Chapter 2.

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As a farewell present, Niall’s management offered to give Niall his private jet which was to be used for his tours as a honeymoon gift for Niall and Liam. The newly wedded couple, one month later, waved good-bye to their parents and their in-laws as they boarded their flight to a romantic holiday in Sydney.

Since it was a private jet and first class, there was no flight delay whatsoever and Niall and Liam were the only ones there. Despite the jet lag that the pair weren’t looking forward too, they were in high spirits as they sped off in the sky to their five star hotel that Niall paid for Liam for their holiday. Niall turned round to face Liam, feeling restless as they plane flew in the sky, feeling hungry and needy. He frowned as he caught Liam working away on his laptop, typing frantically and he reached over to slam the laptop shut as Liam distracted himself for a drink.

“Hey! I was working on that.” Liam pouted and Niall rolled his eyes. “Babe, we’re on holiday. There’s no time to work on essays now.” Niall whined impatiently, shoving the laptop back in its case and pushing it in one of the overheard covers, giving Liam a full, clear view of his bare torso as his t-shirt rode up a little bit. Liam blushed, feeling slightly sheepish as his husband sat back down again.

“All right, I’ll make you a deal. How about this; I won’t touch my guitar the whole time we’re in Sydney if you don’t work one on your school work.” Niall decided, eyeing his husband anxiously. Liam thought for a bit, biting hard on his lip. “But you love that guitar.” Liam pointed out with a frown and again, Niall rolled his eyes. “I love you more.” He retorted and Liam chuckled. “Fine. Deal.” Liam confirmed and shook Niall’s hand on it. Niall beamed and reached over, kissing Liam lovingly.

“It feels weird, not calling you my boyfriend or fiancé anymore but calling you my husband.” Niall admitted as he held Liam’s hand and Liam laughed. “Well, you better get used to it babe, cause I am not letting you go any time soon.”  He promised, kissing Niall’s knuckles and making Niall blushed. “Hey, just like your vows.” Niall said cheerfully and Liam’s body shook with laughter. “I’m sorry your father was a little bit disproving.” Liam smiled weakly, bringing the mood down immediately.

“Yeah, well, I’m just happy he didn’t need to walk me down the aisle.  I’d hate to be a girl if that was the case.” Niall shrugged and Liam sighed, rubbing Niall’s thigh soothingly. Niall smiled and leaned over the plane’s seat, kissing him so more.

When they arrived in Sydney, at their hotel, Niall dumped their suitcases by the door to their bedroom and jumped, quite literally, on their golden king-size bed, spreading himself wide and letting out a content sigh as he stared up at the white ceiling. “So what do you wanna do?  Wanna go surfing, see the harbor, or eat loads of food from room service?” Liam pressed as he, too, dumped his luggage next to Niall’s and joined his husband on their bed.

If you don't like boyxboy smut, then I suggest you don't read this bit of the chapter. (Who doesn't like gay smut though?)

“I just want you.” Niall pouted with a slight whimper, gazing into Liam’s eyes as he neared closer and kissed him. Liam lay his hands on either side of Niall’s face, bringing him impossibly close as their lips met and moved luxuriously against each other. Niall shuffled his body so that he was half on top of Liam, one hand gripping the hem of Liam’s black t-shirt and the other, pressing hard onto the pillow that Liam was lying on. “I hope you’re not too jet-lagged, babe.” Liam said breathlessly as he pulled away to catch his breath, gazing up at his boyfriends lustful blue eyes.

“I don’t care about the stupid jet lag.” Niall panted back, throwing off his jacket and tossing it aside so it landed on the floor next to the bed. Liam moaned softly as Niall’s tongue roamed his mouth, feeling every inch of him and Liam did the same to Niall, their tongues meeting every now and then. Liam was first to grip the hem of Niall’s sweater, pulling it briefly over his head so it lay next to Niall’s jacket, breaking the kiss only to so and crashing his lips back to Niall’s again. Niall’s fingers danced along Liam’s bare and muscular torso, sending delicious shivers down Liam’s spine before Niall stripped Liam himself and abandoning their clothes on the floor.

