Chapter 70: little Re-cap

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Warning ⚠️: Somescene is An abusive scene.

3rd person's pov

A 8 years old boy Name Mahiru was nervous getting home. His sweating in fear and shivering too. As he walk towards his so called home his steps getting Heavy. He likes to run but his Steps doesn't like to, Instead his steps is towards the apartment he can call it Hell.

He gulp and went to the elevator. All the way his Hugging hisself and preparing for the worst. Once the elevator was open he really don't think he can move to his spot currently. He was frozen as white. But before the elevator close, He manage to get out.

He stand up in the hall for a couple of Minutes before gulping and went to the door of his apartment. He slowly open it and said nervously.

"I'm... Home." Mahiru said.

He was greeted by a Glass of Bear thrown to him. It hit his head pretty hard as he fell towards the ground holding his head.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU CAME FROM YOU BRAT!? " his so called Father yelled at him again.

"I'm sorry-." Mahiru said but was cut off when a hand on his throat was helding it Tightly and he can't breath.

Mahiru was struggling at first with tears forming his eyes until he went weak. His Father let him go and Mahiru fell to ground coughinh badly.

"You Stupid Fucking weak of A useless Brat!" His father said and kick him again to a Wall. Mahiru groan.

"Well, I'll have fun of you tonight since it will be my last Day. Don't worry I'll come back." His dad said as he saw that his Dad held a Knife and whip in his hands.

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