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The True Eve (kuro x mahiru) by animefandomshipper
The True Eve (kuro x mahiru)by animefandomshipper
- For the servamps the only purpose they had was to serve their eves until they died. They gained eves through the only way the knew how. The contract The contract is f...
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You Capture Me (Servamp) by MalditadiAsh
You Capture Me (Servamp)by 말 디 타 디 애 슈
Mahiru, a simple 16 years old kid who just felt lonely being alone. He was hurting without his Mother, with his father abusing him Mahiru Wishes, to have somebody with...
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One more Time by Ami_2704
One more Timeby Can'tHideFromDarkness♥️
Mahiru got a call early in the morning for a secret meeting with the so called mad scientist in his group of friends. Later, he finds himself forced to drink a strange l...
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kuromahi master's by Iloveanimetothesoul
kuromahi master'sby anime forever my reality
Kuro is a servamp and has been partners with mahiru his eve for a long time and along there "relationship" a certain friend of there's gives them a little secr...
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Kuro x Mahiru pictures~ >KuroMahi< by mxzns-
Kuro x Mahiru pictures~ >KuroMahi<by 1st acc is -bbyhoon :)
Just a bunch of KuroMahi pics (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Our Silent Love - KuroMahi by KatrinaCristal
Our Silent Love - KuroMahiby KatrinaCristal
You never needed to talk to make me fall in love with you, Mahiru Our love was never needed to be spoken to be true I always loved you. You knew it even if I never tol...
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Kuromahi {QUIERO SABER COMO SE SIENTE}~Servamp~(kuro x mahiru) by ClauPhamtom
Kuromahi {QUIERO SABER COMO SE SIE...by Claudia Phantomhive
Después de que Mahiru realice una inesperada visita a una conocida de su Tío. Kuro empezará a experimentar varios sentimientos hacia su castaño, tales como los "cel...
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Megbántad? (SerVamp Kuro x Mahiru) by Dareka99
Megbántad? (SerVamp Kuro x Mahiru)by Dareka99
"Megbántad... Hogy befogadtál?" Szia! Ez egy SerVamp-os ff lesz.Shounen ai/yaoi történet ha nem szereted akkor ne olvasd el!Jó olvasást annak aki esetleg olv...
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Inner Thoughts (One-Shot Trilogy) Kuro x Mahiru by crimson_dragon1899
Inner Thoughts (One-Shot Trilogy)...by Alex Deamon
Three simple one shots revolving around Mahiru and Kuro.
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Servamp One shots ~ Requests please by YoungVolcano11
Servamp One shots ~ Requests pleaseby LeMysticMaster
I'm horrible at yaoi and would rather do Servamp x Eve if anything. I'm also horrible at Character x Reader. Sorry~! Please request yay
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Servamp Ship Drabbles by NyanBerii
Servamp Ship Drabblesby Mina/Berri
A collection of short fluffy(?) fics for Servamp pairings. Mainly written for practice. -- Chapter 1: Mahiru wants to read his book, but a certain tiny cat ends up distr...
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The scars by lucehearts17
The scarsby lucy celestial
Mahiru and Kuro are playing around one day until Mahiru finds scars on his love's body...and not ones from a fight.
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Beauty and the Lazy Beast by YaoiTora_Chan
Beauty and the Lazy Beastby YaoiTora
Lazy and basically apathetic, a young prince named Kuro and his six siblings, servants and castle are put under a spell by a wicked enchantress who turns Kuro and his si...
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El cuento de una estrella by AmordeKokoro
El cuento de una estrellaby AmordeKokoro
la primera vez que se encuentra la estrella y su mundo. Lee nada más :3 :3 DISFRUTEN :3 . . . la imagen del fondo esta hecha por la : damuchan91 . amo sus imagenes :3 :...
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Kuro x Mahiru one shots by SoftSeanyBoy
Kuro x Mahiru one shotsby AceTheJewel
Yeah. Pg 13. Fluff mostly but a little angst. It'll be slow postings. Whenever I get inspiration I'll write.
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TO CHAIN YOU UP (SERVAMP) by NurAllysaEizzaty
What if the Eve wasn't the Eve? they were the vampire hunters and were given the duty to eliminate all the vampire in the world? EVE is the biggest vampire hunter associ...
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Kuro x Mahiru: The not so Sleepy to my Ash (Fanfiction) by KyreTia
Kuro x Mahiru: The not so Sleepy t...by KyreTia
DISCLAIMER: This story contains yaoi (boy x boy), immature language, and possible NSFW content. If you are uncomfortable with any of these topics, I advise you not to r...
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[COMPLETED] Kuro X Mahiru!! (KuroMahi) - High school- Servamp  by KirishimaRR
[COMPLETED] Kuro X Mahiru!! (KuroM...by Kirishima Eijirou
Mahiru decided it would be the simplest to make Kuro go to school as a human with him. "Can't deal" was Kuros obvious response. But as always Mahiru managed to...
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