Chapter 10.

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One week later.

Niall rubbed his eyes sleepily, sauntering down the stairs after a good nights sleep. Liam was already there, awake and dressed. They exchanged brief glances and sweet smiles as Niall snuggled up next to Liam on the sofa as they began to watch the TV.

Niall fell asleep seconds later- which Liam didn't mind, because he really needed his sleep. A smile grew on his face again when he heard the doorbell ring. "Niall? It's us." Greg's voice sounded from the doorway and Niall was up and alert in seconds, racing to open the door. His arms flung around Greg, feeling more at home than ever. Greg chuckled, hugging his little brother back as Denise stood beside him with Theo in her arms. Little Emma stood by her leg, clutching it shyly as her brother stood next to her.

"Hey, it's the whole clan!" Niall beamed, lifting Emma up in his arms. Emma giggled, kissing Niall on the cheek repeatedly. "Where's mum and dad?" Niall pressed and Greg's face fell. "They're a little busy right now, Niall. You know how they get." Greg sighed and Nialls face fell just as Liam appeared behind Niall. Greg and Liam exchanged knowing glances. Liam wished he could make Niall even more happy by bringing his parents, but with the whole pregnancy rumour going on...they wanted to stay put.

Greg and Liam had argued to Nialls parents over the phone about it a few days ago, claiming that what Niall needed most right now, giving everything going on, was his family but his parents weren't hearing any of t. They were too stubborn.

"How's my little man?" Niall cooed, peering over at Theo. "More like big man." Greg teased and Niall chuckled. "I see Emma's getting big too. How old are you?" Niall grinned and Emma thought for a bit before she held up five fingers. Niall kissed her cheek and Emma giggled as he put her down.

Around midday, Liam decided to get an Indian takeaway for lunch, for the whole family. Niall sat beside him, helping himself to some chicken pakora. Niall started to talk to Emma, while he had Theo in his arms.

All of a sudden, Niall demanded that Greg held Theo while he rushed to the kitchen. Soon later, there was the sound of vomiting. Liam froze, eyes warily falling to the sound that it was coming from. The whole table had fallen silent and even Emma was perched on her seat, worried for Niall. Four pairs of eyes turned to look at Liam expectantly but Liam was afraid to check on him, afraid that he'd just to be pushed away. Liam then looked at Nialls chicken, and so the off, pinkish colour it had inside.

Liam heaved a deep sigh and wiped his mouth with a napkin before heading into the kitchen. "Niall?" Liam called and he walked forward, pressing a comforting hand against the small of Nialls back. "It's just the food poisoning." Niall mumbled before rinsing his mouth in the sink.

"I know, I saw the chicken." Liam assured him and Niall looked up at him, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "I think I'm just gonna sleep, I'm my feeling to good." Niall admitted and Liam nodded. "Don't worry about them, they understand." Liam promised when Niall glanced uncertainly back at his family in the dining area.

"Don't wait up on me, okay?" Liam smiled, kissing the top of Nialls hair and Niall nodded, heading upstairs to bed without being seen by his family. "Uncle Liam, where did Niall go?" Emma frowned, pouting at him. Liam's heart skipped a beat at the sight of her and he couldn't help smiling at her cuteness. Especially now that she was calling him "Uncle Liam." It felt nice.

"Niall's just a little unwell right now, he's got a bit of a bug." Liam smiled sympathetically and Emma's face fell. "Oh well, at least I still have you." She beamed, scooting over so that she took Nialls empty seat, linking her arm trough Liam's and making him chuckle. He made sure to push the plate of chicken away from Emma's reach and Denise went into the kitchen to dump it in the bin and came back seconds later.

"Emma, why don't you go off and play with your brother?" Denise suggested, nodding toward Nathan playing in the living room as he had finished his dinner. "He's boring." Emma shrugged and Liam sniggered a little, making Emma grin. "Emma, now." Denise demanded, more harshly and Emma heaved a dramatic sigh, pushing herself off her seat and heading in to greet Nathan.

Liam wanted one. He really did. A child of his own, that was. He wanted what Denise and Greg had and it made him realise what him and Niall were missing out on. Maybe it wasn't a bad thing, if Niall was pregnant. Maybe they still had that chance of being a family. Maybe Emma and Nathan and Theo being here tonight was a sign for Liam and Niall to start trying again. Liam knew they couldn't live in the dark forever. They had to get over it at some point, although it would be hard.

Liam thought hard, weighing out the pros and cons of having a baby. It was decided. Liam wanted one, there was no denying it. The only trouble was trying to persuade Niall.

"Liam? Is everything all right between you and Niall?" Denise countered, bringing Liam out of his train of thoughts. Liam blinked, feeling a little uncertain. "Yeah, course they are. Why wouldn't their be?" He added for good measure and Denise narrowed her eyes. "Because ever since Niall left, you've spaced out for the past five minutes." Denise explained simply and Liam's face paled.

"A lot's just happened, that's all. With the pregnancy rumours and that. It's affecting Niall and I." He shrugged. He hated lying, but he had to. Niall would never forgive him if he told the truth. And it was partly true, he was only half lying. Rumour or no rumour, it was still affecting their relationship.

"Yeah, must be hard for both of you. Especially you." Denise sympathised, patting Liam's hand. Liam couldn't take it anymore. He didn't need Denise's pity. Or Greg's. Liam's face fell on little Theo's sleeping figure in the pram and he sighed. "Dessert, anyone?" He asked cheerfully, pulling himself away from Denise and grabbing the empty plates. Before Denise could press more, Emma and Nathan squealed at the word dessert and came running back to the table. Denise and Greg exchanged worried glances before Liam came back, putting on a brave smile for him although they were generally cornered about Liam and Niall.

After Denise and Greg had finally left with the kids (which seemed like forever for Liam) he finally headed upstairs to see Niall only to find him rummaging through the bin in their bedroom. "Niall, what are you doing?" Liam frowned, closing the door quietly behind him.

"Did you empty the bin last time we had sex?" Niall asked randomly, standing up and holding a wasted condom in front of him. "No, why?"

"Because there's a hole in this condom."


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