Chapter 49.

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A few days later, Niall found himself hanging up a few glow-in-the-dark stars in the twins bedroom, for Katy finally coming home. She was discharged from the hospital after the nurses and doctors observed her and fussed over her and decided that she was fit enough to come home.

Niall hadn't seen her for days and it was hell. Kian was down stairs sitting on his bouncer and watching the kids channel. He let out a cry when the doorbell rang and Niall stepped off the small ladder, heading downstairs.

Liam was standing outside the door with Katy in his arms wrapped up in a white blanket. They were both grinning like an idiot as Niall opened the door. Niall was told to go home and rest over the next few days so it was Liam who stayed with Katy after the operation but that was okay. At least Niall got to be with Katy during it.

"Hey, you." Niall cooed, taking Katy out of Liam's arms and kissing Liam softly before they entered the house. "Was she all right coming home?" Niall asked curiously, peering over the blanket to see Katy's face.

"Yeah, I even put an extra blanket over her just in case she was cold," Liam assured him, kissing his cheek softly as they both headed into the living room.

"Hey, I was thinking of taking you and the twins out this afternoon." Liam announced quickly, his hands in his back jeans pockets. Niall looked up as he sat Katy next to Kian.

"Yeah, where too?" Niall asked curiously. "Just...y' town. For shopping and stuff." Liam shrugged and Niall smiled. "Sounds fun." He replied gratefully and Liam smiled back.

So that's what they did. Their first outing with the twins and it turned out to be quite productive. They headed into Topman first and Liam waited with the twins while Niall tried some clothes on. They were mostly boxers and a new set of jeans since during the pregnancy, his last lot of jeans had expanded.

They were the only ones in the shop so once Niall had slipped on a brand new set of jeans, without putting another t-shirt on, he opened the door of the changing room he was in and gazed at Liam, with one hand behind his head as he leaned against the door.

Liam was too busy cooing over a restless Katy but when he finally saw Niall, his eyes done a double-take and his mouth parted slightly, eyes wide. Liam could never truly get over Niall's beauty. Niall couldn't help smirking at Liam's daze-like state. "Yep. I still got it." He sighed before shutting the door close so he could change.

Liam blushed and turned his head to Katy and he put her in the twins pram. Once they were half way through the shopping, it was lunch times so they made their way to a Bella Italia restaurant in the middle of London.

Once they had their orders, Niall sat Katy in his lap and began to feed her while Liam fed Kian. "You're very quiet," Liam spoke, gazing curiously at his boyfriend. Niall bit his lip, looking hesitant before speaking.

"Jo and Liz phoned me up the other day." Liam's head snapped up again.


"It's not about the twins, it's about me."

"I'm listening."

"They said that...I could have an operation that will stop me having kids, forever." Niall explained. There was a short pause. "And why would you want that?"

Niall frowned. "Because, Liam, I don't want to go through with what I went I did to have the twins. I may have got lucky once, but I don't think I could do this the second time. You, of all people, should understand that. Besides, I don't want you feeling so scared every time we have sex that you have to check the condom to see if it's used-"

"Okay! Okay. I get it, Niall." Liam was a little flustered. Niall blinked, surprised. He didn't expect Liam to give in so easily. But Liam wasn't as stubborn as he was. He was always the sensible one.

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