Chapter 71: New Life -1

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3rd person's pov

Mahiru wake up in the bed panting hard. He held his head and remember that memory. He then try to calm hisself down and held his racing Heart.

Then Cool yet soothing hands wrap around him.

"Ssshhh... its gonna be ok." A soothing familiar voice said.

Mahiru can help but close his eyes and lean hisself to the person who held him. Kuro, His beloved.

As Mahiru close his eyes, he then remembered what happened to him before he black out.

Mahiru then held Kuro's Clothes and started to cry. Kuro when he saw this hurt his heart. He didn't sleep this night (like he bother too) just to keep Mahiru safe and comfy. He wanted to make Mahiru Ok even it will take a thousand years to do that.

Kuro held Mahiru close to him and went silent. The only thing that can be heard was Mahiru's sobbing and Cries.

Kuro just held Mahiru on his arms and gave a kiss to Mahiru's forehead for comfort.

Who Knows How Long, So long that they both stay in that position until Mahiru calm down and was stop crying.

When Kuro notice this he look down at Mahiru. He held Mahiru's Chin and look at those Sad looking still beautiful brown eyes of Mahiru.

He put his hand and caressed Mahiru's Cheek and smile. "I know your not ok Currently but Pls... I need to know about you more to help you Mahiru." Kuro said and put his forehead on Mahiru's. "i want to help you, I want to make you feel Happy not just because I'm your boyfriend its Just because I really love you. I love it if your happy even if its to be with my annoying Brother and there eves. I'm happy to see you Happy, So pls (Kuro look at Mahiru so sincerly) pls.. Tell me whats wrong." Kuro said.

Mahiru then was shock at Kuro's words and can't help but to cry.He held Kuro's hands that was on his cheek. Kuro use his other hand to wipe Mahiru's Tears away.

"I... I... I'm sorry Kuro... For making you worried that much.." Mahiru said and smile at Kuro slightly. "I know you wanted me to be happy, and I'm already happy. Because the love of my life is here with me even though I... I was broken. I can't be more happier Kuro and I love you too." Mahiru said and smile.

Kuro smile and kiss Mahiru ever so gently and sweet.Mahiru can't help but to close his eyes as a pair of sweet lips come across his. Kuro grip Mahiru's hand so thus Mahiru.

When Kuro broke the kiss he smile at Mahiru so Thus Mahiru.

"Before I ask About everything, Would you like to change clothes first and maybe Eat something? You didn't eat something since yesterday." Kuro said.

Mahiru blink. "Yesterday?" Mahiru question.

"Your asleep for a day yesterday. The day well I should say the night before yesterday was... Um... The event happened. " kuro explained.

Mahiru was shock and look down. He grip Kuro's hand. "Sorry if I make you worried." Mahiru said.

Kuro gave a kiss on Mahiru's cheek. "No problem, because I have a faith in you that you will wake up and will not leave me yet. I'll still believe in that Mahiru." Kuro said and smile. Mahiru smile back.

"Thank you Kuro. For everything." Mahiru said and smile.

"Anything for You." Kuro said and gave Mahiru another sweet kiss.

After the kiss Mahiru look around. He saw a large room. It was painted Blue with dark blue ceiling on top. The Bed was Almost King Size, But not totally. The Pillow is also blue with dark Blue design on it. The bed shit is also cyan like color with the cover of Dark blue.

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