Chapter 34: New Characters

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3rd person's pov

Misono and Tetsu just walk towards Mahiru's Apartment when they suddenly got attack by C3. And yeah, They were capture and now Stuck on the room chained up on the wall. Worse Misono was In the same room with The So Called Giant.

"Shrimp what Shall we do?" The Giant Tetsu ask as they regain their consciousness.

"We need to get the hell out of here and Find Lily and Hugh." Misono said seriously.

"But How?" Tetsu ask.

Misono thought That Tetsu is such an Idiots.

"Can You atleast Try to brake Free!? 💢" Misono said trying to be calm.

Tetsu breath out before he force the chains wrap around him Destroyed. Ans Tetsu was Free.

Misono was Shock, No doubt that Those Muscles that Tetsu had where worth of something. Tetsu was really a muscular, Hot, Amazing, Totally ho- misono shook his head and will slap hisself for that Thought.

"What the hell is happening to me!? Damn you giant!" Misono cursed and glare at the Giant.

"Now get me out of here." Misono said, Tetsu nod but before he can get out the wall near him, Where the chains was attached was destroyed.

The chained around Misono loosen and he was shock to see a Woman with long red hair in ponytail style but in the right side, There is a slightly Blue hair in one strand, black eyes, Slightly pale skin, And was wearing a simple White Crop Top, and a Long jagger pant red color. She was Holding a Katana, A very sharp one.

(A/n: imagine Erza Scarlet From fairy Tail. Her hair had One Blue strand in the Right Side.)

Beside her was a man with Black hair, wearing a Pair of Glasses, Red eyes, and wears a Kimono holding a Katana that emmit Dark Crimson Red Smoke.

"Hello~ Hello~ Hello~ Who might Be you two~?" The man ask the two ofthem.

The woman extend her hand to Misono. "Are you ok Dear?" The woman ask gently.

Misono accept the hands and Nod slightly.

"Are you part of C3?" Misono ask Seriously.

"Hahahaha... Part of C3?" The man said laughing but then his mood change into a Serious one "That will be ridiculous."

"No, We are here because The C3 capture one of the subclasses of My servamp." The woman said.

"Servamp?" Misono and Tetsu said in shock.

"Yes, My name is Aquarza, Aquarza Fernandez the Eve of Melancholy." The girl said cooly.

"Hahhaha... As you can See I am The 8th Servamp, The Servamp of Melancholy, Who is coming or Tsubaki." The guy introduced.

"Now Who are the two of you?" Tsubaki ask.

"My name is Misono Alicen, The Eve of Lust or should I say the Servamp of Lust all of Love or Lily as To I call him." Misono said.

"Tetsu sendaya, The Eve of Pride." Tetsu said.

Tsubaki was a little bit of shock before he started laughing.

"Hahahaha, Not interesting at All."

Misono and Tetsu look at Tsubaki in a Weird way. They never meet someone that change mood so Sudden.

"Oh, So we are all Eve? Where are you servamps?" Aquarza Ask.

"We don't know, We are just stuck up in here and our Servamps are missing." Misono said.

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