Chapter 19: The contract 2

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3rd person's pov

Ash glare coldly at The man, But a tuck on sleeve make him stop glaring and look at the crying Mahiru. His anger fused since He thought that this man hurt his precious. Ash look at Mahiru and gave him a concern look.

"Its ok, Its fine. I will protect you." Ash said wiping Mahiru's tears away. When Ash hands touches Mahiru's soft cheek he know he can be happy, But still he is still angry and Mahiru's neck is badly injured.

"I'm sorry for Crying, is just what you said earlier made me happy. Thank you, Thank you Very much Ash, Or Kuro for saying those words, For making me happy." Mahiru said giving a wide smile.

Ash was shock, Two his cheeks was red because Mahiru's smile made his heart skip, Its like it jump out of his body and start dancing.

Ash shook his head and smile. "Your always welcome Mahiru." Ash said.

"Here, Do you need blood to drink to defeat that guy? I think he is strong considering his Sword look scary." Mahiru said and offer hisself.

Ash was shock, Tasting Mahiru's blood will be a pleasure to him, a great honor. Mahiru's blood is ozing witg sweet smell and auroma that Ash can't describe.

Ash look down. "If you don't mind." Ash said.

"I don't mind if it's not a problem for you." Mahiru said.

Ash quickly nod and take a decision as yes because he wanted to heal Mahiru as soon as he can. Ash bite Mahiru's neck softly and tasted the sweet, Delicious, amazing Blood of a God.


Of Mahiru, its just For Ash Tasting his new Eve's blood was amazing as heaven. But he didn't drink too many since Mahiru would pass out. He lick Mahiru's neck, earning a soft Moans from Mahiru. Ash smirk and felt pleased with that. Mahiru cover his mouth with his hands and blush madly.

Once Ash was done, tha chained appeared from Mahiru's wrist to Ash Neck was now visible. Ash glare at the man who is holding his sword.

"Now, Sleepy Ash~ Its easy to kill such a weak Eve like him then we will get you." The man said and attack Ash. Ash block the attack with his claws.

"You shall never touch my Eve." Ash said coldly.

Mahiru was both scared and amazed, Scared of Ash because he became scary suddenly but Amazed that Ash was still looking cool and amazing. "😍 wow," what Mahiru said softly.

The man back away and jump up, Ash look up and saw the man was about to attack him but he was surprise when the man disappeared, he look behind and saw the man was behind Mahiru. The man use Mahiru as an hostage and put the sword near his neck where its just heal. Mahiru groan in pain when a strong arms held him tightly.

"Move or this Eve of your is dead." The man threatens.

Ash glare at the man coldly, But didn't move. Didn't do Anything. He doesn't like Mahiru is gonna hurt, He hate seeing Mahiru like that, and Don't wanna see him like that. Its a nightmare for Ash.

Mahiru shadows his eyes within this situation, he was again useless, He was again the one who needs saving, the one who can't stand up to himself, The one who is again not good at anything. Mahiru clenched his Fist and anger himself for being weak.

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