Chapter 39: When Will you say I love you?

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3rd person's pov

"kuro Wake up already I have class today no time to be lazy." Mahiru said, Kuro groan in annoyance.

"5 Minutes." Kuro said.

"No, I'm gonna be late and also You will not breakfast today but I'll pack the lunch extra because I'll be late. Hunger won't kill you anyway." Mahiru said putting his last Uniform.

"I know, But If Its You it will." Kuro said, Once his Eve said something like this means His Eve didn't have eat Breakfast.

"I know skipping Breakfast Is Wrong But... I too was infected with Your laziness, I wake Up late. Now Lets go I'll eat fully in the Lunch." Mahiru said running towards the Exit door, Kuro roll his eyes and sigh and lazily Follow Mahiru.

"Eat Fully my ass... I mean He only eat half of a Meal. It was Like Mahiru is on a Diet or something... Its such a pain..." kuro think as he hop on the Shoulder of Mahiru.

When They got to school it was almost time.

"Morning Mahiru, Kuro." Ryusei greeted.

"Good Morning guys." Mahiru said with a smile.

"Mahiru, Thanks for saving me last time, I mean us." Sakuya said.

"Yeah, Gray did told me about what happen to you. Are you ok? And Tsubaki-san too, Is he Ok?" Mahiru ask worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine and Tsubaki-san too." Sakuya said.

Kuro was glad that his Youngest brother is fine even his Youngest Doesn't like him, Kuro can't help to be worried for all his siblings. He mentally sigh in relief when he heard that.

Mahiru too sigh in relief and smile at Sakuya.

"Never thought you had a pervert Cousin." Sakuya murmur.

Mahiru paled and had a disappointed look at hisself.

"You didn't see the worst Part." Mahiru said.

Sakuya tilt his head curiosly.

"What Worst?" Sakuya ask.

Mahiru sigh and blush and just look away and said nothing.

"Actually speaking of the-" sakuya was cut off when a voice cut him.

"Hello Mahiru." Aquarza Said, Mahiru look behind and saw Aquarza and Gray.

"Oh, Hello Aquarza-san, Gray-san. But... Ah.. Gray, Where are your clothes?" Mahiru said as he saw Gray was Half Naked again. Gray look down and panic start to search for His Clothes.

"Huh, Such a Pervert." Sakuya snirk.

Gray had a tick mark and heard that. "What you say you Green-hair-Freak💢?" Gray said and glare at Sakuya.

"Your deaf or something? Well you are an idiot and Pervert." Sakuya said and glare back.

"Oh~ You bastard Cabbage Head. I'll make sure You will pay for that!💢" Said gray undoing his Tie, But suddenly All his Clothes was Literally on the air.

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