Liam shakily worked at Niall’s belt, trying his best to be quick but needing help from an impatient Niall as well and he stripped his husband down to his briefs seconds later, throwing the jeans aside. Liam flipped them both over, earning a throaty grunt from Niall as he dipped his hips down on Niall’s crotch, earning more friction from the pair. Sweats were a lot easier to pull off and seconds later, they were both in their boxers, Liam’s muscular-built body enveloping around Niall’s frail one. “D-do you have a condom?” Niall stuttered breathlessly, enjoying the sheer bliss movements of Liam’s grinding as he lay under him.

Liam froze, pulling away from Niall’s now love-bitten neck and bit down on his own lip. “No. I was too lazy to go the pharmacy to buy one, but there’s lube in the first pouch of my suitcase.” Liam explained and Niall reluctantly freed himself from Liam’s grip and shakily hurried over to his husband’s suitcase and retrieved what he needed. Niall rushed back to Liam, seeing as Liam let out a whine from the lack of contact from Niall and started to kiss Liam again. Their bodies were now hot from the heat radiating from each other; Niall’s hair messy and tousled from Liam’s hair-gripping and Niall playfully licked at Liam’s neck, making Liam writher and pant beneath him.

With one gentle hand, Liam slowly and carefully reached down to the waistline of Niall’s briefs, his cool fingers brushing over the tip of Niall’s crotch, earning a moan from the younger lad. Smirking, a little smug, Liam removed his briefs in one swift movement and Niall lay naked beneath him, his fingers gripping hard on to the duvet they lay on top on. Liam loved seeing Niall this; breathless and overwhelmed from Liam’s action and it turned him on even just from the way that he knew that’s how he made Niall feel.

Niall moaned again as he gripped Liam’s shoulders, silently begging for his husband to go down on him. Liam didn’t need telling twice and moved to Niall’s thighs, dipping his head and enveloping his mouth around Niall’s hard-on, earning a loud and staggered moan from Niall. Wanting to tease Niall some more, he let go of his hard on and started leave a trail of feathery-like kisses down Niall’s torso and abdomen. “Fuck,” Niall cursed, digging his nails into his husband’s back, evidently leaving scratch marks in his wake but Liam didn’t seem to mine. Niall thrusted his hips upwards as Liam admired his body, his skilled fingers dancing along his stomach before he kept his hips down on the duvet, keeping a firm hold on him with one hand and getting the lube with another. It was Niall’s turn to whine at loss of contact as he watch Liam rub his hands together with a ridiculous amount of lubricant before inserting an index finger to his entrance. He watched as Niall writhed and squirmed beneath him, his face scrunching up in pain before he relaxed a little and moaned at the sheer pleasure once Liam had moved his finger more smoothly.

“I really should’ve been the one to give you a blowjob, Li.” Niall said hoarsely, staring at Liam’s hard on. Liam blushed, pulling his finger out. “M’okay, might hurt you a little bit though.” Liam warned but Niall shook his head as he watched Liam pump his length a few times, making his member smooth and slick as possible before inserting himself into Niall. Niall whimpered in pain, gripping onto the duvet as Liam pulled out again, hesitating. “Just do it.” Niall demanded eagerly and Liam chuckled, slowly and gently pushing himself in further so that he was hovering over Niall, his hands pressed against the headboard as he moved his hips in a gentle, rhythmic movement. Niall humped with pleasure as Liam settled his legs on either sides of his shoulders, so he had better access and their moans and groans were the only sounds to be heard in the room, mixed together with rapid breathing and soft kisses were shared between one another.

Liam was first to cum inside Niall without normally, his body trembling as he came down his high, slumping himself over Niall and Niall followed Liam shortly afterwards, spilling onto his stomach that made Liam turned on even more. Niall reached out to gently palm Liam’s hand on, and Liam moaned with pleasure, kissing his husband lovingly before he closed his eyes, falling asleep with his head buried into Niall’s shoulder. The jet-lag seemed to reach Niall then and Niall finally let go of Liam, reaching out for the soft overthrow that lay on the bottom of the bed and threw it over them both before he, too, finally snuggled into Liam’s side and fell fast asleep, feeling more loved than ever.


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