring at Karen in awe.

"We were thinking that it only made sense. You've known Niall the longest after Liam. You may not have been the best of friends to start off with, but that's in the past. You are now. With our busy lives, Maura and I and our families won't have time to look after them. Plus, we're only their grandparents. They need parental figures in their lives, if Liam's not capable of doing the favour. I would've asked Denise and Greg, but they've got their own family too look after. It's not as if we're just dropping a set of new-born twins on your doorstep, we'd never do that. Of course, we will check up on you from time to time just to see if everything's okay. Even Liam could come and visit, if he's up for it."

Harry gulped nervously, running a hand through his hair. "I dunno, it just seems a little bizarre. I mean, I can barely look after myself never mind two new-born twins." Harry smirked, trying to make a joke out of it. But no one laughed and he fell silent.

"Harry, we've seen you with Theo. You're great with kids, everyone knows that. It's no lie you're designated to be a dad one day. Maybe now is your chance. Plus, Niall and Liam both adore you. I think they'd both be happy for you take them in." Maura assured him and he sighed, glancing at Sabrina for a second.

"Shouldn't we talk to someone about this first?" Sabrina chirped in and Karen smiled. "Yes, you'll probably have to speak with Nialls lawyer and solicitor first for social reasons and financial problems before signing the documents. And obviously, we'll have to check up on Niall if Liam thinks its okay to do so." Karen replied.

"Wow." Harry breathed, shaking his head a little. "Obviously, you don't have to make a decision just now. We just want what's best for Liam and the twins if Niall doesn't make it." Karen shrugged and Harry looked up at Karen.

"What do you think?" Harry asked curiously and Karen gave him a questionable look. "What do I think about what?"

"Do you think Nialls going die?"

Maura and Karen glanced nervously at each other. They had discussed this with their families previously a couple of nights ago. They tried to stay positive, for Liam's sake. But in all honestly, they didn't know what to think.

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