Chapter 48: Reunion 3

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3rd person's pov

While Licht and Lawless was arguing, After that decided to go to the apartment where Hiru-Chan Do live.

"You sure you remember the place?" Lawless ask.

"I'm positive I know, Because I'm An Angel." Licht did his pose.

"Yeah, Yeah, An Angel that is Violent." Lawless said earning a Kick From Licht. He was leave Groaning in the floor while Licht go on walking.

Good Thing after the pain, Lawless manage to have a strength and speed to catch up with Licht who is Now on the elevator.

"Neh~ Licht-Tan~ Will you tell The Princess about me being you know.. Your servamp?" Lawless ask. Licht look down a Bit.

"I want to, But... I don't want to bring him to Our world now... Its.. Complicated." Licht said as he look down.

Lawless was shock that Licht said 'Our World' but he also understand licht feelings. The princess was too Young, Too Innocent, Too Pure for their world.

The Elevator open and Licht step outside, But What Licht saw was Shocking. He quickly attack the guy he saw. But that Guy dodge.

"Oh~ Hi Angel Wanna be~ Long time No see." The guy said with a smirk.

"The hell you are doing here you demon?" Licht ask Coldly.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, You never Change Angel wAnna be-Chan~ your still cold, Look Abel-Chan is scared of You~." Mikuni said as he held the doll, He slowly pat the doll. "Don't Worry I'll
Protect you Abel-Chan."

Licht awra went cold. "Tsk, Doll freak." Licht commented.

"Mean Angel~ Chan~" mikuni argue.

"What exactly a demon like You doing here?" Licht ask Coldly again.

"Licht, Is this Guy Trouble?" Lawless ask as he notice how serious and Cold Licht is.

"His a Demon too," Licht said.

"How Mean Are you Angel-Chan~ Introducing an Old Friend into your new one~ By the way Who is Your new Friend~?" Mikuni ask.

Licht kick Mikuni but Mikuni jump and landed smoothly in the ground.

"I've never been friends with an Demon like you, I assume you came here for Hiru-Chan. What Purpose? If You kill him I'll make sure to hunt you down." Licht said very coldly, Lawless was surprise with this. Why would Licht be angry to such a Simple, Doll-Lover Freak like this Guy? Maybe something happen in the past.

Mikuni sigh and look down. "Your always the same..., All of you, Yet again only Jeje and Mahiru is Different." Mikuni said start walking pass Through Licht. But mikuni stop beside Licht.

"If I were you keep your Eyes on Mahiru, Because all with evil eyes is on him." Mikuni warned Licht before Mikuni walk towards the elevator and Close it.

Licht snirk, Lawless felt something a Familiar Presence in Mikuni, Specially a Dark something in Mikuni's Scarp, Yet again Lawless can't point out.

"Licht-Tan~ Who is he?" Lawless ask.

Licht walk away and hurry up walk towards the room of Hiru-chan. He rang the door bell. Lawless was still confuse but then smile, He may aswell ask The princess about it.


Mean While at Mikuni.

"Ssshh, Why did you move much something happened?" The black snake ask Mikuni, Half a Sleep.

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