Chapter 49: Another of his siblings

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3rd person's pov

"So Lawless-san, You a Servamp too?" Mahiru ask curiously since Kuro did mentioned that lawless was his brother.

"Nii-san Didn't Tell you?" Lawless said.

"No, Kuro doesn't really talk about himself and His Family." Mahiru said and pause a Little. "but I knew Few of his Siblings. Like The Servamp of Lust All of love who goes by a Name Snow Lily, Servamp of Envy Doubt Doubt or Goes by the Name Jeje, Servamp of Melancholy or Who is coming or Tsubaki, Servamp of Wrath or The mother goes by the mame Freya, And The Servamp of Pride old Child goes by the name Hugh, thats all." Mahiru said.

"Thats All of Us! Except World or End and Me! Gah! How Are you Nii-san! How Dare you not mentioned me!?" Lawless yelled at Kuro.

"Your not important and a troublesome person." Kuro said monotone.

"Your a Damn Boring Person too!" Lawless said. Kuro just shrug and eat, His currently beside Mahiru.

"Don't Ignore me!" Lawless said.

"So? Hiru-chan, Since you know about the Servamp, What is he in your life?" Licht ask coldly and pointed at Kuro.

"Ahm... I don't get your question but, Currently I'm the Eve of Sloth and Kuro here isn't really his name. His name is Sleepy Ash the Servamp of Sloth. And Currently I'm his eve.......and...... Boyfriend." Mahiru said happily.

Licht was shock and paled. He held Mahiru on the shoulder.

"How... Could you?... let your self... Be infected... With a Demon....?" Licht said disappointed as he shook Mahiru slightly.

Mahiru just put his hand on Licht to make him stop. "Licht~ Kuro might be a demon but it doesn't mean that you can't change him right? Beside Kuro here save me a couple of times and make me happy too, I hope you understand." Mahiru said as gentle as he is.

Kuro heard that Blush. He saw Lawless is smirking at him.

Licht sigh. "I'm against, But whatever makes you happy I'm fine with it. But so You know that Sleepy Ash the First Vampire ever exist in the world is the same vampire who killed his Own Creator right?" Licht said.

Kuro look down at that question.
Lawless almost broke the spoon he is holding.

"I know, I even saw it in his Memory. (with this Licht and Lawless was shock a bit) But I know that Kuro from before already change, He regret what he did and its enough change. I like him that way, He is willing to change even if its hard for a Not optimistic person to change into a Optimistic Person. " mahiru said explain plainly.

Kuro blush at that and look away. Lawless smirk.

"Oh~ Nii-san~ you are blushing~." Lawless teased a bit.

"Shut up." Kuro said and glare a little.

Lawless chuckled.

"So? Lawless-san If your a Servamp What kind? Thats, If Its ok if I ask." Mahiru said politely.

"Sure, I'm the Servamp of Greed, Lawless or Goes By the name of Hyde by My Eve, Li-chan~." Lawless said happily but his Foot earn a Kick so he trip and kiss the floor. Licht pretend that he didn't do it.

Mahiru went beside Lawless immediately. "Are you ok Lawless-san?" Mahiru ask concerned and held Lawless arms. Lawless blush a bit.

"Yeah I'm fine, I'm a Vampire so you should be less worried." Lawless answered and give Mahiru a Small smile. Mahiru sigh in relief.

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